Avast Malware | A Dorm & JB’s Dress | A Call From Mr. J

Dream 1

In this dream, I had a computer connected to a TV, and at some point the screen changed & it showed that Avast malware was detected or that Avast had detected malware.

I do not have Avast installed, so I assumed that it was malware pretending to be Avast & locking up my screen and / or computer.


Scanning Computers At Work With Norton Power Eraser (NPE)

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

This dream was possibly inspired by me still adjusting to the new time change, near season change, darker days, weather change, my new extra library job (a few extra hours a week in Tech Services to go along with my usual shelving job in the Shelving Department so I so I have to learn new things and adjust), slightly longer and new working schedule, the approaching holidays and the extra complications at work during this time of year, recovering from sickness, still not getting enough sleep as usual, a backlog of 4 books to read that I am in the process of reading (2 at a time), et cetera.

This dream was a long quicksand-like dream with some repeating elements to it that can make you feel a bit trapped and slowly overwhelmed, and that made the dream feel long and almost never-ending.

I was at The BP Library working during the dream, but the library was slightly larger and slightly nicer but looked mostly the same but not completely.

Some of my coworkers were there like maybe my female coworker TR, my supervisor Ms. JM, my female coworker CR, my female coworker JB, maybe Mrs. RB, and maybe a few others.

This long dream involved me juggling working normally, helping patrons, helping coworkers, talking with coworkers and patrons (like my former male classmate MT who was in the dream at some point), trying to remove malware / grayware from some fictional desktop computers running a slightly older version of Microsoft Windows that were on some shelves at the beginning of the adult fiction section and maybe the end of the large print adult fiction section, maybe dealing with an angry male patron who was possibly bothering JB, and more.

I kept juggling all of these things throughout the dream with no breaks and it felt like my work shift was longer and possibly never-ending, I was managing though, but the angry patron and the unknowns with the computer malware removal while juggling everything else slowly became more annoying / draining / stressful as things piled up higher on me increasing the pressure.

Besides helping JB deal with the angry patron (I possibly almost had to fight this patron, but I can not remember if things got physical or not), the coworker who(m) I talked with the most in the dream was CR, and me and CR talked and worked together in the stacks in the middle of the library and in the shelving room and even in the lobby; and we probably both took a bathroom break at the same time and talked afterward briefly.

My former male classmate MT helped me briefly with the computer malware / grayware issue, he probably was not allowed to help directly but he possibly brought the issue to my attention, I was not sure what / which version of Microsoft Windows was installed or if an anti-malware program was already installed or not and I did not have my USB flash drive with my portable anti-malware programs so first I downloaded Norton Power Eraser (NPE) to start scanning for malware on the computers but I had to do this one-at-a-time so I got interrupted a lot and had to stop to do other things often.

I knew that Norton Power Eraser was free, portable, light, quick, aggressive, and would probably take care of most of the malware / grayware and other issues related to that so I wanted to start with that before maybe downloading and running HitmanPro (trial version in portable mode) for a second opinion to see if it would find anything else (I like HitmanPro but there is not a real / true free version other when the trial version ends and it can detect things but you can not remove the detected threats without paying for the paid version, if it were not for that then it would be my favorite second opinion anti-malware scanner, and so until then I still need to also use things like Norton Power Eraser and the regular free version and / or portable free version of Zemana AntiMalware et cetera to remove detected threats and any missed threats) and Malwarebytes AdwCleaner and then find out what or if any real-time anti-malware program was installed (like Windows Defender) and run a scan with that.

I am not sure if I was able to download anything else besides Norton Power Eraser during the dream, probably not, since I was starting with Norton Power Eraser that is what I was focusing on downloading and running on each of those desktop computers.

In real life most of our library computers run the CentOS Linux distrubution as their operating system and not Microsoft Windows, and so even in this dream I was a bit confused and surprised that he had some desktop computers with Windows and on some bookshelves which was even more odd.

MT was gone at some point in the dream, which was unfortunate, because I wanted to talk to him some more about which anti-malware products et cetera he was using now-a-days and I was curious for his opinion on computer stuff since he was always more knowledgeable and experienced than me on / with this.

Norton Power Eraser kept detecting things, I would use the remove / fix option, it would ask to restart the computer so I would, and then I would run another scan and it would detect things (possibly the same things again), and I would repeat the process.

This repeating process kept happening in the dream as I had to keep juggling everything else, it was annoying, Norton Power Eraser would say that things were successfully fixed / removed but a new scan seemed to reveal that as not true or that somehow everything kept getting undone.

Having to keep restarting computers made the process even longer, no one from the IT Department were around for me to ask about this, and so I had to deal with this myself.

I started to wonder how long had I been at work, what time was it, when would my work shift end, et cetera as I had to deal with this repeating cycle while juggling everything else at work endlessly.

I started to feel a bit trapped but eventually I was able to wake up.

Dream 2

I will count this as a second dream even though I am not sure if it was part of the previous dream or not.

I just remember being in an automobile that my mom was driving during the day on our way back home, and along the way we had picked up our male former semi-neighbor T who used to semi-live at The Semi-Abandoned House.

I was not happy about this and I did not think that we should have given him a ride, but it was what my mom wanted so we gave him a ride.

T had bags of groceries, which is something that I never saw him with before in real-life, in real life it was like he did not need to eat or drink or do almost anything like most humans so he seemed more like a vampire or some kind of other non-human entity or something which almost made me question if he was even a real person or if he was on some kind of undercover operation and / or if he was on the run (he was a very suspect person with probably a criminal past (including jail and maybe prison time) and criminal current who would not even share his first name, and so we only knew him by the nickname that he mentioned that other people call him by).

I do no trust T or want him around and I do not even want to see him and I am glad that he no longer semi-lives near us anymore, my gut feelings about him have always been to avoid him and to not trust him and that he is probably parasitic (will keep using you) and / or dangerous and / or that something is off about him, and this was no different in this dream so I felt that and thought this the entire time in this dream.

In this dream T once had a dog back when he was still our semi-neighbor, he possibly did not have the dog now, and my mom mentioned this and they talked about the dog in the past et cetera.

My mom then told T something that I did not think that she should have told him, she told him that we once went into The Semi-Abandoned House probably during the period shortly after he got kicked out after unnecessarily cutting down a tree that ended up falling on parts of the house and damaging it, going into the house happened in a past dream and not in real life.

In the past dream we were doing something that I can not remember and my parents ended up going inside the house even though I did not think that it was a good idea, we saw signs that someone (probably T), was probably sneaking into the house sometimes and probably sleeping there sometimes even though he got kicked out.

I am not sure what T’s response was to this but I know that I thought that telling him this was a mistake, and shortly after this he asked us to drop him off near The Semi-Abandoned House so we stopped there to do this.

I offered to help him take his grocery bags out of the vehicle and I started helping him because I wanted him out of here quickly as possible, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Grace Randolph And Classwork And Removing Malware From A Desktop Computer

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it involved my male cousin DE, it was probably a negative dream where there was an argument and/or he was angry/unstable and/or something like that, but I can not remember; and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place inside a classroom during the day where I was a student among other students, including Grace Randolph, and our teacher was a woman but I can not remember what she looked like; and class/school/college was probably about halfway done for the day.


Playing An Online Video Game | Women Competing Against Each Other | Breaking The Set Tricked? | Getting Arrested

Dream 1

I got awakened last night by people making noise and by a bit of heat coming from the heater when someone left the bedroom door open, but I barely remember part of two dreams that I had before I got awakened and I barely remember part of two dreams that I had after going back to sleep again; and the first dream involved me being inside a house (maybe my parent’s house) playing an online video game (maybe The Elder Scrolls Online Beta), but that is all that I can remember of the first dream.

Dream 2

The second dream took place during maybe a slightly gray day in the city of D in a small fictional semi-outdoor one-story building (it had a roof and side walls but no front or back walls or doors or windows) near where Domino’s Pizza should be but my voice recording of this dream is too unclear for me understand properly, my voice recording mentions two groups of women competing against each other inside the semi-outdoor building and maybe I mentioned the word Homicidal (but I am not sure what I meant by that, maybe that was the name of one of the teams and/or the sport and/or the competition and/or something like that), and I was watching as the two groups of women competed against each other as their coaches/trainers/supporters/whoever coached/encouraged them.