A Confrontation In The Downtown Area Of The City Of D?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

I am walking through a building on my way out holding two children who belong to a woman who I am walking and talking with, but I am not sure how we knew each other.

I remember being happy and having fun holding and playing with the children as the woman and I walked and talked and this reminded me of back when I use to hold several of my brothers at the same time when they were children because they used to like being picked up, we passed several people in the hallways possibly greeting them, and at some point we reached the parking lot and it was day time.

Dream 2

It is a gray day in an abandoned downtown city of D-like area where a group of men with dark-color skin are dressed and armed like soldiers and they even have helmets on but I do not think that they are really active duty soldiers (maybe some former soldiers working together and / or just some regular people trying to survive and keep their area secured; either way they somewhat remind me of the soldiers from the movie Miracle At St. Anna), and it looks like maybe there was some kind of societal collapse or something and the area seemed unnaturally quiet.

They have an APC (armored personnel carrier) and a Humvee with a mounted machine gun parked by a building that I assume that they used as their safe-house.

They do a patrol, and during it they confront some armed mercenary-like men led by a man with light-color skin with yellow hair.

They get the mercenary-like men to leave but they will probably be back to attack later, and so they get their vehicles et cetera ready for an attack.

Dream 3

I am inside the living room of my parents house talking to my brother GC with the main door open, but the screen door is closed.

A familiar orange and white cat starts trying to squeeze through a crack at the bottom of the screen door to get inside.

One of the cats in my parent’s yard named Pip attacks the other cat, and she will not let go of her bite on it.

Our mom and dad show up outside the door before I can get something to separate the cats.

Our dad uses a paint rod and end up stabbing Pip in eye trying to separate them, and they separate and run away.

I wonder if Pip will die or will she be blind in that eye because she got stabbed very hard like it could have seriously damaged her eye and possibly part of her brain.

Dream 4

I am pushing an automobile in a fictional library (maybe The BP Library) parking lot during the day.

My coworker Ms. LF drives up in a yellow and black school bus with some people.

We have to adjust to avoid hitting each others automobiles, and the automobile that I am pushing barely tips a white truck without causing much if any damage it seems, but the fuel tank cover thing falls off of the automobile that I am pushing.

Ms. LF parks her school bus, and I put the part back on the automobile that I was pushing as I wait for the owner of the truck to come outside so that I can let them know what happened.

Dream 5

Man with light color skin enters a small business where maybe a Mennonite or Amish woman with light-color skin and yellow hair wearing maybe a bonnet is working behind a counter.

The man walks over to the woman being annoying and touching stuff and bumps into and touches her several times.

He speaks French and she does too, he is trying to annoy the woman it seems, and eventually she probably warns him and / or tells him to leave.

The end,

-John Jr