Learning The Fundamentals | Day Twelve: Make Some New Connections (Day Twelve: Commenting Again!)

Using writing prompts introduces you to a whole new community of bloggers — there are hundreds of other people using them. Reach out!

Today, read six other responses to the prompt you wrote about, and leave comments on at least two.

Here’s how:

First, click the button below to reach The Daily Post’s Prompts page, and look for the one you used.

Click on the prompt and scroll down to the grid. Those are the other responses. Look for post titles that catch your eye, and click on at least six.

Finally, leave comments on at least two of the posts you read.

Instead of making new comments I will just list my two most recent comments that I have made on two other blogs:

Inky Sketches

20160509 Dream Journal

The end,

-John Jr