Military Hitmen & Parachuting / Gliding & Marilyn Monroe

This was a cool & vivid dream that felt more like a lucid dream, it almost became a lucid dream, or maybe it became a semi-lucid dream.

Unfortunately I only remember closer to the end of the dream, I was with at least three people, maybe we arrived at a warehouse-like area, and we saw one or more people (we possibly knew them, but I can not remember) about to be attacked / killed by at least three semi-undercover hitmen / mercenary / special forces-like men armed with guns.


A Gamer Sends A Hitman To Kill The Brother Of My Former Classmate DS

I only got about 3 hours of sleep last night after getting in bed too late, and so I can only remember part of the end of my last dream.

The dream took place during the day in the city of D at a fictional house that was where The Military Surplus Store should be, and I was in a bedroom standing up like I had just entered the room.

My former male classmate DS was in the bedroom sitting on a bed on the left side of the room, his fictional brother was sitting on a bed on the right side of the room, and DS was possibly playing a video game and / or had some video game equipment.

His brother made a joke about DS not needing all of that fiber (internet lines / cables) and maybe some other joke about gaming and online gaming, video games, video game equipment, et cetera.

DS told his brother to not joke about that, he explained how important gaming and video games and the equipment and fiber was and how he had enough fiber lines set up that they could wrap around the house or something like that, and he told him that if our former male classmate DG heard him joking like this that he would possibly send a hitman (assassin) to murder / kill him.

DS explained that DG was seriously into gaming and online gaming, video games, video game equipment, et cetera and took any jokes / insults to it seriously; and that he had money and connections, and that he had really had people murdered before so this was not a joke.

His brother thought that DS was joking, but I could see that he was serious.

His brother left outside, then DS and I found out that somehow DG had heard what his brother had said, and so DG sent a hitman (assassin) to murder / kill the brother so DS sent me outside to warn his brother.

Several people ended up going with me, I can not remember if DS went with us or not, but we had guns.

His brother had left the yard so we ran to find him, we ran along the street past the RV park, and eventually we found an area with a sunken area on the right side of the road near a forest where his brother was.

A group of mercenaries were coming up the street with military gear and clothing and even at least one military vehicle, they had heard about a hitman being sent by DG to kill the brother, and maybe they were going to try to kill the brother first so that they could collect the bounty but I am not sure.

Unfortunately the hitman got to the brother first,the mercenaries got there second, and we got there third.

The mercenaries apologized to the hitman and they backed off, since the hitman got there first they showed respect for him and / or DG, and me and the others with me rushed in to save the brother.

We had a brief standoff with the hitman, and eventually we / I shot and killed the hitman to the surprise of the mercenaries.

But then the mercenaries decided to ambush us now that the hitman was dead and they did not have to worry about competing with the hitman now that he was dead, the mercenaries had us outnumbered, outgunned, out trained, out equipped, they had the high ground, and they got closer to the brother so the situation was very bad for us.

We tried to talk them down but that did not work, and so we had a shootout.

Unfortunately they got to the brother first during the shootout and their leader shot and killed the brother, it was almost like having my own brother killed, and I felt bad for DS and for having failed to save his brother.

I shot and killed the leader myself, and then amazingly we went on to defeat the mercenaries until only one was left alive who maybe I went to interrogate.

The last mercenary did not cooperate and he tried to kill me, and I ended bashing him in the head several times with a grenade that his side had and maybe it was going to detonate and he ended up getting killed in the explosion in or by a small shack by the forest.

We won the battle but we failed to save the brother, and so I was going to restart time (somehow I felt that I had the power to do this even though I do not think that I realized that I was dreaming); but I woke up before I could try to restart time.

The end,

-John Jr


A European Hitman Sniper?

This is the cover art for Hitman: Sniper. The cover art copyright is believed to belong to IO Interactive / Square Enix.
File:Hitman Sniper.png

This dream from last night was possibly partly inspired by a short film and Vimeo Staff Pick that I saw a few days ago called Jakkals13 (Jakkals 13):


Unfortunately, I can not remember most of this dream because a complex set of circumstances slowly destroyed my memory of this dream because this dream probably had at least one dream within a dream and/or daydream within a dream.

It was possibly partly a false awakening dream, so in the dream or one of the dreams I falsely thought that I was awake and that I was in the process of typing my dreams.

My mind was distracted by other things in the real world and in the dream, and I did not get as much sleep as I would have liked.

In the dream or dreams, there were possibly several dreams going on at the same time because there was at least one dream within a dream and/or daydream within a dream.



File:Benicio Del Toro - Guardians of the Galaxy premiere - July 2014 (cropped).jpg
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it possibly took place during the day outside, and I was with some of my family and someone (who probably was armed with a weapon, maybe a gun) was making fun of my family and I this person was threatening them and I.

I did not want my family and I to be harmed or killed so we did not say anything back as this person made fun of us and threatened us, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream was inspired by a film by the film director Denis Villeneuve that my brother GC and I watched last night called Sicario:

The dream was like a combination of a film and a Telltale Games video game and real life, and the dream followed a male character who I controlled and I sometimes saw/experienced things from this character’s point of view almost like I was the character sometimes (maybe I was the character sometimes, but I am not sure).

My memory of the dream is took unclear but my character seemed to be working on his job (I can not remember what his job was), and one day he was assigned to work with/assist a group of people who probably worked with various law enforcement and military and intelligence and government and private agencies.

The character Alejandro Gillick (played by the actor Benicio Del Toro) was one of the people working with this group of people, and during the dream it became clear that this group of people were doing various kinds of secret special operations and they were doing some terrible/illegal things along the way and they were using you as a shield/cover to help mask their activities.

They were also blackmailing your character and trying to make it seem that you were involved in various illegal and inappropriate activities (including the activities that they were involved in) so that others would be less likely to believe you if you tried to reveal what was really going on, and so they were also trying to turn your coworkers and others against you because of your objections to what they were doing.

Alejandro Gillick was probably sent to watch you and threaten your character a few times, and during one part of the dream when your character was at work it seemed that the group were using one of your attractive female coworkers (who possibly was involved in prostitution and/or some kind of sex related job) with dark-brown skin with long black hair to make it seem that both of you were having an affair as a way of ruining your reputation and possibly making her husband angry so that he could go after you.

I had my character approach his female coworker about this situation so that he could end it by having her tell the truth, but it seemed that the group had threatened her into helping them harm your reputation so she kept pretending that something was going on between your character and her.

After this failure my character tried to get the truth out about the group after he had finished working on his assignment with them but he was threatened with death by Alejandro Gillick, and he was forced at gunpoint to lie and sign a document stating that everything that they had done during their assignment had been legal.

After being forced to sign the document my character was warned that he would be killed if he tried to release the truth after this, and then he left.

At the very end of the dream my character was talking to someone, not realizing that Alejandro Gillick was still following him and was hiding and was pointing a pistol at him ready to kill him if he told the truth to this person, and my character hinted that something was not right but did not tell the truth to this person so Mr. Gillick spared his life for now.

My character was disappointed about his situation and he depressingly stood there thinking about this as the dream ended, and Mr. Gillick sneaked away for now.

The end,

-John Jr


A Fundraiser And Being A Hitman

Dream 1

All that I can remember of the end of this dream is that a fundraiser was taking place at a multi-story building during the day, I think that they were trying to raise funds for the local public schools (public school system) in B Parish where I live, and so The B Parish School Board was probably over the fundraising; and they teamed up with local public servant volunteers (teachers, librarians, and more) to help them with the fundraiser.

The fundraiser probably involved free food in the form of a plate lunch of one meal per-person to encourage people to come to the fundraiser, and on an upper floor of the building they were selling various items that you might find at one of those tool sales where they move from city to city selling objects about once a year.