Burger King Impossible Whopper

Trying Burger King's Impossible Whopper
Source: YouTube

What is it?

The 2019 plant-based meat alternative burger called the Impossible Whopper by Burger King.

What is it about?

This is how Impossible Foods describes this burger:

Know the Whopper®?

Meet its twin.

The Impossible™ Whopper® is now available at Burger King® across America.

That’s right.

There’s a Whopper® made from plants with your name on it, and now it’s closer than ever.

Find one near you.

The Impossible™ Whopper® is just like the classic Whopper®, but made with an Impossible™ patty made from plants.

What’s in the patty?

Mostly soy protein, potato protein, coconut oil, sunflower oil, and heme.

Here’s the ingredient list.

My Thoughts

My local Burger King was a few days late in getting the Impossible Whopper, I was disappointed when they did not have it when I first went there, but they finally got it on Saturday or Friday; and so I was able to try it finally.

To my surprise this burger tastes pretty close (maybe 70 – 80% similar) to a normal Whopper, it was not as moist so it was dryer, it did not have as much grilled and smoked flavor, the texture was slightly different, but it was not bad.

I did not taste the patty by itself to have a better idea of how the patty tastes alone unfortunately, but I imagine that red meat fans will notice the difference more than me.

I think that most people (more than 51%) will find this burger acceptable enough as a substitute to the normal Whopper, it may not be better in flavor than a normal meat patty yet, but it is close.

It did not taste or feel as unhealthy as having a normal Whopper, and so I felt better after eating the medium Impossible Whopper combo with two Burger King Crispy Tacos than I would have if I had eaten the normal meat based Whopper.

I hope that Impossible Foods and Burger King will continue to produce more and even better plant-based meat alternatives, and I hope that more businesses will start having these kinds of products available for sale alongside their normal products.

I recommend giving this burger a try, you might be surprised, plant-based meat alternatives have improved it seems; and so we should give them a chance at least.

The end,

-John Jr