Westworld | Season 4 Official Teaser

Westworld | Season 4 Official Teaser

What Is It?

The YouTube video Westworld | Season 4 Official Teaser by the YouTube channel IMDb.

Here is the description for this video:

“You’re going to reap just what you sow.” #Westworld returns for its 4th season, June 26 on HBO Max.

At the intersection of the near future and the reimagined past, waits a world in which every human appetite can be indulged without consequence.


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Leonardo DiCaprio In Romeo + Juliet (1996)

What Is It?

I was looking through some of my old posts when I saw the image above, Romeo + Juliet (1996) | Leonardo DiCaprio in Romeo + Juliet (1996), from The IMDb, in one of them.

I think that it is a nice shot that deserved its own post, and it fits the mood of when they first introduced the character Romeo (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) on the beach in the movie Romeo + Juliet (1996).

Romeo + Juliet (1996) Introduction to Romeo

Black Clover (Season 1 – Season 3)

What is it?

The 2017 anime (animated) television show Black Clover (Season 1 – Season 3).

Toonami – Black Clover Promo (HD 1080p)

What is it about?

This is how the IMDb describes this anime (animated) television show:

Asta and Yuno were abandoned together at the same church and have been inseparable since.

As children, they promised that they would compete against each other to see who would become the next Emperor Magus.

However, as they grew up, some differences between them became plain.

Yuno was a genius with magic, with amazing power and control, while Asta could not use magic at all, and tried to make up for his lack by training physically.

When they received their Grimoires at age 15, Yuno got a spectacular book with a four-leaf clover (most people receive a three-leaf-clover), while Asta received nothing at all.

However, when Yuno was threatened, the truth about Asta’s power was revealed, he received a five-leaf clover Grimoire, a “black clover”.

Now the two friends are heading out in the world, both seeking the same goal.


Primal Season 1 (Genndy Tartakovsky's Primal Season 1)

What is it?

The 2019 American animated TV show Primal Season 1 (Genndy Tartakovsky’s Primal Season 1).



Jurnee Smollett | No Small Parts

The IMDb did a good job with this video, it was short and I learned things that I did not know about, I would like to see more videos like this about other actors and actresses.

I learned that her name was Jurnee Smollett and that she was in a few TV shows that I saw before that I had not realized that she was in.