A French And English Television Interview

I woke up and went back to sleep several times without voice recording my dreams, and so now I can only barely remember part of one dream from last night.

At the end of the dream I remember sneaking slowly around a multi-story building during the day with a fictional famous female musician with white skin with long dark-yellow hair who was from France who somewhat reminded me of the actress Mélanie Thierry, a man with white skin with dark-hair, and maybe one or more other people.

The building seemed to be an abandoned building that possibly had various strange maybe zombie and/or paranormal and/or supernatural and/or other types of threats in the building, and so we were very cautiously moving through the building to reach the roof of the building outside.

Eventually we reached the roof outside but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream, and the very end of the dream involved the female musician from France being interviewed on television and I was watching this.

She was in France sitting at a desk alone in a studio mimicking a television presenter or news presenter (host), like the one who was interviewing her, and a tall male host with white skin with dark-hair wearing a nice navy suit who looked like he was from the 1960s was interviewing her from a separate studio behind a desk in the United States so they were in separate countries having this interview in separate studios using a screen to see and hear each other.

The interview started in French with the male host talking loudly and slowly in what sounded like very poor French that was so bad that it did not even sound much like French, the female musician mimicked him and spoke loudly and slowly but in good French because that was her native language, and I remember the host struggling and stopping sometimes trying to figure out how to say certain things in French.

The musician slowly started using English along with French until eventually she started speaking only English, her English was much better than his French, and so now they could both communicate well.

The musician was having fun and was doing great, she only struggled with a few English words and phrases, and she continued to mimic the host by talking loud and slow.

I remember the host asking the musician questions about her music, France, about how she could speak English so well, her career, and more but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


Closing Roller Shutters To Secure A House

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it involved the video game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it probably took place during the day and it probably involved college, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day in a slightly fictional version of the city of D, during part of the dream I remember being with most of my family at a nice fictional modern multi-story house with mostly whitish and grayish colored walls and carpet and ceiling(s) that was behind the dead-end sign on our street, but I am not sure if we lived there or if we were renting it or if we wanted to buy it or who it was for or anything like that.

Later in the dream I remember my family walking to the outside of this house, we wanted to secure all the windows and doors to help stop people from breaking into it, and many of the windows had roller shutters that we could close and lock; and so I think that we climbed through a window; and we went around the house trying to close and lock all the roller shutters and secure the doors in any way that we could.

We clearly wanted to use this house again, I am not sure if it was for sale and we wanted to buy it one day or if we were going out-of-town and wanted to secure the house first or what was going on, I just know that we wanted to keep the house secure and to ourselves to prevent others from robbing it and/or using it and/or buying and/or renting it possibly.

As we were securing the house I noticed people on the first floor in the living room area, a small video game-like conference/whatever was taking place, and a man with whitish colored skin wearing a suit was hosting it as his film crew recorded it; and a fictional Japanese video game company was doing a presentation for a small group of gamers.

And a man from the Japanese company was in charge of the presentation, he walked down from the stairs doing a cosplay where he was dressed as a fictional female video game character from one of their company’s most popular video games, and he walked down to the group of gamers and the host to start his presentation for the Japanese video game company.

I watched from the stairway on an upper floor and the presentation was surprisingly boring in my opinion, I also wondered how and why were they having this inside this house, and I wondered what was my family and I were going to do about it because we were trying to secure the home to keep people out (maybe we were trying to get enough money to buy it, and were trying to keep others out to reduce the chances of someone else buying it first; but I am not sure); and it seemed that we were too late and there was no way that we could move the video game conference/whatever and people from the house now, but I woke up as I was about to go tell my family about the situation.

The end,

-John Jr


Charlotte Gainsbourg’s House | Flying / Floating And Stopping A Young Woman From Killing Herself / Committing Suicide

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

I remember part of two dreams from last night, with the first dream starting with me somehow seeing an interview/tour/visit of Charlotte Gainsbourg‘s house, and it took place during the day in another country.

The host was narrating as they showed video clips of the country & city that they were in while also giving some facts/information about it, he said the name of the show/whatever, he explained what they were about to do, he said that they were going to Charlotte Gainsbourg’s house, and he explained who she was while showing video/audio clips from some of her films/music videos/past interviews/et cetera.

The host arrived to neighborhood where Mrs. Gainsbourg lived and he said the name of the neighborhood & street to my surprise, he showed video clips of various areas in & around the neighborhood, and he explained the history of the neighborhood.

It seemed that Mrs. Gainsbourg lived in a downtown-like area in a city, there were sidewalks with businesses on both sides of the street, there was a park nearby, there probably was a bus stop & train station/subway nearby, and so basically almost everything the average person needs was in walking distance; and so this was a nice area to live but not many people lived in this area it seemed, and so it was probably expensive & space was limited.

The host & his camera crew parked next to a sidewalk and Mrs. Gainsbourg was waiting for them on the sidewalk, they greeted each other, and Mrs. Gainsbourg walked them toward her house which was a few feet away from the sidewalk; and she & her family lived in a multi-story building that was divided into several houses or there were several separate houses that were connected/touching, and the building/houses almost looked like businesses from the street.

Mrs. Gainsbourg’s house was probably four stories tall and the other houses were probably three stories tall, because Mrs. Gainsbourg’s first floor & entrance was at basement level/sub-level, and Mrs. Gainsbourg walked them down the stairs to the entrance which was at basement level; and so you could not see the entrance unless you were standing at the top of the steps, even then you could only see part of the door & it was a bit dark because of the almost cave-like entrance-way, and so this gave them extra privacy/security/noise protection/et cetera.

Before entering the house Mrs. Gainsbourg made it clear to the viewing audience that she did not want random people/strangers coming to her house/door uninvited or she/her family would probably not answer the door, the host looked at the camera as well & he basically told the viewing audience the same thing to reinforce what Mrs. Gainsbourg had just said, and after the pause Mrs. Gainsbourg mentioned that her husband & kids also lived in the house; and they entered the house as Mrs. Gainsbourg talking, but I woke up.

Dream 2

The last dream took place during the day in a fictional housing area with apartments/buildings/parking lots/fields/et cetera, something happened that I can not remember that caused me to start trying to fly/float to avoid something/someone after I remembered that I have flown/floated before but I probably did not realize that I was dreaming, and I started to float/fly/glide; and at some point I escaped from whatever I was avoiding, and I practiced trying to improve my floating/flying because I was having a hard to controlling it & I could not fly/float very high.

At some point I needed to take a break from flying/floating because it was getting harder & harder to do & so I landed by an abandoned looking multi-story apartment building, and so I went inside to explore it; and to my surprise a lot of the inside had an old mud/dirt/rock-like look to it, and so I explored some of the abandoned apartments.

Some of the apartments had water leaks that made little ponds & waterfalls inside parts of some of the apartments, this water also made cracks/formations in the mud/dirt/rock/whatever that looked cool like when natural objects get carved naturally over time by the weather, and I felt that it was sad that this apartment building was abandoned because with a bit of work it could be livable again; and I wished that I could fix up the apartment building and live in it, and so I considered trying to find the owner.

At some point I reached an upper floor to explore one of the apartment rooms, but the apartment room looked like someone was living inside of it because it was nice looking & there was furniture/et cetera; and so I started sneaking around in case someone did live there.

I heard a TV & people talking as I sneaked around, at some point I saw a family (mom, dad, kids, grandparents) having a good time sitting in a living room watching TV & talking probably in Spanish, and so I watched from a hidden position for a moment; and then I started trying to sneak out of the apartment room now that I knew that someone lived inside of it, but a kid going to or from a bathroom saw me & the kid yelled to the rest of the family that an intruder was in the house.

I started to run & try to float/fly out of the apartment room, the mom came running to her kid & she saw me floating/flying away but my back was facing her so she did not see my face, and eventually I escaped outside floating/flying; but I was having a hard time controlling it & I still could not fly very high, and so I had to land & jump sometimes to get back into the air/sky.

To my surprise the grandmother & kids came outside yelling & chasing me as I struggled to try to fly/float, and so I started flapping my airs like a bird & acting like I was swimming in the air to help myself float/fly higher & control it better; and this worked somewhat, and I told the grandmother & the kids that I meant them no harm but they kept chasing me.

At some point I decided to land to talk with them to explain what had happened, the grandmother was angry & she did not believe me at first, but eventually she believed me & I apologized; and then the kids started to ask me how could I fly/float, and I tried to explain it to them & I showed them how I did it.

This was fun and the kids had fun, even though they could not fly, and at some point they said goodbye & they went back to their apartment; and then I went to another building that was apartment-like/school-like, and I came across a young woman with whitish colored skin with shoulder length hair who was trying to kill herself.

I stopped the young woman from killing herself or interrupted her, I talked with her, and I walked her to her family to explain the situation to them so that they could help her/get her help; and we walked past classroom-like rooms on parts of the first floor, and we went to an upper floor down hallways of apartment-like rooms.

The young woman had a mom & a sister, and they were in a hang-out / lounge-like apartment room having a family gathering/hangout with her grandparent’s from her mom’s side of the family & her mom’s siblings & her cousins from her mom’s side of the family; and there was about twelve people or so at the gathering.

I quietly introduced myself and I asked the mom if I/we could talk with her privately about a private/serious matter, the mom said that it was okay to talk in front of the rest of her family & so I whispered to her that her daughter had tried to kill herself, and we started talking about what had happened; and the grandmother heard us, and she started talking as well.

Their family was surprisingly relaxed and open with each other, too relaxed, and they did not make a huge deal out of the situation to my surprise; but they probably were going to take the daughter to get help/counseling the next day, but until then they wanted her to relax.

The young woman wanted to go outside to relax for a little while, the rest of the family wanted to continue their gathering inside, and so they asked me to take her outside & stay with her & bring her back to them when she was finished/ready; and I said that I would do that, and I started walking the young woman back to the first floor to take her outside.

I felt a bit awkward/uncomfortable having this responsibility to help someone who(m) I did not know & who was suicidal, but I wanted to help; but when we reached the first floor the young woman ran off, I thought that she was excited & wanted to hurry outside, but I heard a loud crash around the corner & down the hall out of my view which was the direction that she ran.

I ran to see what happened, I saw the young woman getting up at the entrance/exit door like she had run into the door, and I ran to help her; and I asked her if she was okay & I asked her what had happened, and she said that she ran into the door & I wondered if she had done it on purpose.

I wanted to take her back to her family so they could check her for injuries, so we started walking back to her family, but then she ran again around a corner out of my view; and I ran after her, and I heard a loud crash again & I saw her getting up like she had run into the wall.

I now knew that she did it on purpose and I asked her what was she doing & was she trying to kill herself again, she said that running into things as hard as she could on purpose did not count as trying to kill yourself in her opinion, but it was clear that she was trying to kill herself again; and so I talked with her about it, and I picked her up to carry her back to her family to avoid her trying to kill herself again before we could reach them.

I carried her to her family and I explained what had happened, and they started talking with her; and I felt even more awkward as I stood back letting them handle the situation, I told them that I would give them some privacy, but that I would return later to check on the young woman; and I walked off, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


A Comedy Banquet | Elevator | Musicians | An Outdoor Toilet

Last night I remembered 4 dream fragments, I think I had 5 dreams, but I only remember fragments from 4 of the 5 dreams.

Dream 1

The first one I remembered started with me at a comedy banquet with comedians from TV and the internet such as: Lisa Nova, some members of Saturday Night Live, and others.

One of the comedians had comedy plays/skits made that we were going to do throughout the banquet, and several members of the audience & I were chosen to be part of it as well.