My Former Classmate JC Passing On A Message From Hulk Hogan To Bully Ray

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I barely remember some of the end of one dream from last night, I got awakened by someone being annoying as usual, and so I forgot most of my dreams & most of this dream.

I remember watching TV and TNA entertainment wrestling was on, as I was watching this at some point the entertainment wrestler Hulk Hogan and/or one or more entertainment wrestlers walked up to someone in the crowd with a microphone, and that person in the crowd was my former classmate JC.

Hulk Hogan and/or whoever were in character as usual, he was talking/giving a speech focused/direct at Bully Ray & his group of entertainment wrestlers, and he told JC to give Bully Ray a message if he happen to see him one day; and he told JC what the message was, but that is all that I remember of this part of the dream.

Later in the dream I was riding in an automobile with JC during the day near the BB grocery store that is not far from D Junior High School, he was telling me about his experience(s) at the TNA entertainment wrestling show & about the message that Hulk Hogan gave him for Bully Ray, and I told JC that I saw it on TV.

As we were talking and driving we noticed a fictional area on the left side of the road that had a few small brick one-story apartments, and to our surprise we saw Bully Ray & his group of other TNA entertainment wrestlers hanging out in front of the apartments; and so we decided to drive over there so that JC could give Bully Ray the message from Hulk Hogan.

We greeted Bully Ray and I decided to talk first to let Bully Ray know that the message that JC was about to give him was from Hulk Hogan, not JC, to avoid any conflict; and then JC gave Hulk Hogan’s message to Bully Ray, and Bully Ray & his group of entertainment wrestlers got into character like cameras were around or something.

Bully Ray started to talk/give a speech acting like he was talking to a camera during a show, he was acting angry and he focused his speech toward Hulk Hogan in response to his message, and during his speech we learned more about the storyline of this feud between his group & Hulk Hogan’s group; but I forgot most of it except that Bully Ray & his group were heels/bad guys in the storyline, and oddly I think that a Catholic priest might have been involved in the storyline as well but I can not remember if this is correct or not.

Bully Ray and his group started to act like they might attack us, so we left, and we drove to the BB grocery store; and something happened there, maybe Hulk Hogan showed up, but I can not remember & I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr