A Castlevania-Like Video Game | Military Police Versus Gang Members | My Coworker JB Printing Something

Dream 1

This dream took place inside a large multi-purpose building, I was there with some of my family, and at some point I was playing a Castlevania-like video game where I was controlling a video game character who was a male vampire who was the main character who had to fight against various creatures who were trying to attack him inside a building/house.

You could jump and climb walls so I used this to my advantage to somewhat glitch the video game by jumping and climbing up walls and attacking the creatures as they tried to climb up after me when they were defenseless, if I timed my attacks from above then I could jump down attacking them on my way down and then repeat the process as they tried to climb and jump back down after me, and I kept spamming this strategy to easily defeat them without getting hit.

At some point I was no longer playing this video game, I was not walking through the building with my family on our way out, but before we left the building I got separated from them briefly on an upper floor at the end of a hallway near the opening to the next room.

In this area sitting on a table or something were several male actors talking and being interviewed, one of them was a Ben Savage-like actor who had a slight tan, and he was talking about some of the difficulties that he had faced in his life and some of the discrimination that he had faced for being Hispanic (his words not mine).

I stood there listening to them talk about their lives and answer questions during their relaxed interview, and then I continued walking until I met up with my family again and we walked outside to leave.

Outside the building was a small fenced in field that was like a farm-like area where livestock would be kept, it was a short wooden fence, and playing outside of it were some children and young people with light-color skin who were either Mennonites or similar.

They ignored us mostly trying to reject/shun us socially because they had been raised with racist and isolationist beliefs against outsiders et cetera, this disappointed and saddened me to see children and young people already corrupted by their parents and the adults around them, and I wanted to stick around a bit to see if we could get them to stop ignoring us and realize that we are not so bad or different and that their beliefs were wrong.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream took place outside during the day on and near two streets in a neighborhood where maybe Navy military police were patrolling, I assume that I was there, and this neighborhood seemed to be pretty much run by a Latino gang.

Two male gang members were threatening some people, their seemed to be some kind of agreement or something where the military police did not normally try to stop them, and so two female military police officers or one male and one female military police officer stood by their police car watching like they wanted to do something but could not.

The female military police officer did tell them to stop to their surprise, one of the gang members pulled out a pistol, and he pointed it at the people and started walking toward them until the female military police officer walked over to confront him.

He then pointed his pistol at her, when she got close enough he started to shoot some burning sparks at her that were like more dangerous versions of a sparkler, and this burned and her the female military police officer a bit.

She was going to attack him in self-defense but a male military police officer grabbed her and lifted her in the air and moved her back as she yelled various things about being afraid that she would get fired if this injury was bad enough to force her to miss too much work, and this really bothered her.

The gang member smiled and laughed and walked back to the other gang member to hang out along a fence, another male military police officer saw this, and he walked over and told the other male military police officer to let her go.

Then him and the female military police officer went to arrest the two gang members, they resisted, and so the two military police officers attacked them and took them down and then handcuffed them to their surprise.

The two military police officers could not take it anymore, they were tired of this gang doing whatever they wanted, and they were going to start coming after them now regardless of what their superiors said.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was at work at The BP Library, I was in the IT Department sitting down talking with my supervisor Mrs. JR, and at some point as we were talking my female coworker JB walked outside our door.

I was in the middle of saying something to Mrs. JR so I only glanced at JB and nodded my head, JB reached for the printer as a piece of paper printed out, and after she picked it up she paused like she wanted to say something to me.

I was going to say something to her but first I went to finish the last thing that I was saying to Mrs. JR, but JB walked away unfortunately.

I was curious about what JB wanted to say, I assumed that maybe she was going to mention something about one of the topics that we had talked about the previous day like music, and so I was going to walk to her desk eventually to talk to her but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr