Stopping A Fight | Library Ceiling / Roof Sheets?

Dream 1

This dream involved some of my former classmates, former schoolmates, and some other people sitting outside near the back door of my parent’s house.

At some point one of my former male classmates or former male schoolmates was about to fight another man, and some of the others tried to hold them back including my mom.

An Outdoor Funeral After A Hurricane

This dream seemed to take place not that long after a hurricane, probably Hurricane Laura, in a slightly fictional version of the city of D during the day.

I was with my dad and my brother GC at the end of the dream, we left in my dad’s automobile on our way somewhere that I can not remember, and my dad was driving.

Various Difficulties

I did not record my dreams and my sleep got interrupted several times, and so I only have vague memories of several dreams involving various difficulties.

The difficulties were possibly the result of Hurricane Laura, COVID-19, and several other things.

A Substitute Teacher | Flies & Drains

Dream 1

This dream took place during the day and I was outside at my female coworker JB’s house helping them clean up after Hurricane Laura, her daughter WB and some of her friends were there, and later in the dream I was in a classroom waiting for a class to start.

JB and her daughter WB were there alone in one part of the classroom, I was in another part of the classroom, and there were some other students there as well.

Hurricane Laura 2020

Hurricane Laura caused more damage than any storm in my life so far, even Hurricanes Katrina and Rita did not do this much damage last time, we were without electricity for two weeks last time; we may be without electricity for even longer this time.

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