Finding Hostages Of My Former Classmate SS

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that I was living at a college where I was a student living in a large college dorm suite with other people (students), we all had our own room in this dorm suite, and we all shared a large open carpeted room.

Between the door to my room and the door to the room next to mine was a golf cart-like vehicle, I saw it as I was leaving my room and I was probably somewhat dressed up, and I was greeted by a woman with yellow/white skin with long black hair who spoke English with a South Korean accent and who was probably from South Korea.


A Hostage Situation & An Angry Sister

All that I can remember of this dream or dreams from last night is that it or they took place during the day, I remember being inside a store or bus or boat with some other people, and at some point a group of armed men arrived.

The armed men included some of my former male classmates from Eastside and my brother CC, and for some reason they reminded me of the Somali pirates from the film Captain Phillips (which I have not seen yet).


Getting Held Hostage Twice

I forgot all but part of one of my dreams from last night that took place on an upper floor of a windowless building it seemed, and I was there with a group of other people inside a room.

A gang and/or cartel and/or mafia and/or paramilitary and/or SWAT-like group of men burst into the room and took us hostage, they had man with them who was the leader, but I can not remember what he looked like.

Some of them had full body armor with helmets, eye protection, elbow pads, knees pads, et cetera with assault rifles.

These men seemed to be vampires in my opinion so I assume that they were faster, stronger, and maybe had some powers but I can not remember why I thought that they were vampires.

There were more of us than them but I did not think that we stood a chance against them, I have no idea what they wanted, but their hostage situation got interrupted by another man who seemed to be a vampire who entered the room.

This vampire had no weapons or armor but he easily and quickly killed the entire group holding us hostage like it was easy, he was clearly very powerful, and as we were thanking him we realized that he was now taking us hostage so now we were hostages again.

I have no idea why he was taking us hostage but it seemed that he was just doing this for fun, like a strange person who likes to take people hostage and play with them like toys making them do whatever he wants them to do, like someone playing house but with real people.

Some of the others hostages probably were considering attacking the vampire to try to defeat him so that we could escape but I felt that we did not stand a chance, I did not want anyone to die, and so I convinced them to let me try to get on his good side to hopefully get him to let us go eventually.

I focused on doing whatever he said and trying to keep him distracted as he would tell us to do various things, have us thank him a lot, have us tell him how much fun we are having, and various strange things like that.

He was pretty strange and creepy in a dangerous and relaxed kind of way, you were afraid that he could get bored or angry and kill you if you do not keep him entertained and do what he says, and so we had to keep playing nice with our hostage taker which was weird.

While doing this some of us were trying to look for opportunities to escape or ways to defeat him in case my plan failed, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


A Clown Inspired Dream

Source: Wikipedia

Dream 1

All that I can remember of the first dream is that it was partly inspired by a trailer that I saw on YouTube for a film called Clown, and all that I can remember of the dream is that it took place during the day at a school that somewhat reminded me of the C Elementary School in the city of D combined with a fictional school that had students from elementary school ages to about maybe junior high school ages.

An evil/demonic/whatever clown with superpowers attacked the school probably conjuring/summoning things to attack and causing chaos, and so several people and I ran around trying to save students while fighting the threats; and I remember us trying to evacuate as many people as we could.

At some point I ran down a hallway to go fight the clown, when I ran to the next area I saw a large library full of students who the clown made to look like clowns and he probably had them under his control, and so he was hiding among the many elementary students who now looked like clowns; and he was probably going to make them attack anyone who tried to attack him, and so I backed away because I did not want to hurt any of the students who were under his control.

This annoyed and angered me that this evil clown with superpowers was acting like a coward and using little kids as a shield against a regular human like me without superpowers, I possibly even said this out-loud challenging him to let the kids go, and fight me one-on-one.

I backed into the hallway to let the others know about the situation, I told them to keep evacuating as many people as they could as I tried to figure out how to save the students in the library, so that I could fight the clown and hopefully defeat him; but I woke up.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day and it also involved a disaster at a school, I was riding on a school bus with other people who were trying to survive a disaster, and I remember us driving near a school that reminded me of the D Junior High School in the city of D; and I think that an infection was spreading through the school, and so we did not go inside of it but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day and yet again it involved a disaster at a school, I was at a school with other people trying to survive, and we met some people who had built an experimental maybe concrete building/house made from recycled materials that was powered by methane collected from decomposing buried trash and maybe solar panels for backup electricity.

The building/house seemed very sturdy, easy to build, and nice; and the fact that it was mostly powered by burying your trash and letting the methane gas made during decomposition be the energy source was brilliant.

We were trying to survive whatever disaster was going on and this experiment looked like a success that we could copy and share with others, but I woke up as we walked around looking at everything as they explained it to us.

Dream 4

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place inside a windowless narrow school building with brownish colored carpet in most parts of it that was built in a shotgun-style, and it was a very long building with various open and partly closed off areas; and so you would just walk straight to walk through every room in the building, and parts of the building were up higher than the others so there were steps and ramps in some areas.

I spent most of my time in a sitting area and area where I was probably playing soccer/football with other students, some of my former classmates were there like my former male classmate BJ, and several times during our match someone accidentally kicked the ball to a partly closed off area; and so I would go get the ball each time.

This area was a mostly empty gym-like room where several women with whitish colored skin with short yellowish hair were, they would get very angry each time that I went to get the ball, and I would apologize to them; and one time they got so angry that I thought that they might call the police or something like that.

I apologized and I tried to explain that the others would sometimes accidentally kick the ball into their area because we were playing soccer, but the women would not listen to me and they were yelling at me and threatening me; and so I walked away possibly putting on a hood to partly disguise myself.

Once I reached the sitting area again I heard a female voice call my name from behind me, I walked back to see who it was, and I saw my former female classmate CL talking to my former classmate BJ; and I greeted her, and she said that she had been looking for me.

She told me that she had been sent to deliver me a message from maybe the student council, who maybe wanted me to join a special team to go on a special mission, and she handed me a letter from the student council; but I woke up as I read it.

The end,

-John Jr


My Former Classmate JC Takes Hostages | Wanting To Go To Golden Corral

Dream 1

I forgot most of my first dream because when I woke up to try to voice record my dream I did not feel like getting out of bed because I was so comfortable and so I accidentally went back to sleep several times, I had one or more false awakening dreams where I thought that I voice recorded my dream while laying in bed, but those were just false awakening dreams; and so that caused me to forget most of this dream, and I had another dream when I went back to sleep the last time so that also caused me to forget even more of this dream unfortunately.

All that I can remember of this dream now is that it took place during the day at a fictional place that had a college, store, and airport with the college and store being connected but the airport was separated by a tall metal fence with barbed wire (the circular kind) at the top of it for security reasons; and earlier in the dream during a forgotten part of the dream I remember talking with my former male classmate JC who was at the college/store as well.

At the end of the dream I was inside the college/store with other people (students, workers, et cetera) when my former classmate JC entered the building with a gun probably, maybe he shot/killed some people but I can not remember, and he took us all hostage; and he was looking/acting strange, numb/mostly emotionless/like someone with nothing left to live for except murdering some other people before dying, and he did not really talk much.

I remember some of us trying to talk to him and talk him out of it (I was confused because earlier he seemed/acted normal enough, and so I assumed that he was just hiding whatever it was that was tormenting/bothering him earlier) but it was not working, I can not remember what happened mostly during this part of the dream, but at some point my former classmate JC somehow got distracted maybe (maybe he was killing some people or ranting or something like that); and some of us sneaked away, and we ran for our lives into the store area until we reached the back of the store in the warehouse-like area where customers are not supposed to go.

We ran outside through the exit door in the area at the back of the store where customers are not supposed to go and the tall metal fence with barbed wire at the top that protected the airport was there, and so we started climbing the fence to reach the airport to continue running for our lives and call for help; and oddly we saw no security guards even though there was a tower-like building by the fence, and I guess they did not see us yet either.

I wanted to cautiously/slowly bend the barbed wire down safely so that we could climb over it but the others were so afraid and panicking so much that a woman with whitish colored skin with yellowish colored hair who was climbing the fence on my right side started pulling the barbed wire down wildly, and some of it hit me as I tried to tell her to do it slowly/cautiously to avoid injuring someone; and fortunately I did not get injured by it surprisingly.

The woman did not listen to me and she told me that all she cared about was surviving so we all wildly climbed over the bent barbed wire to the other side of the fence, and we continued running for our lives toward the main airport building to call for help; but I woke up.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of the second/last dream is that it took place in a fictional city where most of my family and I were vacationing but I can only remember part of the end of the dream, after a day of vacationing we returned to our hotel during the night, and I remember going to be bathroom.

I wanted to go to Golden Corral before we leave the city but we were probably going to leave in the morning without making any stops, so going now was probably my best option, but I was taking a bath or shower and I was still not hungry from eating earlier in the dream; and I was not sure if Golden Corral was still open or not.

I remember asking my mom if Golden Corral was even open still, it was about 10:00 PM in the dream, and my mom was not sure so I was going to call them; but I stopped to think about this because I was still not hungry after eating earlier, but I really wanted to some of their desserts (like their carrot cake, which they did not have the last time that I went in real life, they were supposed to make some carrot cake but they never did before I left even after I waited).

As I was thinking about this I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr