Talking With The Female Synth Hester From Humans

Last night, I stayed up too late again trying to fix the last computer left to fix, which has a bad hard drive.

I spent most of my Christmas holiday fixing computers, removing malware, updating, installing and uninstalling programs, adjusting settings, troubleshooting, formatting and reinstalling various versions of Microsoft Windows through the recovery options on several computers.


Someone Steals Something From My Former Classmate JC’s & My Dorm Room

Deutsch: Der beim Diebstahl ertappte Hausdiener, Öl auf Holz, signiert, 50 x 39,5 cm
English: The servant as a thief, oil on panel, signed, 50 x 39,5 cm
File:Constant Wauters Der ertappte Hausdiener.jpg

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that my former male classmate / former collegemate / former college roommate JC and I were roommates again, either at a college dorm or a hotel.

There was more that happened during this dream before the parts that I do remember, but I can not remember those parts; so I can not remember most of the dream.

I just remember us going back to the college dorm or hotel, and someone had stolen some of my former classmate JC’s stuff and maybe one or two things that belonged to me.