Hellsing Ultimate Abridged – Team Four Star (TFS)

Hellsing Ultimate Abridged Episodes 1-3 – Team Four Star (TFS)

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The YouTube playlist Hellsing Ultimate Abridged – Team Four Star (TFS) by the YouTube channel TeamFourStar:

Hellsing Ultimate Abridged – Team Four Star (TFS)

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This Hellsing Ultimate Parody chronicles the tale of the Vampire Alucard in his quest to eliminate rogue undead, go on enthusiastic walks, torment the Pope, and kill Nazis.

There’s plenty of blood, guns, and big titties, so jump on in and enjoy the ride!


Doing Stupid Things

Source: IMDb

I had several short dreams last night but I forgot some of them, but I do remember part of three dreams.

Dream 1

The first dream that I can remember part of involved me and maybe my cousin DE or someone else or no-one else, driving to do a stupid experiment/prank/whatever in a fictional city during the day, where I/we would take some yellow water guns somewhere & shoot water at and/or on people; but I have no idea why I/we were going to do something so stupid and annoying like this.

I/We went to a school/office-like building with adults & kids, and I remember using my yellow water gun at and/or on people; and some people probably thought that I had a real gun, and I heard one or more of the office women saying that they were calling the police and/or had called the police; but I stayed around a while even after hearing this oddly.

Eventually I/we decided to leave before the police come, surprisingly they had not come already, but that is all that I remember of this dream.

Dream 2

I had a dream after this but I can not remember it but I do remember part of the dream after it, where I was in a fictional city again during a cloudy day, and I drove/went to a field next to a building with some people outside; and two women were inspecting things on the outside of the building & I went to see what they were doing, and see if I could help.

At some point they were looking at an old dying about to fall tree that needed to be cut down for safety reasons before it fell on the building or something like that, I decided to find an axe while they were talking, and I chopped the tree twice with my axe to make a starting point for chopping down the tree later; but to my surprise the tree started to fall, fortunately it did not hit the women or me or the building, but it could have.

I felt stupid, someone could have died, and the two women were not very happy about the situation; and so I apologized, and I offered to cut up the fallen tree & move it to an area where the city could come chop up the pieces of the tree & take them away or something like that; and so I started doing that as people talked outside, and as the women moved inside to inspect the building but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

I had another dream or several dream but I only barely remember part of one dream that was inspired by the TV show Rome, where several upper-class/rich/royal/maybe vampire and/or non-Human and/or Human families had feuds/conflicts/wars with each other, and these conflicts seemed to have some basic rules/patterns to them.

In the dream they were having small-scale conflicts where they would send usually one person to the other families territory to quickly steal something and/or break something and/or attack someone and/or kill someone and/or distract the family while another mission is carried out while they are distracted; and the people/beings they would send could use illusions/magic/powers/enchanted items/whatever.

A common pattern was the person/being sent would run to the territory, put an enchanted piece of paper on the road/somewhere with a nail that would create a repeating illusion/trap that would trick/trap the rival family members who came too close or who looked at it into a repeating scenario where they think that they are trying to catch the intruder but they are really in a repeating illusion like a dream, and this happened to me a few times where I got trapped/tricked by a few of these illusion/traps; these illusions/traps were probably inspired by Father Alexander Anderson from the Hellsing Japanese animated (anime) TV series/ OVAs.

After getting trapped in several of these illusions/traps, I learned how to resist them/see through them at some point, but this was not easy; and this is probably part of the reason that I forgot a lot of my dreams, because being trapped in these illusions/traps were very confusing/draining/long, and they repeated over & over & over until you got out of them or until they ended.

There were two other common tactics that the people/beings used, but I forgot what those tactics were; I just know that I started learning ways to better defend against them, and stop them; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


Looking For Coffee

I had a dream last night inspired by/related to the Japanese OVA (Original Video Animation) Hellsing but I can not remember that dream, but I do remember part of the end of my last dream; which took place during the day in a fictional city probably somewhere in L or another state in the South.

I think that I arrived in this city and maybe some of my family arrived in the city as well like we were on a trip, and I/we stopped near a tourist center-like area that had trees with moss & older style wooden buildings with a colonial appearance.

There were some other tourists there as well and I remember walking around looking for a bathroom and/or the main tourist center building, and I came across my brother CC; and we heard someone (maybe an obese woman with whitish colored skin with blond colored hair with a young daughter & son who both looked like their mom except they were thin/skinny) mention free coffee, and CC wanted some coffee & so we walked off to look for the free coffee.

There was another man/tourist walking with us who was bigger than us and he had dark brownish colored skin with black colored braided hair, he wanted some coffee too, and so we walked & talked while trying to find where the coffee was as we followed some other people who were also looking for the coffee.

At some point we walked to a road but I saw some automobiles blocking the road with a group of men with shotguns & rifles wearing hunting camouflage & they had rebel/confederate flags on their automobiles & some had symbols of that flag on their clothes, and they looked like hunters taking a break from hunting; but I did not feel that it was safe to keep walking that way & I did not feel that we would find coffee down this road, but CC & the man kept walking & so I joined them.

The group of hunters stared at us angrily and one of them approached us, and he started annoying us & saying racist things toward us; and the man with us got angry & got in his face, but the hunter flipped/threw the man to the ground to our surprise.

I was surprised that he was strong enough to do that to a man that big, so this worried me even more, and my brother CC was about to challenge him; but I pushed CC back and I helped the man off the ground, and I pulled them away telling them that to let it go & that we need to walk away.

I reminded them that we were out-numbered and that all the hunters had guns, I kept looking back at the hunters to watch our backs as I pulled CC & the man away as we walked, they still wanted to fight; and so I had to pull CC & the man by the arm as we walked to stop them from going back to fight.

I talked to them trying to calm them down as we walked, and eventually they calmed down; and we talked about what had happened while still trying to find where the free coffee was, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr