11-18-2012 | Dream Fragments | A Holiday Surprise

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I remember part of several dreams, with the first dream taking place during the day in an unknown city and I was arriving at a fictional college dorm/apartment-like place for the first time to get an apartment/dorm, and I might have went to the office to get my key & sign paper work; and the woman who worked in the office had light brownish colored skin with black colored hair, but I am not sure if I went to the office first or after I went to my apartment/dorm.

It seemed that I probably planned on attending a small fictional college that was near the dorm/apartment but I am not sure, I just remember unpacking my stuff in my dorm/apartment, which was in a small one floor brick building with one or two other apartments; and there were several other apartment/dorm buildings like this and maybe one or two multi-floor(ed) apartment/dorm buildings as well.

After unpacking my stuff I went back to the office for some reason, probably to see if all my paperwork and payments were made and to find out how the payment situation worked, but there was another woman at the office instead this time; and she had the same skin color and hair color as the other woman, but her body was obese/over-weight.

I did not know my room number or have any of my paperwork as I went to talk with the woman, and so she either stopped to look up that information and/or I went back to my apartment/dorm to get it; but I can not remember the rest of the dream.

Next, I remember being outside during the day in a fictional city that was new to me like I had recently arrived like in the first dream (this might have been part of the first dream), and I was in a parking lot near a hotel & small shopping center & fast food restaurant; and I was going to walk around the city.