Harvey Kinkle & Kevin Spacey At A College?

English: Kevin Spacey at the ceremony of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (2008)
Français : Kevin Spacey à la cérémonie du British Academy of Film and Television Arts (2008)
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All that I can remember of this dream is that it possibly took place in The United Kingdom (UK) at maybe a college that possibly had a prison and / or it had some prisoners there among the normal students & college staff.

The character Harvey Kinkle from the TV show Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina and a young woman with light-color skin were there.

They went to a class or meeting in a classroom where Kevin Spacey seemed to be the professor / teacher.


A Blade Movie & Shooting A Villain

I had more dreams that I remembered and there was more to this dream that I remembered, but something caused me to forgot most of my dreams and most of this dream; and so now I only remember part of this dream.

Part of this dream involved some movie scenes from a fictional Blade movie where the character Deacon Frost got stuck in some kind of repeating attack loop or trap or something.

There was another scene involving maybe Vanessa Brooks complaining about something, and Blade (Eric Brooks) was in both scenes.

Honest Trailers – The Blade Trilogy

A Survival & Revenge Dream With Steven Seagal & Rihanna?

I only remember part of the end of one dream from last night probably because of interruptions because of diarrhea/gas/et cetera, my memory is unclear so I am not sure if the earlier parts of the dream were on a train or not, but I think that I was traveling with people I know/knew on a vacation trip maybe on an underground subway or building or inside a windowless building.

There were probably other people there as well but I can not remember, everyone was having a good time, and then I think that a group of dangerous mafia-like men led by a little girl or a little woman or a little female being with whitish colored skin with blackish colored hair who reminded me of my dead female cousin AE (for some reason(s) that I can not remember) started attacking/torturing/murdering everyone.


Getting Chased By A Woman Who Looks A Bit Like Mother From Being Human

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I woke up to use the bathroom during the night, I remembered part of a dream but I was too lazy/confident in my dream recall ability to voice record it or write it down, and so I forgot that dream after going back to sleep unfortunately; but I do barely remember part of one dream that I had after I went back to sleep again.

My memory is very unclear but I think that the dream took place across two different dream worlds (but I could be wrong), one dream world possibly took place during the day in my parent’s yard on the side of the yard near the automobiles & I thought that this was the real world, and the other dream world took place in a fictional multi-story building with a few outdoor areas but most of this dream world took place inside of the building & this entire dream world felt like it was somewhat underground but it also seemed somewhat above-ground at the same time maybe & I knew that this dream world was a dream (but I do not think that the dream went lucid or fully lucid oddly, but I could be wrong).

I think that I was with an unknown man and woman in both dream worlds, they also thought that the first dream world in my parent’s yard was the real world and they also knew that the second dream world was a dream, and so I guess that they were both fellow dreamers like me; and I think that we jumped back and forth between both dream worlds, but we spent most of our time in the second dream world that we knew was a dream.

In the second dream world it seemed that we were adventuring and looking for something in the complex/confusing above-ground/underground/indoor/outdoor/whatever building, and a woman who looked a bit like Mother from the TV show Being Human (North American) seemed to be after us or one of us and/or after whatever we were looking for; and she had at least 10 or more bodyguards/henchmen with her who she used to chase us/fight us during the entire dream.

The unknown man & woman & I spent most of our time exploring the building/dream world, which was cool/nice/fun/et cetera, but we had to keep fighting/hiding from/running from the woman who looked like Mother and her bodyguards/henchmen; and they kept chasing us during the entire dream, but sometimes we would lose them for long enough for us to explore the building/dream world for a while.

At some point we went through a narrow/small maze-like room that led to a large open dimly lit room with a mostly dark half-story floor/room over-looking it, we started talking or something, but then we got interrupted by the woman who looked like Mother and her henchmen; and they were standing on the half-story floor/room looking down at us, and the woman who looked like Mother spoke to us from up there but I can not remember what she said or wanted.

The woman who looked like Mother was very confident like Mother but I did not think that she had powers or was super tough/strong/fast, and at first I thought that she was just a middle-aged woman who was rich & who had a large group of henchmen who worked for her.

We ran to a door that led to the outside (which felt like being outside but also underground like a small world inside a planet), there was a stairway, and I told the unknown man & woman to run while I stayed to distract the woman who looked like Mother & her henchmen; but the two other dreamers did not want to leave me alone, but I reminded them that we were dreaming & so we were probably more powerful than we thought.

I started to feel like I could power myself up to higher level to maybe unlock some dream powers and/or increase my toughness/strength/speed/et cetera, I started boosting my bravery/confidence and I started feeling more powerful like I was powering up, and I told the two other dreamers that I would be okay; and so they finally started running up the stairway to escape to a new area, and I was going to join them again later if I could survive/escape as well.

I went back inside the open room and the woman who looked like Mother and her henchmen were still standing on the half-story floor/room looking down, I think that she sent some of her henchmen after the two other dreamers but they went a different way hoping to catch them by surprise, and then I spoke to the woman who looked like Mother; and I told her that I was not afraid of her and/or that I was more powerful than I looked and/or something like that.

She smiled and laughed confidently and she said something to me that I can not remember, and I started to feel that she was very powerful & that she was not what/who I thought she was; and I started to wonder if she was a dreamer as well who knew that she was dreaming too & who had unlocked her dream powers or if she was just a powerful being of some kind.

It also seemed that she wanted us alive or at least one of us alive (maybe me), she seemed interested in us or one of us for some unknown reason(s), and so the entire dream she seemed to be using her henchmen to try to catch/capture us and/or whatever we were looking for; and I started to lose some of my confidence/bravery once I felt that she was probably more powerful than me at this time, and so I decided to avoid a fight with her & just have them chase me instead to distract them long enough for the other two dreamers to escape.

Part of me was interested in learning what she wanted from/with us/me, who/what she was, what powers she had or did not have, et cetera; and I even considered surrendering/giving up just to see what she wanted and to talk with her, but I decided to run instead to distract them.

She sent one of her henchmen after me as I ran into the small/narrow maze-like room, the henchman entered the other side of the room, and so I turned off a light switch to make it dark enough for me to hide; and I hid behind a door or corner, and the henchman passed by me without seeing me.

He walked toward the open room looking for me and then I thought about what I should do next, but I woke up

The end,

-John Jr


Drill Sergeant Dad | Henchmen

Source: Wikipedia

Dream 1

Last night I remembered one dream and a dream fragment, the first dream took place in an open area on side of the road leaving D to LC.

I was standing with two women and another man, we seemed to be soldiers in training or something, and my dad was the drill sergeant.

The current training session involved submission wrestling and one woman & I watched as the other woman & man sparred against each other, and my dad was the referee.

The woman had red hair and looked somewhat like Scarlett from the movie G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, and she was winning most of the match.

Every now and then my dad would look away at something, and the man would cheat by using a knife.

He would not stab her with it hard, but he would use the knife to get her to let go of her submissions.

One of the times my dad looked away the woman had the man in a submission and he tapped out, but my dad did not see it; the man then used the knife to make her let go of the submission and he used a kneebar to make her tap out.

The match was over and the woman told my dad that he had cheated, the other woman and I told him that the man had cheated as well, but my dad still would not change his decision.

He ordered us to be quiet, everyone got quiet except for me, and I started to argue with my dad.

He was being stubborn and would not back down, so I gave up, and then I woke up.

Dream 2

The next dream is just an unclear dream fragment, I just partially remember a situation involving a girl, but I can not remember the beginning.

I just remember three henchmen following the orders of some powerful/rich/important man, and I think the girl was his daughter but I am not sure.

I think she had run away from home and they were sent to find her, and bring her back; but I could be completely wrong, that is just a guess.

At some point they found her and somehow I was in the dream, and I rode in the motorized RV that the henchmen were driving; I did not seem to work with them, I guess I somehow had been at the place where they first found the girl and maybe I went along to make sure she would be safe, I have no idea.

The henchmen leader looked like a shorter version of Eric Northman from True Blood and the other two henchmen looked like the Wet Bandits from Home Alone, but they both were fat & not too smart it seemed.

At some point they were driving near a store when the girl jumped out of the RV and ran into the store to escape, so the three henchmen went inside to find her.

I was going to go help her possibly escape once I found her or wait until they found her and then help her escape somehow maybe, because I was starting to think that something was not right about the situation and there had to be a good reason that she did not want to go back to where they were taking her.

For some reason I only had pajama pants on, so I looked around the RV for some jeans or something, but I could not find any.

As I was still looking, some unknown kid came into the RV and started looking at stuff while talking on a mobile phone.

He acted like he did not see me and was looking around like he was trying to find something that he wanted to steal or something.

I wanted to go in the store, but I did not want to go in pajama pants, just like I would not do in real life; I then decided to wait until the henchmen got back, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂