An Indian Army Defending Property?

I only got about four hours of sleep after going to be super late and waking up early for remote work, and I only recorded the last few bits of the end of my last dream as they faded from my mind as I woke up.

The very end of this dream took place in the past where there was maybe an Indian (India) army that was sent (possibly hired) by a man, maybe a sultan-like man or a wealthy European man (possibly royalty), to maybe guard a walled property (maybe territory) that was on a raised dirt (maybe desert-like or red (orange) dirt) area.


A Man Makes A Woman Hallucinate

I woke up several times during the night to use the bathroom without voice recording my dreams, and so now I can only barely remember part of the end of my last dream.

The end of this dream started during the day, before this point in the dream there were some people and maybe some entities (I remember a very short humanoid male entity, but I can not remember what he looked like but maybe he looked like a dwarf) who had the ability to use some kind of magic or genjutsu (illusion) to make people hallucinate and maybe partly mind control them, but I can not remember those parts of the dream.


A Semi-Lucid Dream? | Defending Property

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

The first dream was a long and interesting dream that possibly went semi-lucid at some point in the dream (I think that my comment on Flynn’s post last night where I mentioned lucid dreaming helped make this possible), and all that I can remember of the dream is that I think that it started during the day and I was jogging/walking with my brother GC and one of my former male classmates (maybe TC) and one or more other people who(m) I can not remember.

I remember us jogging/walking/talking until we reached the bus stop where C Elementary School should be but it was a prison or jail instead of a school and several people we knew were in the jail/prison outside during their break like maybe my male cousins ME and ME, and several of my former male classmates from Eastside; and we talked to them on the other side of the fence that separated us, but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

The next part of the dream took place inside an interesting and strange shopping mall on a tall area/large platform that over-looked parts of the mall and smaller platforms (that were either supported by pillars and/or they could float), I can not remember most of this part of the dream unfortunately, but it seems that maybe the dream went semi-lucid somehow and at some point during this part of the dream but I am not sure.

I remember that several other people (possibly my dream security or just random people helping me) and I getting attacked by various threats that I can not remember, and I had some dream superpowers probably because the dream was semi-lucid but my powers were weak because the dream was probably only barely lucid and/or I did not try to control the dream much.

I remember being told by one of the dream characters (maybe the head of my dream security or the toughest person among the people helping me), maybe a tall woman with whitish colored skin with short yellowish colored hair who somewhat reminded me of a tougher version of the actress Gwendoline Christie who spoke English with an American accent, that one or more of the threats were more powerful than me (faster, stronger, et cetera) in my current form and that she did not think that I could defeat them unless I power/powered up.

I had a lot more power but I did not unlock it, probably because I did not want the dream to become unstable and probably because I did not want to control the dream too much and probably because the dream was semi-lucid, she did not think that we could win unless I powered up so she probably recommended that some of them would distract the threats while some of them would protect me as I/we escape and then the rest of them would retreat if they were still alive, but I did not want any of them to die and I wanted to have a bit of fun because I still felt powerful/confident enough to survive this so I came up with another plan.

I told her that I wanted them to fight the weaker threats while I distract/fight the powerful threats while moving them away from them and maybe I wanted them to all retreat after defeating the weaker threats and let me handle the rest, she did not like this plan because her focus was to protect me and to follow the safest/most cautious plan (which is what I would expect of my dream security), and I told her that she was probably correct and that her plan was better but that I felt that I could at least give them time to defeat the weak threats and escape and survive against the powerful threats long enough until it was time for me to escape.

She did not want to follow my plan but eventually I got her to follow it and I started fighting/distracting the powerful threats, she was correct about them being more powerful than me, but I used tactics/tricks that allowed me to barely survive; and I remember gliding/flying around avoiding them, dodging bullets/lasers from some of the weaker threats, fighting some of the weaker threats, and eventually I reached the first floor of the mall and they were no longer after me it seemed.

I either escaped from them or I trapped them in a genjutsu / illusion or I defeated them but I can not remember, at this point I walked around almost like every thing was safe as people shopped in the mall, and I remember picking up a fake plastic video game pistol that you would use with a gaming console or arcade; and I imagined that it could shoot real bullets and then it could, I imagined that it could shoot constant lasers like a lasgun from Frank Herbert’s Dune books and it could, and then I imagined that it could shoot like a normal laser gun and it could.

I also changed the color and sound of the laser and the effect/affect that it would make when hitting something just by thinking/imagining it, I asked a random man in the dream how I should change the laser pistol, and he mentioned Star Wars and Hans Solo’s laser pistol; and so I changed it to shoot and sound like that, and then I continued exploring the mall having fun but no longer trying to control parts of the dream.

At some point it seemed that everyone was being forced to stay inside the mall by maybe the military because a war was going on outside probably, I assume that the country and city was under attack (maybe by even more of the threats who attacked me earlier, and maybe more powerful threats and/or the ones who I possibly did not defeat yet), and I remember most of us sitting down along the middle of the mall.

I remember sitting around a group of people who all had medium-to-dark brownish colored skin with dark-colored hair one of the people possibly reminded me of the actor Tyler Perry, one of the people was a man with dark-brownish colored skin who was supposed to be a Christian preacher/minister, one of the people was a woman who reminded me of Tyler Perry’s character Madea, and the rest of the people reminded me of reality television stars from maybe the BET television channel.

There was a lot of relationship drama going on among this group and the biggest drama involved the preacher/minister who was allegedly cheating/committing adultery, there was a lot of anger and arguing, and at some point I remember people being lined up because we all were being drafted to the military to fight in the war; and they did not even have time to train us because the city was under attack and things were so bad that they needed as many people as they could, and so they were going to give us guns and ammunition and throw us on the battlefield.

I remember being in line with some of my former classmates and some fictional people, everyone that I saw was too old to be drafted but the situation was so bad that they were drafting every adult it seemed even those of us who were older than drafting age, and I remember there was a woman with whitish colored skin who maybe I liked but she liked someone else; and near me was my former female classmate CW, who I used to like in high school, and she was looking for her abusive boyfriend or husband who keeps cheating on her and leaving so she keeps having to go find him and bring him back.

The woman who I possibly liked probably told me that she liked someone else and she told my former classmate CW that she needs to stop wasting her time with her abusive and cheating boyfriend or husband and break up with him, and that there was a good man here who probably still likes her and has liked her since high school; and she told her that man was me.

I remember talking to both of them and then my former classmate CW and my former male classmate JP moved to one of the lines that were leading to the exit where they would give you a gun and some ammunition and then send you outside, the line would continue until the next point, and at some point you would reach the battlefield.

As the lines got closer to the exit I noticed that people became more nervous/scared/sad/et cetera and I saw that people wanted to cry but they tried to hold it in, I was feeling surprisingly well even though I felt that most or all of us would probably die and that we would possibly lose the war, and I remember my former classmate CW and I briefly talking about the past about when she turned me down when I finally told her that I liked her and how things would be different if we had dated; and we wondered about our future if we survived the war.

Things got quiet as we got closer to the exit and most people were ready to cry, I was still doing good until my former classmate JP turned around to me and told me an emotional poem that he made based on when we used to be in school and letting me know that he considered me a friend, and then I started to get emotional and I thanked him; and I had to do breathing exercises to stop myself from crying, and a man in line with us who was about to cry asked me if I was okay because he heard me breathing oddly.

I said something like: “No man, I am not doing good, I am trying to control my breathing to stop myself from crying.” , and suddenly most of the people around me who heard this started crying because finally they felt that it was okay to cry after hearing someone else admit that they were not doing good and that they wanted to cry.

And the crying spread and I started crying and the man who asked me this question started crying, I remember getting my gun and ammunition and continuing outside as we were still crying, and a man who was the comedic type started joking while crying; and he joked about wondering what I had said to make everyone start crying.

He joked about his version of what I said and in his version he said that I said, that I was doing good and that it was okay to cry, and so he and the others started crying; and I told him that is not what I said, he joked that was what his mind heard, and I started laughing so hard that I fell on the ground and I could not get up.

Everyone started laughing and it was so funny and fun, there we were crying and laughing, and it felt so good to let that out as we were on our way to fight the war on the battlefield in the distance even though it looked hopeless, but I woke up because I was laughing so hard that I accidentally woke myself up from all the strong emotions.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of the second/last dream is that it either involved my dream security and I or a small group of dream characters and I trying to survive, we had two properties with one being a large multi-story house or building where we did certain day activities, and the other being a smaller tall multi-story house where we slept/lived and that was our main safe-house; and it was like we were surviving a disaster/threats.

I remember it being night as we tried to sleep as some of us did guard duty, our group had people of various ages including kids, and at some point a woman who was on guard duty warned me that some threats were sneaking to our properties to attack; and that some of them were attacking our large property, and so I sent most of them to defend that property while a small group of women and several girls stay to defend the small property.

The small group of women and girls were special to me somehow it seemed but I can not remember how, I wanted them to be safe and I trusted them, and I wanted someone to guard this property while I left to help the others; and I gave them strict orders to stay inside with the doors and windows locked, and to not try to help us defend the other properties.

I feared that they would try to follow me eventually even though I gave them strict orders not to, I did not want them to be harmed and I did not want to leave this property unprotected, and so I stayed briefly making sure that the threats were focused only on the large property; and I warned them again to stay inside and to not follow me.

I joined the others at the main property and at some point I went back to the smaller property to check on the women and girls, I did not see them at first and so I feared that they had tried to follow me, and so I started looking for them; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Hide-And-Seek | Ice And The Twenty Fifteen Theme And A Genjutsu? | Red Eyes At A College

Source: Wikipedia

Dream 1

All that I can remember of the first dream is that it took place inside a house, possibly during the night but I am not sure if I was in the dream or not, and there was a family in this house playing hide-and-seek; and there was a creäture in the house that would possibly turn you into a creäture if it caught you, so they were trying to avoid it, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of the second dream is that it possibly was inspired by the Japanese original video animation (OVA) called Ice, the soon to be released WordPress Twenty Fifteen theme, a birthday, the Japanese animated (anime) Naruto television series and maybe several other things.

I remember that there was something anime-like to this dream and there was a woman, the WordPress Twenty Fifteen theme was released or about to be released, it was someone’s birthday or about to be someone’s birthday, and several other things going on and possibly repeating until I realized that something was wrong/not right; and I started to suspect that it was all an illusion / genjutsu that was possibly being controlled by the woman.

I started trying to investigate this while trying to resist/break free of the illusion/genjutsu, it seemed to be a super genjutsu that was very powerful and that could effect/affect a large area and a large number of people, and so many other people seemed to be trapped in it; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

The third/last dream was the longest and most detailed dream from last night but all that I can remember is that it took place at a fictional college during the day where I seemed to be a student, and at some point in the dream I remember being in a small seating area with stadium-like seating that started low but that went higher the further you went back.

I remember sitting in a corner/side area next to a man with medium brownish colored skin with short dark-colored hair, there were students from different countries here speaking different languages, and I remember sitting and watching and listening until the man sitting near me and I started talking.

We talked various things like languages with me using a bit of French and talking about language learning and trying to figure out what language a group of men sitting near us were speaking, countries with the man being surprised that I did not think that The United States Of America (USA) was the greatest country to live in and so we had a debate about that and about why I did not think that it was the greatest country in the world/of all time, and we talked about some other things that I can not remember.

Another part of the dream possibly took place at the dorms where I stayed and there was something that happened involving a woman, but I can not remember this part of the dream.

Later I remember being outside in an area that looked like the yard of E Manor connected to the college campus and there were a group of male students with dark brownish colored skin who were mostly from Africa probably who I suspected of pretending to be a religious group to hide their illegal activities (possibly selling illegal weapons, drugs, and committing various violent crimes), I saw them committing various crimes, and so I reported them because their crimes were violent and dangerous; but they denied it and they tried to claim religious discrimination.

After walking away from this back toward my dorms something happened to me, maybe someone put something in something that I ate or drank to get revenge on me reporting those students, and they illegally recorded video of me in my dorm without my knowledge.

All that I can remember is eventually returning to my dorm and I did not feel well/good so I possibly went to sleep,  and later I remember using a computer and going online and I found illegally recorded videos of me available publicly online, and one of them had music and was made to look like a fake trailer for the video game Far Cry 4.

The video had a scene showing me looking in the mirror in my dorm bathroom and my eyes looked larger than normal (almost alien) and they were a reddish color (even the whites of my eyes which looked like they were full of blood instead of being a whitish color) and my pupils were maybe a darker reddish color and they were so large that they took up almost all the space on/of my eyes, it looked creepy/scary/disturbing like my eyes were bleeding and/or very infected and/or that I was possessed by something and/or like I was transforming into something non-human/alien almost like my eyes were larger alien-like bloody sharingan-like eyes, and the video ended like I was the villain in a video game.

I ran to the bathroom to check my eyes and they did look like that for a moment, I started to panic wondering what was wrong with me and I was worried that I would go blind and so I needed to see a doctor because I already felt sick, but then when I looked back in the mirror my eyes looked normal again; but they probably changed back and forth a few times oddly.

I remember leaving to try to get medical help and I came across another student while I was walking and he told me that this had happened to him and/or someone else, he said that someone probably purposely infected me with a non-human animal/alien/parasite/whatever that had a certain name that possibly sounded like The Zorg or something like that, and he said that The Zorg/whatever were a peaceful species.

He said that once infected that you would start to change either into one of them or it would fuse/combine with you making you either a hybrid or it would be like two entities possessing the same body and/or something like that, he told me not to worry, and that he saw it as an improvement because you would get new abilities/powers/et cetera.

I possibly started trying to communicate with The Zorg/whatever that was now inside of me, we probably were able to communicate somewhat but I could be wrong, but I can not remember the rest of the dream and I woke up at some point.

The end,

-John Jr


Traveling Through Waterways | Thinking About Tenjho Tenge Episode 6 (Illusion)

Source: Wikipedia

Dream 1

I barely remember part of the first dream which took place during a somewhat dark strange-looking day/afternoon/evening (there was purplish color and several other colors to the environment) in a fictional place, and I was with some of my family trying to reach a certain area that I think would take us to another location like maybe a train/ship/helicopter/airplane/or something like that.

There were a series of waterways, roads, and bridges that you had to go through to reach this area, and so my family and I traveled by automobile and boat and on foot and in/on water; and there were other people trying to reach the same area as well.

At some point we had to swim in the waterway and I remember an older man with brownish colored skin with short hair pushing a boat as he swam, and he was guiding several people with whitish colored skin like his job was guiding people through this area.

At some point we reached an area in the water where the temperature of the water and/or something like that allowed us to walk on the water, and it was pretty fun/cool being able to walk on water; and the water had an almost Jello-like feeling on the top layer of the water.

I remember a man with whitish colored skin with yellowish colored hair near me making a big splash because they jumped on the water for fun, but this caused them to sink into the water because impacts would break the top layer causing you to sink if you were not careful; and I remember reminding him about this, and I warned him to stop this or he could cause the rest of us to sink as well.

The area that we were trying to reach was probably a tall bridge above the waterways, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of the second/last dream is that I was thinking about episode 6 (Illusion) of the Japanese animated TV series (anime) Tenjho Tenge, which I watched before going to sleep, and I remember wondering what would happen next to the Juken Club as they fought with about 100 members of the Executive Council Club.

So basically my mind went over the episode and it tried to predict possibilities for the next episode, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

I also had either a semi-daydream and/or semi-dream where I fought The President Of The Executive Council Club inside the bowling alley I think, and I remember The President being over-confident.

The President had not fought anyone or trained since he became president because he had already proved that he was the best fighter at the school, I used this and his over-confidence to my advantage, and he was not even trying very hard when he fought me.

I was losing the entire fight but I used unconventional fighting tactics and moves to survive the fight until I saw an opening for a submission, and I put The President in a customized knee bar submission; and he gave up/tapped out, and I won the fight.

I instantly became the new president of the Executive Council Club and I ordered all the members of the club to stop attacking the Juken Club, they stopped attacking the Juken Club, and then I started explaining my new rules/plans for the Executive Council Club and for the school.

I wanted to make a constitution that would add new rights/freedoms and limits to what could and could not be done at the school, I wanted to end the unnecessary violence/revenge/wars/et cetera between the clubs and students, but many senior members of the Executive Council Club were against my plans.

They wanted to stop me but they were afraid of me because I defeated the former president, but I felt that they would eventually become brave enough to try to over-throw me, and so I planned to start training and trying to peacefully get them to change their ways/beliefs; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr