Getting Ice With Prime Minister Vladimir Putin

I barely remember any of my dreams last night, but I do remember part of my last dream which took place in D.

I was with my parents and The Prime Minister Of Russia Vladimir Putin, and we were going to get ice at a fictional school in D.

Prime Minister Putin wanted to drive and so he was the driver, and he was driving like he was in action movie or something I think.

Prime Minister Putin did not speak much in the dream, but when he did speak English, he had a heavy Russian Accent.

Prime Minister Putin acted like he wanted to prove himself/like an action movie hero/macho man/etc.

The fictional school that we went to was by where the Alternative School and Head Start should be, and the school had several floors/stories.

I remember us looking around the school trying to find the ice machine, but the school was big & we did not know where the ice machine was.

We divided into two groups to find the ice machine, with my mom & dad in one group, and Prime Minister Putin & I in another group.

I remember walking around the school talking with Prime Minister Putin, and at some point we found two teachers that were at the school, even though the school was closed; but I can not remember what happened next exactly, except that I was exploring outside of a school that looked like the C. Elementary School.

But that is all that I can remember.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂