A Raccoon Gets Into The House

I remembered several dreams but I did not record them each time before going back to sleep, and so now I can only barely remember part of three dreams.

Dream 1

The end of this dream took place during the day outside at a college, I was possibly a student at the college and maybe I played soccer on the soccer team and / or I was just playing soccer alone at that moment, and I saw my former male classmate AH walking by with some of his roommates.

I greeted AH, we briefly talked and I tried to get him to play soccer with me and / or join the soccer team with me, but he declined and said that he was maybe an illegal drug dealer and / or something like that now and was focused on making money and he said that he was doing well.

I reminded him about how good he used to be at soccer back when we used to be on the same little league soccer team back in our public school days, and I reminded him how good we were as a team back then.

He led the offense and I led the defense, he agreed that those were good times and that we were a good team back then, but he still declined my offer.

We said goodbye and I told him that if he changes his mind to let me know, but I woke up.

Dream 2

This dream was inspired by me watching some of the miniseries 11.22.63 before going to sleep.

The dream involved Jake Epping and I going back in time to the 1960s, not together but separately (we never even communicated or even knew of each other’s existence), and during the dream I was a teacher teaching in Jodi, Texas.

Later Jake Epping did the same thing when he got there, and he taught in Jodi, Texas under the fake name George Amberson.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

This dream took place inside a fictional one-story shotgun style-like house, I was in a mostly empty room with my brother GC, and this room was a kitchen / dining room / living room that somewhat reminded me of the kitchen / dining room at my grandfather IC’s house.

It was probably night, my brother GC was exercising only wearing maybe underwear, and we were talking as he exercised when suddenly I noticed a brown and black raccoon that had somehow got in the house.

The raccoon did not seem scared of us, I tried to get it to leave the house but it would not, and so I started attacking it and maybe even trying to kill it.

Surprisingly it still would not leave or die (it did run around the house a bit), and during this two or three other non-human animals (I can not remember what kind of animals now) somehow got inside the house as well.

I stopped trying to attack or kill the raccoon, and I stopped to try to decide how to get the animals out the house while also wanting to find out how they were getting inside the house.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Being Told Military Stories

This dream involved someone telling me a story about back when they were in the military, they were once put in charge of a night shift possibly temporarily, and this person found out that their fellow soldiers were doing some kind of illegal activities.

They were in a warehouse / cargo-like area, this person’s fellow soldiers had possibly used them by having them briefly put in charge because they felt that they could get away with what they were doing if that person was in charge, and they were possibly stealing and selling cargo / shipments / equipment / et cetera and they were maybe involved with illegal drugs and who knows what else.


A Sword Art Online Inspired Dream | Andre | Going On Dates With My Former Classmate AR

I fell asleep on the couch and got awakened from my dreams by the sound of the door and I got in bed after seeing what it was without recording my dreams, I accidentally fell asleep in bed with my mobile phone and I got awakened from my dreams again when my mobile phone fell on the floor, and so I lost a variety of dreams and I only recorded some quick text notes of two dreams and I barely voice recorded the very end of another dream fragment.

Dream 1

This dream was inspired by me watching an episode of Sword Art Online (Season 1) before going to sleep, and so this dream involved a video game dream world that was probably a virtual reality massively multiplayer online role-playing game (VRMMORPG) that I was probably in and playing but that is all that I can remember of this dream.


A 21 Jump Street-Like Dream?

Source: IMDb

I did not record any of my dreams except for barely part of the end of my last dream, and so my other dreams are forgotten now.

The end of this dream took place during the day in the city of D, there was something involving a junior high school or high school student group that was going somewhere, and me and at least one other adult were with them.

The group started out with maybe only 2 – 4 students, but it kept growing as we kept moving to reach wherever they were going.

A young man with light-color skin may have been the leader of the student group who had come up with a plan and who probably inspired the others but I am not sure where they were going or why or what their group was about et cetera, and at some point we drove to the shopping center by W Park.

Me and the other adult slipped away and drove to a police station to talk to some other detectives / law enforcement officers, we were detectives / law enforcement officers too, and they (the head detective was a man with light-color skin wearing a white long-sleeve dress shirt with dark-color dress pants) wanted me and the other adult to or to continue to pretend to be junior high school students or high school students as part of an undercover operation / investigation about a possible illegal drug trade operation going on inside the school(s) like in the movie 21 Jump Street (which I have never seen).

We did not want to do this or to continue doing this because we were too old and obviously did not look young enough to pull this off, and it was likely that someone would recognize me because of my family and how long we have lived in the city of D and how many people know my family (especially my dad) et cetera.

Oddly they did not agree or see the flaws in their logic and they wanted us to do this or to continue doing the undercover operation / investigation, and so we kept trying to convince them that they were making a mistake but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Working At Wendy Williams’s Small Business?

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was inside (probably a fictional house) sitting down on my computer with my blog open as I worked on it, and my brother GC asked to use my computer for something so I got up and I walked away to let him use my computer.

At some point my brother GC finished using my computer so I got back on my computer to find that someone had published a post on my blog, it was a post with a YouTube video that was probably one of those often strange music videos that you sometimes see during the commercial breaks on Adult Swim and Toonami where the music video usually does not match the lyrics much if at all and the visuals are usually pretty trippy(?), random example:

Besides the video there was also some text typed under it, and then I noticed that someone had posted a second post on my blog as well.

I quickly realized that it was my brother GC who had posted both posts without asking for my permission or warning me, which confused and surprised me and I wanted to let him know that it was not polite to post on someone’s blog without their permission, but I can not remember if I got a chance to say this to him or not.

I immediately focused on adjusting the title, tags, text, and adding my own text to both posts before watching the videos in both posts to see what they were about (I glanced at the videos, but I stopped to focus on the other stuff first).

As I did this I noticed that the post or both posts had already gotten several comments and several likes to my surprise, more than I usually get on my posts, and so I was impressed that my brother GC’s posts were already more popular than my posts.

I wanted to thank my brother GC but also let him know that he should ask for permission next time, and I was going to consider asking him if he wanted to be a guest author on my blog after I remembered that I had recently read a post by True George called Missing Link that he had also posted on another blog called Success Inspirers World as a guest author.

I woke up as I worked on both posts and maybe as I started to talk to my brother GC about it.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that I seemed to be working with my coworker Mrs. CR at a new just opened (probably 1st day) small pretty unprofessional small business that looked like it had been quickly put together in a building along a sidewalk, and it seemed to be owned by Wendy Williams who was there with us mostly greeting customers et cetera while my coworker Mrs. CR and me did most of the work.

I remember taking orders and doing other duties and lots of people were coming in, and so we were understaffed.

We probably served some quick to make and already prepared foods and drinks, and I am not sure what else was sold.

I just remember someone ordering a mixed alcoholic drink, they wanted something that had a name that was a letter and some numbers because our menu used a naming system like that for each drink combination and / or separate alcoholic drink, and that combination was probably a maybe brown *something that I can not remember* alcoholic drink mixed with another alcoholic drink that my coworker Mrs. CR and me were struggling to identify.

The naming system was confusing because you had to memorize what each thing stood for, but we had just opened so we did not have them memorized and I did not deal with the alcoholic drinks so I had no idea so my coworker Mrs. CR who mixed the drinks was struggling to identify the drinks in that combination so that she could mix them.

I remember us looking at the menu and looking at the bottles that were labels and even looking in the back, Mrs. Williams was busy talking to people so we did not bother her, but I can not remember if we ever figured it out or not.

I just know that my coworker Mrs. CR spoke to Mrs. Williams at some point, who probably complained that we were taking too long, and then Mrs. CR left to go buy something so I joined her oddly which makes no sense because that would have left no one left to work at the new small business except for Mrs. Williams.

I am not sure if my coworker Mrs. CR was sent to buy something for Mrs. Williams personally or the small business or a customer or for herself or for someone else, I also was not sure what she was buying or where, and so I was just following along which seemed better than staying behind at work.

We walked along a sidewalk until we reached a small apartment house (that looked like an old small former furniture store) built into one of the buildings along the sidewalk, my coworker Mrs. CR was allowed in, and it was a mostly open apartment with maybe only the bathroom and laundry room and storage room being in a separate room.

At the back of the apartment near the hall to the separate rooms was my former female classmate DF, along the left side of the wall near the entrance were couches for guests and a television that was on, and on the right near the entrance was her bed.

My coworker Mrs. CR walked to my former classmate DF, I stayed back by the couches but I probably waved and greeted her from a distance, and I felt that something was not right when I looked around and I felt that my former classmate DF was an illegal drug dealer selling illegal drugs from her apartment house so I assumed that was what my coworker Mrs. CR was buying.

I did not want to be involved in anything like that so I hoped that I was wrong and I stayed back and I hoped that it was over soon, I remember hearing my former classmate DF complain about something, and for some reason the deal took a long time and oddly most of my family showed up in the couch area but they were not there to buy anything.

My brothers TDC and KDC were there and they were younger and so was my brother GC, I am not sure if my parent’s were any younger or not, and they were watching television like they were waiting on me to leave so that they could leave too.

Near the bed I noticed some strange wires and things above it almost like a clothesline or something that had an orange carpet over it that looked like the carpet at my parent’s house, it was just thrown on the wire or whatever unevenly and folded up, and so I went to straighten it out.

Because of the unevenness of the wires and things I had some difficulty, I noticed that the bed was not made, and so I started making up the bed as I also adjusted the carpet and some of my brothers started to help me.

While doing this I realized that Toonami was probably on the television because an episode of a Dragon Ball television show was playing (maybe Dragon Ball Super, but I do not know), I was confused by this because I thought that it was day when we got here, and that does not air on television until 10:00 PM – 11:00 PM on Saturdays so that would mean that maybe a lot of time had passed and that it was night now outside but I could not see outside because there were no windows or they were covered.

The bed frame was probably made of wood and metal, I remember several small pad pieces falling off that probably went over the screws to prevent them from poking the mattress et cetera, and so I had to try to put them back while still trying to make up the bed and adjust the carpet.

I then heard my former classmate DF tell my coworker CR that it was getting late and that she had work and / or college tomorrow, and so we probably needed to leave soon and so they needed to quickly finish their deal which I have no idea why it was taking so long.

But I woke up as I was finishing making up the bed and straightening the carpet and preparing to leave once my coworker CR was finished.

The end,

-John Jr