Murder At A Cinema (Movie Theater)

Last night I only remember part of my last dream, I know that the dream was longer, but I can not remember most of it unfortunately.

I know that some of the early parts of the dream involved a couple that was having problems in their relationship, and so the boyfriend decided to move to another city; and he left his girlfriend behind, and his girlfriend looked like the character Nina Pickering from the BBC TV show Being Human.

One day the boyfriend went to the cinema/theatre to watch a movie, and after the movie his girlfriend saw him in the hallway.

His girlfriend went to talk to him and she told him that she wanted to talk to him in private, and so they went into an abandoned room that needed to be re-modeled.

The boyfriend was uncomfortable, and then his girlfriend started to yell at him about how he had left her & how he had moved to another city that was far away.

The boyfriend was very uncomfortable now and he was trying to explain his actions, but then his girlfriend started talking about some situation involving her pillow that went missing before the boyfriend left to a new city.

The girlfriend started to act strange and she acted obsessed about the pillow, like it meant a lot to her or something, and she started to slowly walk toward the boyfriend; and so he started to back away cautiously.

I think he explained that he did move the pillow, but he did not remember where he put it.

The girlfriend then started to act like she had forgiven him and she started to talk about them getting back together again, and she continued to walk toward him & she was smiling this time; but the boyfriend was still afraid and he was backing away cautiously.

When the boyfriend could no longer back away any further, the girlfriend went to hug him; I forgot to mention that I was in the dream at this point and/or before this point, but they did not see me, since I was behind them.

The boyfriend stood there feeling uncomfortable still and he was not sure what to do, as the girlfriend hugged him, and I had the bad feeling that she was going to kill him now.

As I predicted, the girlfriend’s facial expression changed and then she snapped/twisted the boyfriend’s neck, and he fell to the ground paralyzed; but he was still alive.

She then had a cold and ruthless facial expression, like she did not care about the boyfriend at all, and then she went to finish him off/kill him.

But before I could say or do anything, I heard someone coming into the abandoned room, and so I ducked behind a row of broken seats; and it was a male worker at the cinema/theatre, and he saw the girlfriend standing over the boyfriend & he yelled at her.

She had already finished killing the boyfriend and the worker then ran at her, and so I ran out of the room hoping that neither of them saw me; and I hid somewhere in the hallway, until they both ran past me.

The worker was chasing the woman through the hallway, and after they passed me, I started to try to find a way to leave the cinema/theatre before the police arrived; but then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Charlotte Gainsbourg + College + Lucid Dream= ?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I remembered part of my last dream, which ended shortly after the dream went lucid, sadly; that was my first temporary lucid dream in months.

I can not remember the beginning exactly, but I think I was at an unknown college and had went to several classes, and in one of my classes I had seen several people such as: Charlotte Gainsbourg, KB, TD, and a few other people.

I know I talked to several of them, but I can not remember what we talked about.

I know I left class and went to see my mom, who was in a dorm room or hotel, that appeared to be close to the college; I saw my cousin ME several times outside the college.

My mom sent me to a store several times and so I saw ME at the store, outside the college, and even in the college; he was not attending the college, he was just visiting some friends.

My mom seemed to be only temporarily staying at this dorm or hotel, and seemed to be trying to decide how much longer she would stay; also ME did not know where I was staying and did not even know that I was attending the college.

My mom’s room was the same as several dreams that I have had with a fictional M college and/or unknown college, and the floor had brown carpet & walls & reminded me of B a bit.

After leaving my mom’s room I went back to the college hallway, and I noticed Mrs. Gainsbourg at her locker, so I stopped to say hello.

She appeared to be sad and I asked her what was wrong, but she said that she did not want to talk about it; and she kept trying to hide her face.

I tried to cheer her up but she told me that she wanted to be left alone, and then she walked off.

I decided to follow her & look to see if she was crying and then I saw a few tears fall from her eyes, and so I started to walk close beside her; she told me once again that she did not want to be bothered, and so I told her that I would not bother her & I would just walk with her.

I walked looking straight ahead pretending to not notice her, so that I would not bother her, and after a few seconds she glanced over at me & seemed to no longer be defensive.

She then held my hand as we walked through the hallway as other people walked & talked, and then I told her that it was okay for her to cry instead of holding it in & that if she did not want to talk about it now, that was okay.

She then stopped, looked at me, hugged me, and started crying; I told her to go ahead & cry, and that she would probably feel a bit better afterward.

She stopped crying after a moment and I wiped the rest of her tears away, and then she looked at me like she was about to kiss me; I then thought to myself, isn’t she married?

Then she stopped, realizing what she was about to do, she told me that she would see me again during our next class, and then she walked off.

I felt intrigued and wondered how I should handle this situation, but I had to use the bathroom, so I went to the bathroom.

As I was in the stall urinating, I heard KB and her brother AB talking & they both walked into the mens bathroom.

KB knocked on my stall door and then pushed it open, my back was turned to her so she could not see anything, and I asked her what she wanted.

She started telling me that she had seen Mrs. Gainsbourg and I in the hallway earlier, and she was about to give me an angry lecture about how she was married & that I should keep my distance.

I left the bathroom to walk into the hallway as KB continued to lecture me and then I started to notice something odd about the hallway, I can not remember what it was exactly, but I think that the other people walking in the hallway were re-winding.

I think I would see the same people walking & talking past me, and then some how they would rewind & the same people would walk past me doing the same things; I then realized it was a dream, and then the dream went lucid.

I decided to start controlling the dream quickly before I woke up, but first I decided to try a trick I read, I rubbed my hands together to help stop the dream from fading; which actually helped and I could feel my hands while I did that.

I saw a woman walking in the hallway and made her stop just by thinking it, and then I decided to try changing her into a different person by just thinking it; she started to change, but I did not know who to change her to.

As I stopped to think, the dream started fading like someone had just thrown water on a fresh painting, so I tried to rub my hands together again but it was too late.

I woke up, but kept my eyes closed and tried to go back to sleep, I could see some colors from the dream like dripping paint but I could not shape them back into the dream; so I woke up completely.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂