A Front News Bureau For The CIA & / Or A CIA Station?

I had more dreams last night but I did not voice record any of my dreams or really think about them all day, and so now I can only barely remember part of the end of my last dream from last night.

This dream from last night was inspired by episode 6 (The Return) of season 6 of the television series Homeland which I watched before going to sleep last night.


CIA/Intelligence Training?

File:Seal of the Central Intelligence Agency.svg
Source: Wikimedia Commons

I do not remember most of my dream from last night, but I know that it seemed to involve CIA/Intelligence-like training/practice/experiences.

I might have not been the main character of the dream at first, and maybe later I was the main character or became the main character from earlier in the dream.

The dream involved various scenarios that the main character and/or I had to get through, and there were other people in the dream who I can not remember and who we sometimes communicated with.

I know that the dream involved us going through a variety of situations to learn/practice the many skills needed for CIA/Intelligence work, and I am guessing that this dream was inspired by the TV show Homeland; but the dream was not about the TV show.

Some of the situations or most of the situations might have been real situations, instead of practice/training situations, but I am not sure.

I know that we started with easier situations at first, and we slowly worked our way to harder situations; but that is all that I can remember.

The end,

-John Jr