Getting Held Hostage Twice

I forgot all but part of one of my dreams from last night that took place on an upper floor of a windowless building it seemed, and I was there with a group of other people inside a room.

A gang and/or cartel and/or mafia and/or paramilitary and/or SWAT-like group of men burst into the room and took us hostage, they had man with them who was the leader, but I can not remember what he looked like.

Some of them had full body armor with helmets, eye protection, elbow pads, knees pads, et cetera with assault rifles.

These men seemed to be vampires in my opinion so I assume that they were faster, stronger, and maybe had some powers but I can not remember why I thought that they were vampires.

There were more of us than them but I did not think that we stood a chance against them, I have no idea what they wanted, but their hostage situation got interrupted by another man who seemed to be a vampire who entered the room.

This vampire had no weapons or armor but he easily and quickly killed the entire group holding us hostage like it was easy, he was clearly very powerful, and as we were thanking him we realized that he was now taking us hostage so now we were hostages again.

I have no idea why he was taking us hostage but it seemed that he was just doing this for fun, like a strange person who likes to take people hostage and play with them like toys making them do whatever he wants them to do, like someone playing house but with real people.

Some of the others hostages probably were considering attacking the vampire to try to defeat him so that we could escape but I felt that we did not stand a chance, I did not want anyone to die, and so I convinced them to let me try to get on his good side to hopefully get him to let us go eventually.

I focused on doing whatever he said and trying to keep him distracted as he would tell us to do various things, have us thank him a lot, have us tell him how much fun we are having, and various strange things like that.

He was pretty strange and creepy in a dangerous and relaxed kind of way, you were afraid that he could get bored or angry and kill you if you do not keep him entertained and do what he says, and so we had to keep playing nice with our hostage taker which was weird.

While doing this some of us were trying to look for opportunities to escape or ways to defeat him in case my plan failed, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


Broken Fallout: New Vegas Headgear

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Like Seepurple I probably got less than two hours of sleep last night, instead of nightmares it was my fault because I went to bed very late and I had to wake up very early, and so I did not even fully sleep or dream; and I woke up thinking that I did not even really sleep.

I went to bed so late and I got so little sleep that I woke up and I could still taste the mouthwash that I used before going to sleep, so my mouth / breath did not even have time to get stinky 😀 , and I woke up hot and my stomach felt a bit weird because I was in the early stages of trying to sleep/dream.

I had to jump out of bed and get dressed quickly to leave so I barely had time to voice record a few seconds of the very short semi-dream that I had, the dream was only in the early parts/stages so I did not even have a full dream last night, and so there is not much to share.

The semi-dream was inspired by the video game Fallout: New Vegas, which I played before going to sleep, and in the dream part of what I was doing was testing out/comparing light armors and headgears in the video game for my character like the Courier Duster.

For some unknown reason(s) headgears like hats and helmets would not show up/appear on my character like they were broken and/or like there was a glitch/bug, this confused me and so I tried to figure this out as I continued to test/compare various light armors, but I woke up to get ready; and that is all that I can remember because the dream was only in the early stages/parts when/before I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr