A Burnie Burns-Like Man Lets Us Spend The Night

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Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that I remember my brother GC and I being inside a hotel-like room or rooms or apartment in another city, some of the rest of my family was possibly in the dream earlier but I can not remember, and this hotel room or rooms or apartment belonged to a Burnie Burns-like man.

The Burnie Burns-like man was the owner of a business, probably a Rooster Teeth-like business, and he had a wife or girlfriend and at least one child who were also there.

The Burnie Burns-like man invited us to spend the night because the hotel room(s) or apartment was so big and had so many rooms, and the next morning he gave us a ride in his automobile but I am not sure where we were going (maybe back home to our city).

We parked in a parking lot of a gas station, I remember my former male classmate DH being with us at this point, and we were talking.

I remember the Burnie Burns-like man talking about how he was rich and had several hotel and / or apartments and homes (so he had more than him and his family needed) so him letting us spend the night was not a problem at all, I had probably thanked him for letting us spend the night, and I told him about how my entire family used to share one hotel room on vacations and my family is bigger than his.

I told him some stories about this and how the hotel rooms that we would go to were much smaller than the one he had, and I remember being amazed by how many rooms were in his hotel room.

At some point a male employee with light-medium color skin walked over to us very slowly and zombie-like, and he just stood there so my former classmate DH got annoyed and asked him what he wanted but the employee continued to act zombie-like without responding.

My brother GC and I possibly knew this male employee and we let them know that he was just joking / playing around, the employee then stopped his act, and he laughed and let them know that he was just joking.

We said a few things to him and then he went back inside the gas station to continue working, but I woke up.

Dream 2

This dream was inspired by episode 9 (Sock Puppets) of the television series Homeland (season 6), which I watched last night, and it involved a situation that was inspired by a situation involving the character Max who applied for a job at a mysterious tech startup to try to find out what is really going on there because that was the last place that a FBI agent had visited before he was murdered.

In my dream a man with light-color skin applied for a job at a mysterious tech startup to infiltrate it to see what it is really about because it seemed that it was possibly a front organization / business being used by a government intelligence agency and a private company, and that they were involved in illegal activities.

Like in episode 9 and in a video clip for the future episode 10 of Homeland, this mysterious tech startup was involved in using large amounts of fake social media accounts for various purposes, and they were doing illegal and unethical things with these fake social media accounts.

The man and several other people who worked there did not like what they were doing, and so they started to meet secretly to complain among each other and to try to decide what they should do about this.

They were considering trying to expose this operation to the public but doing so would be dangerous and could get them killed, and so they were trying to figure out if there was a way to do this safely but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

A Family Gathering At A Hotel / House / Apartment-Like Building

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I forgot my other dreams and most of this dream after getting awakened multiple times without voice recording my dreams before going back to sleep, and so now I can only remember parts of this dream from last night.

All that I can remember of this dream now is that some of my family and I were inside a nice modern multi-story hotel / house / apartment-like building, and many family members from my mom’s side of the family (like my female cousin DE, most of my aunts and uncles, and many of my cousins) and some fictional family members and some unknown people were there with us as well for some kind of unknown family gathering (maybe a family reunion or something like that, but who knows).

We were on an upper floor that had several large nice modern hotel / apartment / house-like rooms that were all connected through openings and / or open doors that allowed us to walk around easily to each room to visit with each other, and so each room was like its own hotel / apartment room or house.

There was a nice large balcony that connected to several of these rooms that had a nice view to the outside, I can not remember how it looked outside exactly, but I do know that we had a nice view of natural scenery from the windows and glass doors and balcony.

I can not remember most of the details of the dream but I assume that we picked rooms, unpacked, talked, ate, drank, played games, played video games, watched television, and more.

I remember us having fun and that the mood was very positive, and at some point the sun was starting to set so we went outside on the balcony to enjoy the beautiful scenery and sunset.

It was a very beautiful and enjoyable experience watching the sunset with everyone being in a good mood, and even when others went back inside I stayed outside on the balcony a bit longer to continue enjoying it.

At some point I went back inside and eventually I started helping some family members try to find a picture, and I ended up searching for the picture with two unknown young men with medium-color skin who seemed to be college athletes who I assumed to either know some of my family members or that they were unknown family members.

I remember one of the young men walking so close behind me that his body was touching up against mine as we walked down a hall to search different rooms for the picture, and this annoyed and confused me about why he was walking so close to me.

I was going to say something about this to let him know to stop walking so close behind me but I managed to turn and make some space right before I was going to say something or I did say something to him about this and he stopped walking so close to me, but I can not remember which.

I am not sure if we found the picture or not, and the next part of the dream is confusing because I remember walking outside during the day in my parent’s neighborhood on my way back to my parent’s house where some of my family and some of my family members and some unknown people were.

Before I could reach the yard an unknown unstable woman with dark-color skin with long black hair entered the yard approaching people who were standing outside in my parent’s yard, and she was looking for a certain pimp.

I wanted to avoid her so I kept my distance waiting for a chance to walk around the long way and sneak inside the house, and I heard and saw her walking up on people asking them if they knew where the pimp was in an unstable way.

There were possibly some people with dark-color skin dressed like stereotypical pimps among the people outside, and she walked up on several of them thinking that they knew where he was or that they were the pimp that she was looking for but they were not the pimp she was looking for; or there was one man who matched that description who I saw but she had not seen him yet as she questioned people, and I assumed that some drama would go down once she found him.

I did not want to get involved so I walked through the gate by the mailbox to sneak into the house while the woman was distracted, I probably started to let people inside the house know about the woman outside, and I probably asked if there was a pimp here but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

Getting Lost And An Old Television Set And Being In A Golf Competition With John Cena

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Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that my mom and I were in another city, maybe we were staying at a hotel, and we went around to various parts of the city.

At some point we split up temporarily and were going to meet up again later to either return to the hotel and/or leave the city, and at some point it was evening or night and I got lost in this city when I was trying to return to the place where I was supposed to meet back up with my mom.

Wandering around lost in this city was realistic and I am amazed by how detailed the city was, and how my mind was able to make this level of detail including how I remembered certain locations from earlier in the dream and how to get there.

I remember the darkness and shadows and street lights and sidewalks and streets and neighborhoods et cetera, and one area had some people wearing motorcycle helmets and motorcycle jackets while riding bicycles and doing stunts on the street and sidewalks.

At this point I remember traveling by bicycle but I am not sure how I was traveling before this, and in the distance I saw a college that I recognized from earlier in this dream.

This college had an area with water and I was going to see if there was a way to cross this college to reach the other part of the city, and so I rode a bicycle through the college toward the part of it by the water to see if there was a way to cross to the other side of the city.

The part of the college by the water was almost like a platform or concrete/metal dock-like area or something with maybe some rocks/pavement and some rough one-story metal buildings where some classes were held, this was a small technical and/or community college, and so it was not fancy at all.

This part of the college looked rough and dangerous when dark outside, there were small narrow spaces between the metal buildings where you could be ambushed or cornered easily, but no one else was around except a woman who was walking to these building for a night class I assume.

I was riding the bicycle ahead of her to see if I could cross but then I saw that I could not cross, and so I turned around so that I could ask the woman for directions.

The woman had a key to one of the metal buildings and she was trying to open it along a narrow alley between two of the buildings, I did not want to frighten her, and so I carefully rode past her and turned around to carefully ask her from a safe distance for directions.

Even though I tried to be careful not to scare her, she still got frightened, and she angrily told me not to scare people like that and she started ranting about calling security et cetera.

I apologized and I explained my situation but she would not stop ranting or give me directions, while she was still ranting some other students started to arrive for night classes too I assume, and they were waiting to enter the building that she was about to open.

The watched and listened as she continued ranting at me, among the students were several of my former male classmates like maybe my former classmates BH and MB and PL and maybe two others, and they probably told me that I had made a mistake by accidentally scaring the woman.

I told them what happened and I asked them for directions as the woman continued ranting, they told me that you can not cross to the other side of the city from here, and that I had to go around.

They started to point in the direction that I needed to go while trying to give me some general directions as the woman continued ranting, but I woke up.

Dream 2

Part of this dream was possibly the memory of a possible lucid dream that I had recently that I posted about earlier today in my post called A Memory Of Me Rubbing My Hands Together To Stabilize A Lucid Dream? :


But I am not sure.

I almost forgot about this dream this morning, I did not remember part of this dream until I was voice recording the first and third dream, and then I remembered part of this dream thanks to the detailed television set(s) that I saw in this dream and the woman in this dream.

Unfortunately I can not remember the most important parts of this dream so I will have to make some wild guesses during some parts of this dream.

All that I can remember of this dream now is that maybe the first part of the dream involved a fictional multi-story hotel that was familiar to me, I had memories or false memories of going to this hotel over the years with my family, and this hotel had old large television sets that were in a wide decorative wooden frame.

The televisions were the very old kind that had dials and things like that, these televisions were very durable and lasted a long time, so long in fact that they were probably around before I was born and in the dream they were still around even as an adult.

My family now owned one of those old television sets because maybe the hotel was selling some of them and/or getting rid of some or all of them (maybe they were upgrading or going out of business, but I can not remember).

This probably brought back memories of past stays at the hotel and of the old televisions, and I remember looking back at my memories of the televisions and comparing it with how it/they looked now and some of the things that I watched on the televisions.

It was amazing how detailed these televisions were, the wood was aged and scratched, and some of the dials were loose and broken et cetera but the televisions still worked.

I am amazed how my mind was able to create these televisions in such detail and how they were so familiar to me and how I had memories of them that seemed real, and so I assume that some real memories were used by my mind to create parts of this dream or something like that.

That is all that I can remember of this part of the dream, the next part of the dream is the most unclear, and so maybe this is the part of the dream that possibly temporarily went lucid (became a lucid dream).

All that I can remember of this part of the dream is that it involved a woman with whitish-to-light brownish color skin with medium-to-dark color short-to-short medium length hair, we possibly had a relationship of some kind or someone was trying to start/force one (a possibly romantic and/or physical relationship I assume), and I remember being in a room on a bed with this woman and there was some kind of physical contact (maybe partly sexual) between us that I can not remember and before and/or after this there was possibly an argument or something verbal between us.

My memory is too unclear but my wild guess is that maybe this woman tried to force me into a romantic relationship and/or sexual relationship with her, maybe she tried to force herself on me on the bed before and/or after we maybe argued about the situation, but maybe I was able to stop her and calm her down/get her to stop.

So it was probably a bit like my dream from the other day called Chocolate 2 (Zen: Warrior Within 2): Escape From The Avatar? where a young woman was trying to force me into a romantic relationship and/or rape me, but my memory is too unclear.

Maybe the dream went lucid during part of this or later in the dream, and maybe I had to use the rub your hands together technique to stabilize the dream but I can not remember.

The next part of the dream involved me taking the woman to a fictional house or hotel-apartment-like house where my family and I lived, and my mom was there so I introduced her to my mom and I showed her around the house/hotel/apartment.

I remember showing her the old television that we got earlier in the dream, I told her about how durable and old they were and about my memories of them and the hotel, and we watched some television while we talked.

But that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day, and I was at a field that had a golf course and around this field and golf course were bushes/a forest.

It was not a full golf course, you stood on one side of the field and would hit/putt/whatever the ball to the other side without crossing the field yourself, and there were various people there golfing or hitting golf balls across the field with their golf clubs.

I wanted to do this but I did not have any golf balls or a golf club so I asked if someone would let me borrow a golf club and some golf balls, and a man with whitish-color skin with short yellow hair let me borrow his golf club and I thanked him.

The man had three orange and white golf balls that he was going to let me borrow but the man was a jerk, and he threw one of the golf balls down the field near the bushes/forest forcing me to go get it.

While I was doing this he threw the second golf ball and then the third golf ball in different directions at the far corner of the field, and so I went for the first golf ball first while he laughed and smiled and taunted me.

At the far corner of the golf course was the professional wrestler John Cena playing golf/putting/hitting golf balls, and there were a few other celebrities among the people at the golf course as well including another male professional wrestler but I can not remember who he was or who the other celebrities were.

As I was looking for the first golf ball there was an announcement by a male voice over a loudspeaker announcing that John Cena and the other male professional wrestler would be having a tag team golf match or golf putting/whatever match against each other with the winners getting some prize money, and that their partners would be chosen from among the people at the golf course.

I found the first golf ball but I did not know where the other two were, the jerk who threw them realized that even he was not sure where his golf balls went after he threw them, and this worried him so he started trying to find them too.

Suddenly when I was searching near John Cena a golf ball rolled toward me so I grabbed it to see if it was one of the golf balls that I was searching for but it was not, and then the male voice announced over the loudspeaker that I was Mr. Cena’s partner in the golf match/golf putting/whatever match.

I guess they threw out two golf balls, and whoever picked them up would be the partners for each of the professional wrestlers.

I possibly found the second golf ball that the jerk had thrown, he was still looking for the third golf ball, and he was starting to panic a bit because he was not finding his third golf ball; he got what he deserved I guess.

While he was desperately looking for the other two golf balls, I probably gave him the two that I found, and then I walked over to Mr. Cena as the competition was about to start and the cameras were probably filming us as the male voice over the loudspeaker explained the rules et cetera.

I am not sure if we got to start or finish the match or not, and that is all that I can remember of this dream before I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

My Cousin ME Shares Some Food/Snacks With My Family

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All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that some of my family and I were at a nice modern multi-story hotel I think, but unfortunately I can not remember this part of the dream but I do know that it was the most interesting and longest part of the dream and that it probably started in one day and continued until the next day.

Later in the dream I think that my family left the hotel but I was still there for some reason, maybe I was about to leave, and I remember my brother GC contacting me asking about some food/snacks that was given to us earlier in the dream.

My brother GC liked the food/snacks and he wanted to know who gave the food/snacks to us, were they free and if not how much was it, and where can he get some more.

I called our mom and she told me that our male cousin ME (I) gave the food/snacks to us, and she said that the food/snacks were from his job.

I remember thinking of one of my family members who used to work for Nabisco, this family member would sometimes get leftover food/snacks and share it with others, and so I wondered if maybe my cousin ME was working for them and/or a similar company now and I assumed that he was also sharing leftover food/snacks with others as well.

I told my mom that my brother GC wanted to get some more food/snacks so I asked for our cousin ME’s mobile phone number so that my brother GC could contact him, so she gave his mobile phone number to me, and then I gave it to my brother GC.

My brother GC texted our cousin ME about the food/snacks, but he replied with a vague text that I translated to possibly mean that he can not talk about this on the phone or on any other device where the conversation is recorded.

I told my brother GC this and that he would probably need to talk to our cousin ME in person, I assumed that he was worried about getting in trouble and/or losing his job for sharing leftover food from his job, and so he had to be careful.

I assumed that our cousin ME would talk about it the next time that he sees my brother GC in person, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

Someone Steals Something From My Former Classmate JC’s And My Dorm Room

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Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that my former male classmate/former collegemate/former college roommate JC and I were roommates again either at a college dorm or a hotel, and there was more that happened during this dream before the parts that I do remember but I can not remember those parts so I can not remember most of the dream.

I just remember us going back to the college dorm or hotel, and someone had stole/stolen some of my former classmate JC’s stuff and maybe one or two things that belonged to me.

Years ago in real life back when we were college roommates someone really did steal some stuff from the college dorm room of my former classmate JC and I after we all had to evacuate the city of LC because of a hurricane that was coming, and The A National Guard moved into our dorm temporarily as we were being forced to evacuate the city.

When we were finally able to return to the city of LC to MS University to the B Dorms, we learned that some of our stuff was stolen with my former classmate JC having the most items stolen (discs, shoes, tennis rackets, and some other things), and someone stole both of the used couches that I bought for our dorm suite (they were very cheap, $20 each maybe).

Anyway, like in real life all those years ago, more things were stolen from my former classmate JC in this dream.

But unfortunately that is all that I can remember of this dream even though I know that there was more to this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it was inspired by the television series Humans, I finished watching season 2 last night, but I have forgotten most of this dream.

All that I can remember of this dream now is that I was probably talking with some of the synths and humans from the television show Humans, like maybe the female synth Hester (played by the actress Sonya Cassidy), and we were talking in detail about philosophical issues and other things involving conscious synths and humanity and more.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream even though I know that there was more to this dream.

The end,

-John Jr