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Description Charlotte Gainsbourg at the inauguration of the Jardin Serge Gainsbourg in Paris Date	8 July 2010, 11:30 Source	Cropped version of Charlotte Gainsbourg Author	Olivier Pacteau from Paris, France
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

I remember part of five dream fragments from last night with the first dream taking place inside a classroom, and I was there with a lot of my former classmates & our teacher was a man; and we were having a competition that was maybe a bit like American football where we were divided into two teams who seemed to focus on moving/hiding an object around the room/field from each other.

At some point the competition ended or the teacher stopped it for some reason, and we sat back in our desks which were all very close together around the room; and I sat in a desk in the back right side corner of the room, the teacher was not far from me looking for a computer part that he could not find on the bookshelves, and I forgot to mention that the room probably had no windows & it had brownish colored carpet.

At some point my noise started running or I sneezed or something like that, and a person sitting in the desk to the left of me (whose desk was touching mine) handed me a tissue; and it was the actress Charlotte Gainsbourg who handed me the tissue smiling with a very nice smile (the dream became focused on just the two of us at this point like no one else was in the room, even though everyone else was still in the room), and I thanked her for the tissue & I started wiping my nose (somehow I remembered Mrs. Gainsbourg from another dream of us being in the same classroom either from last night and/or from the past that I can not remember, and in that dream & this one I was interested in getting to know her better/become friends/or more & so I had a very positive feeling(s) toward her but I was being shy/cautious as usual).

Mrs. Gainsbourg then took another piece of tissue and gently started to rub the left side of my head near my temple like she was cleaning off something that she saw on my head, she finished, and she smiled with a very nice smile again & she gave me a compliment of some kind in her very nice soft voice with her nice English accent; and I smiled/laughed, and I thanked her & to me it seemed that she was interested in me as well.