Faking Inception / An Extraction On Arthur

Source: IMDb

Dream 1

This dream involved something that was showing some behind the scenes moments et cetera from the television show Saved By The Bell or a show similar to it, and the actor Mark-Paul Gosselaar was featured heavily in this.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream took place during the day outside in my parents yard, and Mr. FF who lives up the street came into our alley and yard at some point.

At some point he started using a weed eater (string trimmer) or something, and then he started getting some of our chicken eggs I think but then my mom walked over to him to see what he was doing.

They talked for a moment and my mom let him have some chicken eggs, and I got a tray or shovel for him to carry them on but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

This dream took place at The BP Library where I work, and my female coworker TR was talking about a problem that she was having with her daughter.

I listened and I asked some questions as she explained the problem, and the problem involved her daughter and a male classmate of hers with light-color skin with yellow hair.

Her daughter and her male classmate had been caught several times by several people, including by her mom TR, in positions that seemed to indicate that they were making out and / or trying to have sex.

TR explained that they had recently got caught on a school trip doing this, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 4

This dream took place on an upper floor of a multi-story building, I was walking through the building when I noticed the character Arthur from the movie Inception sitting down in a seating area to my left as I walked by talking to a woman with light color skin, and I heard him telling the woman that a maybe yellow open fake leather-like bag that was on the floor not too far from me was an object that he uses when he is performing extractions and inception on people in dreams.

For some reason I decided to play a prank on Arthur by taking his bag and running away with it, and somehow I knew that this would make him think that we were in a shared dream and that I was trying to perform inception and / or an extraction on him in the dream.

I did this and it worked, and so Arthur ran to catch up with me yelling: “Hey! You too my bag! Stop!”.

I ran into a room with some windows that you could open to reach a window led, we were on the upper floor of a building, and I opened a window to trick him into thinking that I possibly climbed out of it and then I hid behind something to the right of this.

This room also had a closest and several other hiding spots like a closet, and so I probably cracked open the closet to make him think that I went in there as well.

Arthur ran into the room, he paused for a moment trying to figure out if someone was really trying to perform inception and / or an extraction on him in a dream, but the open window distracted him like I had hoped so he ran to it in a panic.

He looked out of it and then he looked back at the closet, he possibly ran to the closet to check it before running back to the window like he was going to climb out of it a bit to look around for me on the ledge, and that would be my chance to run while he was not looking or stay put.

This was pretty fun and funny as my planned worked perfectly, but then it worked too perfectly because Arthur started to act like he was going to jump out of the window to kill himself so that he could wake up from the dream.

I did not realize that I was dreaming so I thought that this was the real world and that he would die, and so I was about to come out of hiding to let him know to not jump and that this was a prank.

I am not sure if I got to do this or not before I woke up, he possibly decided not to jump, and maybe he started to leave the room to look for me somewhere else but I can not remember.

Dream 5

This dream took place at The BP Library where I was working, and my female coworker JB called me on the telephone telling me that a male patron with light-color skin wanted to know if it was possible to hook up three USB flash drives so that they could copy data from two of them to the third one.

I told JB that it was possible and that I would go help the patron, and so I did.

The patron already had all three USB flash drives connected to the computer, I was not sure which was which, and so I started trying to figure this out.

To make things worse the data was special medical data that has a special viewer that you have to install or run to access the files on it so I had to try to figure out how to handle this, how to keep the files together put separate, and then which flash drive to copy it too.

This was a bit stressful for my mind and body in the dream and real world, eventually I created two new folders on the third flash drive, and I copied the data from the other flash drives to two separate folders on the third flash drive.

I was probably tossing and turning in bed and waking up and going back to sleep during this, and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 6

This dream involved me working at The BP Library again, this time the library looked mostly like The E House but bigger, and with a few differences here and there.

An event was talking place where the family room should be, there were chairs there that people were sitting in during the event, and I was in what should be the middle room but it was larger and carpeted and a fictional pillar had recently been removed.

I was there with my female coworker TR, my coworker Mrs. TS, and my coworker Mr. CF as they were trying to decided how to arrange this room because maybe someone was going to move their desk in the room or something like that.

In the dream we had one or more fictional new coworkers, and one of them was a young man with light-color skin who was sitting in the crowd at the event that was taking place in the room to the right of us.

At some point one of my coworkers asked me to go get another coworker, one of the new coworkers, and so I got the young man but then I was told that they wanted someone named Lita instead so I apologized and our fictional male coworker returned to the event.

I told them I was not sure who Lita was, they started to explain who she was and how they first met her, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr