Exploring Warhammer 40K: Creating A Space Marine

Source: YouTube

Yesterday I saw an interesting YouTube video by the YouTube channel The Exploring Series called Exploring Warhammer 40K: Creating A Space Marine:

This video explains some of the steps in the process of selecting and creating and training Space Marines in the lore of Warhammer 40,000.

I was not expecting this much detail and for this much to be involved in that process, that is crazy and interesting, and it sounds like Space Marines would be overpowered.

Thank you The Exploring Series for videos like this because I did not know anything about this franchise until your videos.

The end,

-John Jr


A Surprise Internal Chest Tattoo / Implant / Device / Whatever And A Fictional Former Classmate Comes To Visit Me?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I slept pretty well last night only waking up to use the bathroom once or twice and I got awakened by people making noise once or twice, and I had several dreams but I forgot all of them except for barely part of one dream.

The dream took place during the day in a fictional place and I think that I read about and/or heard about and/or was told about a possible job opportunity and/or an opportunity to get something for free, but I had no idea what it was; and so I guess that I drove to a fictional one story building probably near a highway outside of a neighborhood.

I remember going inside the building and maybe waiting in a short line in an open room with probably brownish colored carpet as a female worker talked to us about something that I can not remember as several other workers prepared something, at some point a worker or two talked with each of us one-at-a-time, and a female worker was talking to me; but as she was talking to me/distracting me another worker walked up to me from my side carrying a power drill-like tool and to my surprise the worker drilled a small hole in my chest trying to avoid my heart and lungs it seemed, I was shocked and I could somewhat feel it but it did not hurt that much really, and I did not move to avoid getting seriously injured.

It was a real quick procedure and I remember seeing what looked like a blackish colored tattoo pattern inside the hole with maybe an unknown implant/device that I either saw and/or felt and/or assumed might be in the hole, I was shocked and a bit angry that they did this to me without my permission and without warning me, and so I said this to them and I questioned them because I had no idea what they just did to me and why; and they said that they thought that we all had already known what to expect, but they would not tell me what they had done to me exactly or why or what would happen next.

I assumed that this was probably a secret government/military/medical/scientific/et cetera experiment testing a new tattoo/implant/device/drug/whatever on mostly poor/low-income/lower-class people looking for work/jobs/free stuff, and so I assumed that we were unwilling/unknowing test subjects who(m) they would be tracking our progress/their experiment on us through the tattoo/implant/device/whatever for years to come.

They wanted us to wait for a while in the room to make sure that none of us had any serious negative reactions from whatever they did to us, so we waited, and I remember having some difficulty breathing and I felt a bit strange and I got some of my normal negative reactions that I get when donating blood/having blood taken; but I tried to stay calm and control my breathing, and so that helped me.

While we waited I realized that my cousin ME was among the group of people, we briefly talked about what just happened, and he was feeling a bit strange as well; and at some point they let us go after briefly telling us something that I can not remember, but I still had no idea what they did to us or why or what would happen next and I still felt a bit strange.

I probably drove to my parent’s house to tell them what had happened and to show them the small hole with the tattoo/implant/device/whatever, we stood in the yard and outside/inside the yard near the mailbox and I still felt a bit weird but not as strange as before, and at some point I went inside to wash my face or something like that; but a fictional former classmate of mind drove or walked outside the fence by the mailbox, and he told my parent’s that he was a former classmate of mine who had come to visit me.

The fictional former classmate was a large/huge man with whitish colored skin with short maybe light brownish colored hair with a very large/huge circular shaped head and he had a mental handicap and he could not speak/talk very well and so it was hard to understand him when he talked, and basically he somewhat looked like and somewhat reminded me of a modern-day Hodor from the TV show Game Of Thrones combined with probably a real former classmate of mine.

I was watching them outside from a kitchen window, I did not remember the man’s name but I had some false memories of him being my former classmate and so I found and searched through my high school year book to see what his name was and I think that his name might have started with a N, and maybe his name was Nathan or something like that but I can not remember.

I then went outside to greet my fictional former classmate, probably telling him about and showing him my internal chest tattoo/implant/device/whatever, but then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr