A Possibly Damaged Dossier Website?

English: Message appears when loading during the early 2019 federal government shutdown: "Lapse in Federal Funding: Due to a lapse in funding, the website will be available, but not updated." screenshot during 2019 government shutdown.png

All that I can remember of this dream is that it involved a website and / or something that had information about people.

I assume that the information was probably pretty detailed, including things that people do not want other people to know, probably information that a spy agency would have after investigating / spying on someone; basically a dossier on each person.

In the dream, I got awakened in the dream, and me waking up in the dream and / or something else possibly caused damage to the website / whatever.


Puberty And Threats And Bribery

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I had more dreams that I remembered but I did not record them, and so now I can only barely remember part of the end of two dreams.

Dream 1

The end of this dream involved what seemed to be a documentary about puberty, and it took place inside a junior high school or high school.

I remember the dream showing students in classrooms fidgeting, looking at each other, et cetera as a narrator talked about some of the changes that happen to humans during puberty.

Some of the students got to explain some of their behavioral, physical, emotional, and social changes and they even got to explain what was going on in their minds as video footage was shown of them in the documentary.

One of the students featured was a young man with light-color skin with short dark-color hair who got to explain things that he was experiencing in detail, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream was possibly inspired by me filling out a survey last night about the recent library conference that I went to on a work trip.

This dream took place in a similar or same place as the previous dream, the dream involved me going over a past event and maybe trying to explain what happened to someone, but I can not remember if it was an event that I experience or if it was me relaying the experience of someone else who told me about what they experienced (I assume that I was explaining what someone else had experienced and had explained to me).

The event took place inside a classroom where two girls and an adult were, and they were sitting at a table.

A woman with light-color skin entered the room with maybe two gunmen, the woman was in charge and did not directly threaten the children or the adult, but it was clear that she was threatening them.

The woman explained that she wanted some information, that somehow possibly partly involved some government information, and I think that she wanted the children and the adult to share this information by maybe filling out a survey or something strange like that and / or by writing down the information that they knew.

The girls and the adult refused at first, they were not sure why the woman wanted the information, and they probably felt that sharing it would be treasonous and / or that it could be used for negative purposes.

The woman did not explain why she wanted the information or what she would do with it, but her approach and the fact that she had gunmen probably meant that she would use it for negative purposes.

Instead of directly threatening them, they already felt threatened indirectly, the woman tried to bribe them.

She grabbed a piece of paper that had amounts of money on them, and she randomly chose one of the amounts as how much she would pay as a bribe and that random amount was $1.

One of the girls replied that was not enough so the woman randomly grabbed another amount, this time maybe $40 – 49, and one of the girls accepted this amount and started filling out the survey and / or writing down the information.

The other girl accepted the amount and did the same, but the adult did not and was trying to figure out what to do and maybe the adult started asking questions and telling the woman why they refused.

I did not get to see what happened next but it seemed that the adult gave in, possibly after being directly threatened at gunpoint and / or indirectly threatened and they worried about the safety of the girls, and so the adult probably filled out the survey and / or shared the information.

After explaining this past event to whoever, I guess maybe we or they were trying to find the woman and gunmen and maybe what information they had and what their plan was, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Spirits / Ghosts / Entities In Several Houses

All that I can barely remember of this interesting and confusing and mostly forgotten dream is that at some point in the dream several people and I were in a field surrounded by a forest in the middle of nowhere, maybe we were there to help a woman who somewhat reminded me of the actress Jessica Lange, and I remember us going into a house.

I think that all the houses in this dream had a hidden basement and/or bunker and second floor/story and/or attic, they were all slightly different but very similar, and they were all connected somehow even though they were not physically connected and they were in different locations; and each house had several ghosts/spirits/entities that haunted them, and there was one powerful probably male entity that would appear when a countdown would end and he could haunt every house instead of being limited to one house like the others I think.

I remember us exploring the first house in the field and we came across one or more ghosts/spirits/entities inside the house, some of them would be hidden until you found them or went in the room that they haunted, and so there was probably running/hiding/fighting/talking/et cetera with these ghosts/spirits/entities; and at some point we figured out something that I can not remember, and I remember talking outside in the field with a male entity with whitish colored skin with long whitish/grayish colored hair and a long whitish/grayish colored beard.

He showed and/or awarded me/us with a grayish/silverish metal sphere-like object that probably floated above his hand and that could separate like you could wear it like armor over your hand and/or other parts of our body, I think that he said that sphere-like object was possibly called God’s *Something that I can not remember* or The God’s *Something that I can not remember* or *Something that I can not remember* Of The Gods or something like that by some people in history, and that it contained knowledge/information about various things that were mostly unknown to most people (maybe supernatural things, paranormal things, unknown natural things, history, et cetera), but unfortunately I can not remember what he told/explained to us or who he was or where he went.

I just remember us exploring more houses and at some point a hidden door to a basement/bunker opened on its own and a spirit/ghost/whatever of a man with dark-brownish colored skin with old torn clothing from an older time period was hanging on it with a rope around his neck like he had been a slave who escaped but who was caught and hung to death back when he was still living, a baseball bat fell at his feet, and somehow (maybe he told us) that we could kill ghosts/spirits/whatever and free them from being trapped to haunt areas by killing them with an object that was connected to them and/or the house that they were haunting; and so I killed him with the baseball bat freeing him from haunting this house, and he disappeared probably.

We went around trying to find ghosts/spirits/entities and kill them with objects in the house that they were haunting to free them, I remember us coming across a small doll of a girl who seemed to have the spirit/ghost/soul/whatever of a little girl trapped inside of it and she had an even smaller toy boy and small toy girl tied to her on some jewelry and both of them had spirits of a boy and a girl trapped in them it seemed, but they seemed like friendly spirits/ghosts/souls/entities (maybe not at first, but later) who would talk to us and try to help us (their mouths/et cetera did not move when they talked and the doll probably floated around instead walking); and I do not think that we killed them to free them because they were helping us and were not ready to be freed yet probably, but maybe after we freed the others and defeated the powerful probably male entity we would possibly kill/free them as well but I am not sure.

We figured out how to teleport from house to house, each house had an area with carpeted floors and stairs and I could put my hand in the stairs and on my hand/wrist a metal thing (maybe the metal sphere that was given to use/me earlier in the dream) would show the letter for each house and the initials for each room of each house, I would turn my arm/wrist/the object to move through the list, and then select where I wanted us to teleport to and we would teleport there.

We used this to help us search the houses more quickly and to avoid threats like the powerful male-like entity who would appear when a countdown would end, when the countdown would end there would be a warning and the powerful entity would start trying to find us and he could move from house to house as well, and so teleporting helped us avoid him better; and after a certain amount of time he would be gone again, and then the countdown would start again.

The spirit/soul/ghost/whatever of the girl trapped in the doll and the other two kids trapped in the two toys connected to her jewelry (one was a small toy boy, and one was a small toy girl attached to the jewelry) were afraid of this powerful entity and maybe so were the other spirits/souls/ghosts/entities, so they stayed out of his/its way and they would hide, and we did not try to fight it because we did not know enough about it or how to defeat it; and so we would run and hide from it as well as we continued trying to free/kill the spirits/ghosts/souls/entities, and do whatever else we were trying to do.

This constant cycle continued for a long time, maybe we even died a few times and had to restart from where we last were but I can not remember, and there was a lot of other interesting details to this dream; but unfortunately this is all that I can remember or can make sense of, even this is probably flawed and incorrect in some parts, and at some point I woke up after a long constant cycle of this.

I wish that I could remember more of that sphere-like device that the male entity told us about and possibly gave us and I wish that I could remember more about him, I know that I asked him questions and that he shared some important hidden/secret/ancient/et cetera knowledge/information with me, but I can not remember any of it unfortunately.

The end,

-John Jr


Hiding From Wild Non-Human Animals & Emailing Information About Google & WordPress Default Themes & Talking With ME

I forgot all of my dreams last night except for barely part of my last dream which took place during a gray day in the city of D at a fictional version of my parent’s house that was a 1 1/2 story or semi-two story house, and I was there with some of my family and several people I knew and several unknown people.

The 1/2  floor or semi-second floor over-looked the first floor of the house, and the first floor was a mostly open area with doors to various rooms; and the open area curved around a stairway that led to the 1/2 floor, and around this curved area there was an area that was somewhat hidden from the rest of the first floor.


An Old Woman And Several Small Strange Entities And An Offer

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I barely remember the end of my last dream, which is a bit confusing, and it took place where the Burger King in D should be, I think.

Where the Burger King drive-through window should be outside, there were a few couches on the right side & left side, I think.

On the couch or one of the couches, on the left side, was an old woman with whitish colored skin & grayish/whitish colored hair; I think that she was human, but I am not sure, she looked human to me.

I came to this area & I talked with the old woman several times in the dream or dreams last night and/or a dream or dreams in the past, but I can not remember, and she seemed to know me and/or she was interested in me for some reason; but I am not sure if I knew her and I can not think of anyone that I know that looks like her.

I think that she summoned / invited me several times to talk with her in that area, but I can not remember how she summoned/invited me, because I never remember her leaving her couch; I guess she sent messengers and/or she somehow communicated/led me to that area.

The woman was Very Old, so old that I think that she had been alive longer than any human on the current record books, and I think that I remember the old woman mentioning an Elixir or something that she had used to extend her lifespan or something like that; she did not go into detail, but she did make several jokes about the Elixir or whatever she called it.

One joke that I somewhat remember her saying was: “That Elixir (Or whatever she called it), sometimes makes me feel open/open up (something more)/or something like that, but she is getting to old for that now-a-days, *laughs*.”, which I think meant that one occasional side effect was increased sex drive or something.

I think that each time that I came to talk to her, I asked her what she wanted to talk with me about, and so I guess that she had somehow summoned/invited me each time.

On the couches on the right side were several small strange-looking beings (entities) who were smaller than the so-called Grey aliens and I think that their eyes looked more human-like, but I can not remember.

I do not think that they had hair or clothes, and they might have been kids but they were not human, but I do not remember ever learning what they were and the word alien was never used and so I do not know what they were.

They had strange skin that was probably the color of some Grey-type aliens and some other grayish-greenish colors, but I can not remember; they could have been human/non-human hybrids or something.

I am not sure if they could talk, but I do know that they did not seem to talk normally, they either barely could make sounds and/or they could barely talk (like very young kids or a non-human trying to communicate in a way not familiar to them) & they had to whisper in the old woman’s ear and/or they could speak with their minds, but I am not sure which; but I do remember that the beings seemed child-like, and non-threatening.

They seemed to treat the old woman like she was their mom and/or in charge, I do not remember the beings ever talking to me in a spoken language, but I think that they tried to use some sign language & facial expressions to communicate with me a few times; I think that they were playing with toys or something and/or each other, and they wanted to show me something funny. 😀

They stayed out-of-the-way most of the time as the old woman talked with me, but they would stare at me sometimes like they were curious about me and/or that they thought that I looked funny or something; so I am guessing that maybe they could smile, but I am not sure.

Their heads were not as large as Grey-type aliens, their arms were not as long as Grey-type aliens, their fingers/hands were not as long as Grey-type aliens, they were not as thin as Grey-type aliens, they were not robotic-like like Grey-type aliens, and they were not emotionless like Grey-type aliens, probably, but I am not exactly sure.

I can not remember what the old woman wanted to tell me each time or what she said most of the time, but it was obvious that she either somehow knew me and/or she had followed me somehow and/or she had plans and/or offers and/or information for me.

I think that she was testing me at first, to see if she could trust me with more information, but I could be wrong; I wish that I could remember more of what she told me, because I imagine that it was some interesting information about her, the past, the present, and some possible futures.

I do not remember the old woman ever getting up from the couch and she might have not even been able to sit up on the couch, I think that she was laying down on the couch all the time, because she was Very Old.

The strange little beings would do anything that the old woman would tell them to do, like little kids obeying a parent or something.

I went to talk with the old woman at several different times in the dream or dreams, and so each time that I left, I had time to think about some of the information that she had given me throughout the rest of the dream or dreams.

During my last visit to the old woman in the dream there were several male human-looking beings who wore clothes like a normal human & the old woman wore normal clothes as well, I am not sure if they were there the other times or not, and the old woman told me about something that was to happen in the future and she gave me an offer & another dream character the same offer, who had come with me to this last visit of the dream.

The other dream character was a man who I had come across at some point in the dream, but I can not remember that part, and for some reason he followed/came with me to my visit to the old woman & so I guess that the old woman felt comfortable enough to share the information with him there; visit is not the correct word, because I came to talk to the old woman when summoned/invited, probably.

What the woman told us shocked/surprised the other dream character, and the old woman told me that she now trusted me enough to make an offer, and she said that she would give me time to think about her offer; meaning that I could leave & continue the dream thinking about her offer and/or I could think about her offer when I wake up & that I could make my decision on a later date or something.

I can not remember what the old woman had told us, but I do partly remember her offer, she seemed to think that I would accept her offer; but I am not sure if I accepted her offer or if I told her that I needed more time to think about it, I probably asked her for more time to think about it, but I do know that the other dream character refused her offer & the male human-like beings seemed worried about him sharing the information that the old woman had told us & so they asked the old woman if it was safe to let the other dream character leave.

The male human-like beings seemed ready to prevent the other dream character from leaving, the information shared by the old woman was only supposed to be shared with certain people it seemed & only certain people who receive the offer, but the old woman seemed confident enough that the other dream character would not share the information & so she told them that he was free to leave but I think that she asked him to not share the information with anyone except those who were approved to receive the information; and the other dream character walked/stormed off in anger.

I do not remember the old woman giving me any restrictions on sharing what her offer was, but I am not sure, and I can not remember what she had told us before the offer in reference to a future event & something else; and so that important information I could not share even if I wanted to.

I can not remember her offer in detail, but I do know that she offered me/us a chance to leave this planet/place/whatever, when the time comes, but I do not know where we would go or how we would get there; but her offer was safe passage to leave this planet/place/whatever, when the time comes, but no date or location was given, probably for safety/security reasons.

I told her that I was definitely interested in her offer, but I know that I wanted more time to think about it and more information if possible, before I make a decision; and she told me that I could leave & think about it until I make a decision, so I guess she will return for my decision one day if this dream continues again one day.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂