An Unstable George Clooney

Unfortunately I only recorded barely part of the end of my last dream that took place mostly outside, some of it probably took place inside, but most of the dream is forgotten now.

The inside parts of the dream are mostly forgotten and unclear now, but I do remember going outside a Walmart or a Walmart-like store.

In the parking lot and along the sidewalk I would see and hear people who seemed like they needed help, and most of these people seemed to be unstable with issues like: mental disorders, being high or drunk, feeling depressed and / or angry and / or nervous et cetera, having mental breakdowns, et cetera.

An increasing amount of these people were celebrities, I would see and hear how they were saying and how they were acting, and sometimes I was possibly able to see what they were thinking and maybe somewhat feel what they were feeling; and I possibly would see some of their memories / flashbacks.

I am not sure if the was there and / or just in someone’s thoughts / memories / flashbacks but I remember seeing and hearing Anthony Bourdain at some point, but I can not remember the details.

Some people would accept my help and let me talk with them on my first approach, but with most it took one or two or three tries to get them to talk with me and accept some help; but some refused my help even after three tries.

The person who rejected my help the hardest and the most was the actor George Clooney who was causing the biggest scene of everyone, and he seemed drunk and / or high and / or mentally unstable.

Mr. Clooney was talking to himself, ranting at people and just out-loud, et cetera; he was angry, maybe slightly depressed, he needed a shave, his hair was a bit wild, he looked and was dressed rough and acted rough, he was possibly somewhat slurring his words sometimes, and he was basically a mess like someone having a breakdown and who had lost something and / or stress and / or some other problems had gotten to him.

I approached him at least three times but he angrily refused help and to talk with me each time, each time I got a bit closer to reaching him though, but he kept getting angry and moving away from me each time until I stopped.

After my last attempt Mr. Clooney walked around walking up to people ranting, ranting to himself, somewhat stumbling around the parking lot and sidewalk, et cetera.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

My Grandfather Moving / Acting Strange Because Of Medicine / Drugs?

Source: Wikipedia

I had several dreams last night but I forgot almost all of them due to several reasons, one of which was the usual annoyance of someone making a lot of noise and turning on lights while I am trying to sleep, but I know that I had several dreams.

I only remember part of the end of one dream now, it took place during the day, and I was walking over to my grandfather’s house to help my mom get my grandfather back inside his house after he was in the hospital or at a doctor’s appointment.

We pushed my grandfather inside his house with a wheelchair, my mom walked off to get something or do something for my grandfather, and I started talking with my grandfather to see what he needed and to see what he wanted to do next; but he was acting strange like the medicine / drugs that he is taking were causing some very strange reactions/side effects.

My grandfather was acting a bit high / drunk with his eyes barely open & he was moving his head oddly, and he could not keep his legs still; and he could not talk clearly, so I could not understand what he was saying really.

It seemed that he wanted to get out of the wheelchair and sit on his couch, and so I tried to help him; but he started to turn and move his body in strange ways that seemed almost impossible, and this looked a bit freaky/scary.

His neck turned a bit and I was not sure if it turned all the way to the back of his head or not, he started to contort / twist / bend his body in strange ways while constantly moving his legs, and I tried to help him get on the couch but he kept moving in these strange ways that made it almost impossible; and I kept telling him to stop moving or he would fall and/or hurt himself, but he said that he could not keep his legs still while probably laughing/smiling oddly.

This all creeped / freaked me out slightly since it did not make sense that my grandfather could move his body in strange ways like this, but I assumed that maybe whatever medicine/drugs the doctor(s) gave him was causing him to act & move oddly like this; and I wondered what kind of drugs/medicine could make an old person be able to act & move like this, it did not make sense, and so I started telling my mom what had happened once she returned.

My grandfather had stopped most of the strange movements at this point, except he kept moving his legs, and he was still acting a bit weird but he was calmer now with his eyes closed or mostly closed like he was drowsy/sleepy/tired; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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