Attending A Content Creator Convention

Dream 1

In this dream I went to a convention that was possibly mostly for content creators and I had a name badge / tag, and I possibly got to go because of my blog where I blog every day so I was considered a content creator.

This convention possibly took place in India because I saw a lot of people who seemed to be from India (Indian), but I could be wrong.

While I was at one of the events / programs, the host / whoever who was a woman, called out the names of some content creators who she was going to have come to the front / stage with her so that she could talk to them one-at-a-time in front of the audience as part of the event / program.

To my surprise she called my name among the names of content creators who were chosen to talk to her, I was not expecting this and I was not ready for this, fortunately I was not the first person to be called up there.

I needed to urinate so I walked off to find a bathroom, as I was leaving I heard someone mentioning diversity and they were sharing advice for content creators, I am not sure if I got to use the bathroom or not, I just remember going to take a seat and some people I knew were among the crowd like maybe my former male classmate CB.

I remember us talking when a male employee with light-color skin walked over to me asking to see my name badge / tag, and then he told me that it had not been fully set up yet so that needed to be done.

He reluctantly started the process of fixing this, but I woke up.

Dream 2

This dream started at a convention again, I was wearing dress clothes with a name tag and a heavy backpack, and I went to one of the programs / classes / whatever that was taking place in a room with chairs.

I sat along the left wall to the right of a somewhat older man with light-color skin, the man looked at me and moved away from me while saying something to me like he was paranoid and he even said my name because he saw my name tag, and he seemed to think that I was targeting him or something.

I moved further away from him after responding, I hoped that this would help his paranoia, but he still seemed paranoid and I ended up saying a few more things to him before I decided to leave.

I walked off and eventually I walked away from the convention until I reached a fictional MS University-like college that I had false memories of having once attended but I never finished.

There were various college students walking around, and I walked around looking around comparing my false memories of the college to how it looked now et cetera.

This college and my false memories contained some real feelings and real inspiration from MS University, and so this felt very realistic walking around looking around and thinking.

At some point I reached an area that I had never really saw much of before, it was an area where maybe the business et cetera department was where many of the rich students had many of their classes for majors that led to jobs with high salaries, and I saw students wearing dress clothes and I saw a male student with light-color skin wearing a graduation cap and gown inside one of the buildings like he was about to graduate.

This area had a nice traditional college / royal look to it, after passing this area I reached a long courtyard with plants and seating areas in the middle with some semi-indoor restaurants and other businesses on the left side and a sidewalk on the right side by the buildings that had entrance doors along them, and many people were in this area.

Some students were listening to music and hanging out as they ate and drank, some were walking to and from classes, et cetera.

This was one or at least two areas like this, this was the one that I had possibly never visited or did not visit much, and so I started walking toward it to explore it but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Getting Shot In My Finger

Source: Wikimedia Commons

For some reason(s) I forgot most of my dreams from earlier during the night, even though I know that I had them, but I only barely remember part of two dreams that I had before waking up.

Dream 1

I only remember part of the end of the first dream that I can remember part of which took place during the day in a fictional area/city that looked a bit rough/poor, I think that some people I knew (one or more family members and/or former classmates and/or someone like that) had invited me to a meeting to talk about a gang/mafia/group/business/whatever (I can not remember what it was exactly that they were starting/trying to expand) that they were starting/trying to expand, but I was not interested because I thought that they might be involved in illegal activities; and I did not want to take part in any illegal activities or any gang/mafia/et cetera groups.

They convinced me that it was only going to be a meeting and nothing illegal was going to take place, and so I decided to at least go to the meeting to see what they wanted to talk about; and the meeting was at a building that they were renting from a man who seemed to be from India (Indian) who also owned a gas station next to the building.

The building and the gas station were on a sidewalk next to a street probably not far from a poor neighborhood, the area looked a bit grayish/old/trashy/abandoned with mostly destroyed posters/fliers/et cetera on parts of the buildings & electric polls, and the building that they were renting looked slightly like an old automobile mechanic shop or an old firefighter station; and the entrance was just one huge open wall or a huge garage door that was lifted where I could not see it, and this led to a large open room.

In the back of the large open room there were two or three doors that led to other rooms like bathrooms, maybe bedrooms, kitchen, et cetera; and more people than I had expected came to the meeting including some of my direct & indirect family members, former classmates, other people I knew, and several unknown people.

We waited for everyone to arrive while talking and doing other things, I was still suspicious, but I did not see or hear about anything illegal going on; and I slowly became a bit less suspicious as the dream continued, but we got interrupted before the meeting could start.

The owner of the building & gas station who was a somewhat tall business-like man with medium brownish colored skin with short somewhat shiny black colored hair wearing dark dress pants with a dark-colored belt with dark-colored dress shoes with a light-colored long sleeve dress shirt who seemed like he was from India entered the large opening/entrance to the building along with two somewhat short male henchmen who seemed to also be from India, and I think that they had wooden clubs as weapons and they looked like members of a poor street gang in India.

The owner and his henchmen looked like they had come to intimidate/threaten the people I knew who had invited me to the meeting, they had expected only one-to-three people to be at the building, and so they were surprised to see so many people; but they continued to act tough, and the owner started threatening the people I knew who were renting the building from him.

It seemed that he was afraid that they would start competing against his business interests in the area, and so he had come to intimidate them to stop them from starting/expanding whatever they were trying to start/expand; and so I walked up to the owner asking him if the people I knew were doing anything illegal or if they were breaking any of his renting rules or if they were not paying their rent, and they were doing everything that they were supposed to do.

I asked the owner if he wanted to end his renting contract with them, he said no, and so I told him that he had no legal right to come here threatening people with henchmen with weapons; and I kindly asked him to leave because we did not want any trouble, but this made him even more angry.

The owner started yelling threats at us and him and his henchmen wanted to attack us but there were too many of us, and so the owner reached into his pocket to pull out a handgun; and so I ran at him to try to grab the handgun before he could shoot us, and his henchmen were going to try to stop me but they were afraid of the others with me and so they waited to see what would happen.

The owner pulled out a very small black colored handgun that was one of the smallest handguns that I have ever seen, it looked almost like a toy, but it was a real handgun that probably used bullets no bigger than a .22 Short round; and I grabbed the gun as he tried to point it at us/me, but as I was pulling the gun from him he fired one shot that hit my finger.

I still managed to pull the gun away from him and I stumbled back holding my bloody finger/hand in pain but it did not hurt that bad, I was more angry than hurt, and I unloaded the gun; and I threw the gun to the ground in anger calling the owner a punk/coward, and I felt like beating the owner & his henchmen up by myself (I might have hit or put the owner in a lock/submission hold, but I am not sure).

I was very angry and I looked at the owner & the henchmen like I wanted to kill them, I dared them to attack me now that they had no gun, but then I started trying to calm myself down; and I reminded myself that violence would probably only make this situation worse.

The others were running forward to attack them but I told them to stay back, I said that enough violence had already taken place, and that more violence would not help the situation; and then I stared at the owner & his henchmen, and I strongly said something like:

“This is what is going to happen now, since you are not ending their renting contract/since they are not breaking any rules or doing anything illegal, you and your henchmen are going to leave and never come back unless it is for legitimate reasons and you and your henchmen are to never try to threaten/try to harm anyone here again or any of our family/friends/et cetera, and you are to never come here with guns or any other weapons again; and if you come here trying to kill anyone again, you are going to die/I will kill you, now get out of here now!”

The owner and his henchmen left angrily, I stood there watching them leave angrily while holding my bloody finger/hand, and when they left I looked at my finger trying to see if the bullet had went through my finger or if it was still in my finger or if it only tipped/grazed my finger; but I could not tell, it seemed that the wound was not as bad as you would think, and so I did not rush to a hospital & so I wrapped it with something until I could go to the doctor later.

After what had just happened, I was now angry/determined/focused, and I decided to help the people I knew with whatever they were trying to start/expand as long as it was not illegal or against my beliefs; and we started the meeting, and I gave them a lot of advice/ideas/et cetera.

I wanted them to buy this building if possible so that they would not have to worry about the owner of the building owning the property, I wanted them to improve their defenses and make sure that they watch the owner to make sure that he does not try to attack them again, and I wanted to help them get started & stable with whatever their plans were at least; but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 2

The next dream took place in D at my parent’s house on a gray day where it was going to rain, some of my indirect family members like my cousin EE/my aunt DE/my uncle EE/et cetera had come to my grandfather’s house to visit, and for some reason some of them wanted to camp out in a tent in my parent’s yard.

I knew that it was going to rain and so I found this to be odd but I was not worried about it as long as they did not bother me, and so they set up a tent next to a fictional semi-indoor/outdoor building that was in my parent’s yard near the clothesline; and this small building had walls that were just screens where you could see outside & get fresh air & keep the bugs out, and it had a roof to keep out most of the rain.

They started camping early before it was even evening oddly but it started to rain, so they moved from the tent to the semi-indoor/outdoor building, but I woke up shortly after this.

The end,

-John Jr


Kate Freelander And The Doctor’s Office On A Train

Source: IMDb

Last night I remember part of my last dream which took place during the day, but I do not remember the beginning of the dream.

I remember being with a group of people and we might have been classmates in this dream, I am not sure, I just remember several of us getting injured somehow; and we went to a hospital or clinic that was close to or connected to our school or whatever building we were at.

Kate Freelander (played by the actress Agam Darshi) from the TV show Sanctuary was one of the injured people in our group, and another injured person was my former classmate AW.

I remember us taking them and the others to a large waiting room, where most of the workers seemed to be from India (Indian), and I think some of them knew Mrs. Freelander; but I think that they were giving us a bit of a hard time, so we were going to have to wait a long time until we could see a doctor.

I think that a few people in my group had a bit of an argument with the workers, but that did not help; and so some of us decided to stay waiting in the waiting room, and the rest of us walked off for some fresh air and/or to find another doctor.

I remember carrying AW, since her leg was hurt, and we went to an outdoor/indoor area; and I remember seeing some other workers, and Mrs. C was one of them & most of the workers in the area seemed to be from Eastside.

Some of them knew AW and so I think that they told AW that she could wait in their waiting room to see their doctor, and so AW went to their waiting room with a few other people from our group; and the rest of us started to prepare to play soccer.

My right knee was still bothering me like in real life, and so I decided to try to be the goalie instead, since there was no goalie at first; but the goal was a wall with two big windows, which would be easily broken, and so I suggested that the goal be moved down to where there was only a wall with no window.

We stopped to debate the issue and question whether we should play soccer at all, since we were afraid to break something, this outdoor/indoor area looked like it was outside but it was like being in a building with short walls with windows & grass/dirt for the floor & no roof so you could see the sky.

I think that we decided not to play soccer, then I remember my mom walking over & she suggested that we go somewhere else to find a doctor to check my knee again, and so we drove off to find a doctor.

We drove not far away outside of an old hospital or building where construction was going on, and we parked in a grassy alley with little ponds of water; and to my surprise my mom walked through one of the ponds, which got her dress wet, but I jumped over the smaller ponds to reach the other side instead of walking through the ponds.

We reached a group of old broken silverish (I think, with maybe a few other light colors) colored city trains (the kind you see in big cities in subways/et cetera) that were being used as doctor offices for a doctor clinic complex made of only old city trains, and oddly this place seemed familiar like I had been there before many years ago.

A dog walked toward my mom barking or growling near the entrance of one of the trains, and so I ran toward the dog showing it that I was not afraid & that I was ready to fight if necessary; and the dog was able to sense/feel my energy levels rise, and so it got quiet & it backed off to my surprise.

We entered the train, which was also connected to a strange upper area where there were working trains above the broken trains, which had their own rail system above the broken trains; and I think that we saw a cat in one of the broken trains, and then we went to the upper area which had a small area where you could board one of the working trains.

I found out why this place felt familiar, my mom said that she used to take me to a doctor at this place, but one day the doctor got in trouble/lost their license/got put in jail/or something; and so she stopped taking me to this place.

It seemed mostly abandoned now, a place where cheap doctors and not so skilled doctors would open their own offices, and I started to remember where my old doctor used to be; and so we walked to where it used to be.

We boarded one of the working trains and we saw a small tanish/light brownish colored dog, and then a female doctor greeted us; and I think that she was my old doctor.

She explained what had happened in the past and how she had finally gotten her license back, and then she started up the train; and she started driving the train on the rail system, oddly I was somewhat blocking the window that allowed her to see where she was going since the driving controls were at the front of the train & I was near the back of the train where the window was that she needed, but she said that she could still drive it without needing to see everything.

I was a bit nervous about her driving without being able to see where she was going, so I moved out-of-the-way, and I looked out of the window as the train moved & as the doctor continued talking; it was cool, but I was still a bit afraid of how overly relaxed & unprofessional the doctor seemed, and how rough this doctor clinic complex looked.

I started to remember some old memories of when I used to come to this doctor as a kid, it was nice thinking of that while riding on this strange rail system while enjoying the view, even though the area looked pretty rough; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂