Staying At My Former Coworker C’s House?

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Last night I remember part of my last dream, which took place during the day, night, and the next morning in D on Eastside.

One of my former male coworkers, C, had broken up with his boyfriend S, I guess; and he moved into an empty house on Eastside, but I did not realize that it was Eastside until later in the dream.

Somehow I was at his house, it seemed that since he had a three bedroom house to himself, that I guess that he was open to allowing some other people to stay there; and since I lived on Eastside with my parent’s & since I was looking for somewhere else to stay, he must have told me that I could stay at his house I guess.

I was a bit uncomfortable, thinking that some people on Eastside would think that my sexual orientation was homosexual now or something, which it is not, and I was a bit worried about how C’s behavior & lifestyle would be; but I was not that bothered about the situation, just a bit uncomfortable, and I was a bit cautious.

The house was a nice one floor/story house, but it needed some work to restore it; the window screens were broken, some windows were broken, the outside of the house needed to be sprayed to restore the color, the inside of the house needed to be vacuumed/swept/mopped/cleaned, the house needed some furniture, yard work needed to be done, some of the doors needed to be replaced, et cetera.

I remember looking around the house making a list of things that needed to be done to the house in my mind.

C seemed to be depressed about his recent breakup with S, and so he spent most of his time in his room sleeping & lying around.

Besides making a list of things that needed to be done to the house, I also was trying to decide if I was comfortable enough to live in the same house as C, who was just a former coworker of mine who I am not even friends with & whose lifestyle is one that I am not used to or comfortable with, since I do not really know any people of the homosexual sexual orientation.

As long as C & any of his future friends did not bother me with their lifestyle, I did not think that living there would be that much of a problem, but I continued to be cautious & think about the situation throughout the dream.

At some point it was night and so I slept in one of the empty rooms, and I woke up the next morning while C was still asleep in another room; and his family came to visit him, and so I stopped to talk with them outside before they entered the house.

I told his family who I was and why I was there & about how C seemed depressed, and I made it clear that I was just a former coworker of C who was thinking about possible staying at his house in one of the empty rooms, and that my sexual orientation was heterosexual, since they had assumed otherwise at first.

His family seemed nice and they entered C’s house as I walked outside, and then I realized that I was on Eastside; and so I walked to my parent’s house to tell them about the situation, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

The Wrong Path

Source: Wikimedia Commons

This was an odd, confusing, and uncomfortable dream in some ways. (I used words related to sexual orientation for added detail in this dream description, and I do not mean to offend anyone when I used them in this dream description)

This is the only dream I remember from last night, it started in a building that looked like a brighter & bigger version of the L Technology Building.

A male FBI agent had temporarily left work without permission, to meet with a teenager that had left school without permission.

The boy was probably in junior high school, and they met in a secret FBI room in the building.

There was something very odd about this meeting and their relationship, and it seemed very inappropriate and probably homosexual.

They were talking about something, and the FBI agent was your typical ideal good guy Christian type except that he seemed to act differently around this boy.

I am not sure if they hugged or kissed or anything, but they did seem too close and not in a friend or family type way.

After their meeting the FBI agent went back to his job, which was in a room that was like a 4 bedroom apartment / office.

There was a living romo, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, 4 bedrooms, but one of the bedrooms was probably an office.

Standing in the kitchen area was the FBI agent’s boss, who did not look happy.

The boss told him that he had found out about his inappropriate relationship with the boy, and that even though he was a good FBI agent, he had no choice but to fire him.

The FBI agent was shocked and the boss felt sorry for him, but he knew that he could not allow him to continue his job.

The FBI agent looked devastated, like he was going to die or explode, but before he could do anything, a man ran into the room.

It was a man who looked like the actor Elijah Wood, he ran in screaming, and he attacked the FBI agent like a wild animal.

There was a female FBI agent in the room as well, and the boss & her ran into the hallway.

I was in the hallway and the fight followed them into the hallway, so the boss, the female FBI agent, and I ran; but the fight kept following us like a magnet.

We ran to the end of the hall and the two men fell to the ground wrestling, but as they fell, three floating pieces of flooring like flying carpets or something, went under our feet.

One went under the two men fighting, and it came from the direction that they were looking at.

One went under the feet of the boss and the female FBI agent, but I do not know from which direction it came.

One went under my feet, and it came from the opposite direction that I was facing.

I looked down and I think I saw something that looked like a piece of a basketball court or courtyard, and my first thought was school or college.

The two fighting men stopped fighting and they looked at me, and I think they said that I was facing or going in the opposite or wrong direction of my path.

I stopped to try to understand what they had meant by that: was it about my choice of college was wrong and/or about my choice of a college major was wrong and/or since I am not in college, was it a reference to that and/or should I not go to college and/or should I not learn French?

But before I could ask them and/or think more about it, I woke up.

That was interesting, a dream that ended with some of the dream characters giving me a message.

To me this dream was about conflict, decisions, and the path they mentioned at the end (which I am not sure what/which path they were talking about).

To me that FBI agent had a conflict with himself, and made some bad decisions.

His decision to start that relationship and leave work secretly, was a mistake (going down the wrong path).

His bad decision cost him his job, and the man who attacked him, also represented conflict.

They fought each other and they both were very similar, and so I think that represented an internal conflict with himself.

I know it is just a dream, but I do find it interesting.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂

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