A Motorcycle Gets Stolen | My Brother KD Gets Hurt | A Motion-Activated Flood Light

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Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

All that I mentioned of my first dream in my voice recording of the dream is that a motorcycle got stolen, and then it got returned at the end of the dream; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of the second dream is that I was inside a probably windowless house or in windowless areas of the house, there were many hallways and rooms that I was exploring, and some of my family was there like my mom and my brothers KD and TD.

My Brothers KD and TD were younger in this dream and at some point in the dream my brother KD started trying to find/catch me like we were playing hide-and-seek, we were not playing hide-and-seek, but my brother KD was trying to find me like we were.

At some point in the dream I heard a loud crash/snap/accident or something like that, my mom and I ran to see what it was, and my brother KD had seriously hurt himself trying to find me somehow; and my mom started to panic, I felt terrible and I was panicking internally, but I stayed focus on trying to calm my mom down and carry my brother KD to the automobile so that we could drive him to the emergency room (ER) at the hospital.

His injuries seemed serious, I remember feeling terrible/sad/protective/et cetera in a realistic way as the oldest brother (which probably felt a bit how a parent might feel if this happened to their child), and various thoughts were going through my mind as we rushed my brother KD to the hospital; but I woke up.

Dream 3

The third/last dream took place probably early in the morning in my brother GC’s room while he was still a sleep and maybe I woke up into this dream, I remember walking into the closet, and in the room was a small motion-activated flood light that worked but it needed to be mounted on the wall and it probably needed another light bulb probably.

Something strange that I can not exactly remember was happening in this dream where I think that I was able to see from a point-of-view inside objects like the flood light, inside the flood light I saw some words/a phrase that I can not remember (maybe something like: On Watch or You Are Being Watched or I Am Watching or maybe something like that, but my memory is too unclear to remember), and I could see the sensor light come on when I would move.

I was able to see inside other objects as well from their points-of-view but I can not remember what I saw, I just remember wanting to mount the flood light on the wall so that we can have light in the closet, and the light when automatically come on and off based on motion; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

Sam Mitchell From ScrewAttack Wants To Give Away $1 Million Dollars And My Former Classmate BH Has Serious Stomach Pains

Source: Wikimedia Commons

My body seems to be fighting back against the sickness but I still forgot most of my dreams because I did not voice record them each time that I got up to use the bathroom, but I do barely remember the end of my last dream.

The dream took place late in the afternoon or during the evening in the city of D at a fictional multi-story house/apartment past the BB Grocery Store on Eastside near where the gas stations should be near Master K’s martial arts dojo, and the members of the YouTube channel ScrewAttack owned the house/apartment along with a few other people like my former classmate BH.

For some unknown reason(s) I was visiting their house/apartment and there were other people visiting the house/apartment as well, everyone was having a good time, and at some point Sam Mitchell from ScrewAttack either won $16 million dollars in a lottery or he already had $16 million dollars; and he was running around celebrating wildly.

I remember standing outside the entrance/exit door to their house/apartment watching as Sam ran outside wildly, and he jumped in the air to do a belly flop in a grassy ditch on the side of their yard; and he hurt himself a bit, but he still laughed as he got up holding his hurt stomach/ribs.

Sam told me that he wanted to give away $1 million dollars to all the supporters/fans/et cetera of ScrewAttack by dividing the money out among them, but he was not sure if he should do that or just have a lottery to divide the money out in larger amounts to fewer people; and he walked inside to talk with the other members of ScrewAttack to see what they thought he should do.

After Sam walked inside my former classmate BH walked outside and he was holding his stomach like he was in a lot of pain, and he told me that his stomach was hurting very badly; and he fell to the ground in pain, and he started crying.

I was shocked/surprised/et cetera and I ran over to help my former classmate BH, I asked him to describe the pain, I asked him when did the pain start, and I asked him what he thought might be the cause of the pain; and I named some possible causes like something he ate and/or drank, an injury from a contact sport because he plays a contact sport of some kind, appendicitis, et cetera.

He still was not sure what the possible cause(s) of the pain was/were but he named a few possibilities, he was in too much pain to walk, and so I carried him inside the house to put him in his bed; and I called him mom so that she could come check him and decide if he should go to the hospital or not, but I woke up as we waited for his mom to arrive.

The end,

-John Jr

Getting Injured By A Strange Whirlwind And Going In And Out Of A Scary Dream World Within A Dream

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I barely remember part of one dream from last night because I got knocked unconscious in the dream several times and I had several scary dreams within a dream during most of those parts, and I probably woke up in the real world a few times.

I only remember part of the end of the dream that took place in a somewhat fictional version of D during the night, and I was walking near the DQ on Eastside; but the highway in this area was on a small bridge over-looking the abandoned B Store & part of Eastside.

I saw a helicopter or airplane flying very low almost on the bridge as I was on the bridge, but a strange whirlwind that I could see came out of nowhere; and the strange whirlwind caught the airplane or helicopter & then it caught me, and it sent both of us crashing off the bridge & I heard the helicopter or airplane crash.

I hit the ground below the bridge on Eastside and I instantly got knocked unconscious, and I woke up later at my grandfather’s house in the middle room; and my family was there, and my mom explained to me what had happened.

My mom said that someone on Eastside heard the crash at the small apartments near the abandoned B Store (probably my former uncle JW) and they came outside of their house to see what the noise was, and they found me unconscious on the ground with a knife stuck in my head; and so they called my family, and my family took me to the hospital.

It seemed that for some reason a knife was on the ground where I landed from the bridge and it party stabbed into my head when the whirlwind blew me off the bridge, fortunately the doctor said that it did not hit my brain & that it did not stab that deep into my skull, and so they bandaged my wounds; and they let my family bring me from the hospital.

I told my mom about the strange whirlwind and about what happened, and then I got up to talk with the rest of my family; and at some point I laid back down, and I went unconscious again & I had a scary/disturbing/freaky dream within a dream.

In the dream within a dream I was in my grandfather’s house still but it was dark, I did not know that I was in a dream within a dream, and I felt a strong negative/scary presence like something/someone was in the house; and I felt super afraid like during sleep paralysis, and the fear/panic was so strong that I could not stand it.

I tried to fight the feelings and I might have heard & saw things like someone/something was playing mind games with me, and I tried to tell myself that it was not real & that I was probably dreaming & that I had the power to make it stop; but the fear / panic / atmosphere of this dream world was so strong that I woke up back into the other dream and/or real world breathing hard/shaking/my heart was beating fast/et cetera.

This happened several times during the dream where I would sometimes lose consciousness and I would go back to that scary dream within a dream until I could not stand it, and I would wake up in the other dream world & then maybe sometimes the real world; and so things got very confusing to where I was not sure if I was awake or sleep, either way, I was very afraid but I kept trying to fight it.

It seemed that my fall from the bridge & the knife wound to my head left an injury that would cause me to lose consciousness sometimes randomly, and for whatever reason that super scary dream world within a dream is where I would go during my unconscious parts.

I wondered what was so scary about this place because it was only my grandfather’s house with almost no light with strange sounds/voices, visuals/hallucinations, and one or more unknown beings/spirits/whatever; and it seemed that it was not the audio/visuals themselves that were so scary (even though they were) but the atmosphere of the dream world which was over-whelming pure fear/terror/horror/negative presence/et cetera, and this was like heavy gravity weighting down your senses/emotions/feelings/et cetera.

That dream world/place was terrible/horrible like a mental/emotional torture/mind game/genjutsu, I remember probably becoming semi-lucid & it still was over-whelming & I yelled out to the presence probably challenging it to show itself but it probably never directly faced me & it continued to use audio/visual hallucinations/mind games instead, but I would always wake up because that dream world/place was too over-whelming to stay in.

At some point after waking up in & out of both dream worlds & maybe some times the real world, I finally woke up for good in the real world, and I was physically shaking either from the fear/panic and/or over-sleeping; and I laid in bed for a while a bit shaky & probably still feeling some of the fear/panic from that terrible dream world within a dream, so I did not want to get out of bed, and eventually I got out of bed.

The shakiness and fear was still there but it slowly went away eventually, so it is gone now except when I think about that scary dream world within a dream, what a terrible place/dream world that was.

The end,

-John Jr

AH Gets Seriously Injured In A Parking Lot At A College

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I barely remember part of three dreams, all of which involved college, and maybe all three dreams recycled the same dream world with only a few minor changes.

Dream 1

The first dream involved me returning to college unprepared (probably a community and/or technical college), and so I started having some of the same problems that caused me to not finish college years ago; such as problems with social anxiety & depression leading to problems with concentration, inspiration, memory, isolation, fear, confusion, and more.

I remember going to one class that was either an English or Math class taught by a male professor with whitish colored skin with long whitish & grayish colored hair & beard, I could not concentrate or figure things (along with many other problems/issues/things/feelings/thoughts/et cetera) out as the teacher showed something on the wall with a projector, and I was not sure what we were supposed to do/write/et cetera; and for some reason I did not think or want to ask the teacher (probably due to the many negative side effects of my problems), and I felt like canceling the class & maybe canceling several classes or canceling the entire semester before it was too late.

It felt like I had signed up for the semester suddenly without preparing or even testing myself to see if I was mentally/emotionally/socially ready, I wondered why did I do that, and I felt bad about another possible failed return to college; and so I tried to think about what I should do, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

The next dream is even less clear, I remember walking outside during the day when the sun would start setting soon in a fictional lower class college area, and I was probably walking near an area next to an upper class college campus; and on the upper-class side there was a group of upper-class college students walking, and we both found a lower-class woman on the ground who needed help where the upper-class & lower-class area meets/connects.

The woman looked a bit like Naevia on the TV show Spartacus: War Of The Damned combined with Alma Walker from the TV show American Horror Story: Asylum, surprisingly the upper-class college students decided to help her and I helped as well, and we started taking the woman on the upper-class side toward a hospital I think.

We stopped at a nice area with tall buildings with many mirrored windows near the hospital, some of which were a gold color, and the woman stopped with her back facing the nice buildings as the sun reflected nicely off of the mirrored windows & the sky looked nice; and she probably thanked us for helping her & she probably said that she did not need to go to the hospital, and she probably told us what had happened to her.

She then gave a very good speech that surprised/impressed everyone, but she ended the speech with an attack/challenge directed at the upper-class students & those with money/power negatively effecting/affecting & unbalancing our planet/cultures/economies/resources/et cetera; and most of what she said made sense to me, but I was a bit surprised by her saying this also toward the people who had just helped her.

The upper-class students were shocked & probably started to walk off at some point, and then I probably started to talk with the woman; but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 3

The last dream involved me and other college students, many of which were former classmates of mine, leaving to the parking lot during the afternoon to leave the college campus in our automobiles since classes were done; but as I was walking I heard people screaming for help, and so I ran to see what they needed help with.

I saw my former classmate AH on the ground bleeding like he had a serious injury like a gunshot wound or someone stabbed him or possibly cut his arm off or something serious like that, but I am not sure what happened exactly; and some of my former classmates were trying to help him like JU, RM, LB, and a few others.

He was too seriously injured to even sit up, he could only lay on the ground as he continued to bleed, and so we were going to need to pick him up & put him in an automobile & drive him to the hospital before it was too late; and so I told them that I would get my automobile, drive it near AH, we would put him in the back (I had my seats folded down), and I would drive him/them to the hospital.

I started to run to find my automobile panicking a bit since AH was going to die if I did not move quickly enough, not knowing that I was dreaming, I panicked enough to where I accidentally woke myself up from panicking in the dream.

The end,

-John Jr

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