Ender Wiggin Versus My Former Classmate AK | My Aunt ME Versus My Former Classmate AR In A Street Fight?

Once again I have to rush to type a post, and once again I remembered these dreams using some of Lost Truth's advice that she gave on her postĀ Tips On Dream Recall; I had more but I accidentally went back to sleep several times when going over them in my mind. Dream 1 All that... Continue Reading →


Dylann Storm Roof Being Transported By Helicopter

*I think that my Windows Defender problem was being caused by a problem with Windows itself (maybe a program had corrupted some Windows files or something like that) that was fixed when I reset Windows after installing Windows 10 (I used the rest option for a clean install)* Dream 1 Part of all of my... Continue Reading →

Aircraft Trying To Assassinate Michael Jackson In My Parent’s Yard?

I really do not feel like typing my dream today and I feel like giving up on blogging as the WordPress.com team/Automattic continues to move in directions that make blogging more annoying/difficult/less enjoyable/buggy/impractical/illogical/limited/et ceterea for me, and they continue to mostly ignore our feedback/et cetera; but I am making myself type this anyway, but I... Continue Reading →

3-3-2014 | Dream Journal | A Mountain Complex And Dating A Scarlett Johansson-Like Woman? | My Dad Trying To Go Outside During The Night Wearing Only Underwear

Dream 1 I only remember part of the end of my first dream but I know that there was more to this dream where several people and I explored a mountain complex that probably had zombie-like threats inside of it that we had to fight as we explored the mountain complex, but my memory of... Continue Reading →

7-9-2013 | Dream Journal | A UFO Scares Away A Military-Looking Helicopter?

I barely remember part of my last dream from last night which was an unclear and confusing dream, and I think that it started in a grocery store during the day. I probably was shopping in the grocery store when I noticed a group of young men speaking Spanish, they looked & acted like they... Continue Reading →

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