A Horror Movie Documentary

This dream involved a documentary about a fictional low-budget horror movie that was like a combination of the movies Thirteen Ghosts (which I have not seen), The Cell, and The Island Of Doctor Moreau (which I have not seen).


A College Documentary?

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During a forgotten part of this dream from last night or during a forgotten dream from last night I remember hearing the song Jardin D’Hiver by the French musician Pauline Croze from her album Bossa Nova:

Other than that all that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it was possibly a longer dream but I can not remember the earlier parts of the dream, but I do know that the dream involved a fictional college and it possibly started in the morning and ended in the evening.

I was attending this fictional college and some of my former classmates also went to this college like my former male classmates DH and AK, and maybe one or more of them were in one or more of my classes.

I assume that several days had passed before this part of the dream took place, this part of the dream started during maybe the morning, and I was with my former male classmate DH.

There was something that I can not remember that my former classmate DH would help me with sometimes, and so I wanted to do something for him in return so I was going to buy us some food so I remember us driving (I can not remember who was driving) to a gas station-like business that my former classmate DH said had some food that he likes.

During the drive we talked about some of our former classmates like our former male classmate TC, who was possibly in a forgotten part of the dream, and we quickly reached the gas station-like business and we went inside.

My former classmate DH recommended buying a maybe semi-dessert-like food that he likes here, and so I bought that for us and then we drove back to the college and we went our separate ways when we returned to the college.

I remember being in a nice middle class and / or upper class park / college courtyard / neighborhood-like area with grass, plants, walkways, benches, et cetera.

I remember seeing a woman with light-color skin with long light-color hair talking to her young son who had light-color skin with short brown hair in maybe a bowl-like style, I can not remember what they were talking about, and they seemed to be middle class and / or upper class and from the neighborhood.

At some point I remember talking with my former male classmate AK who was intensely talking with me about a variety of topics like politics, religion, philosophy, and more.

My former classmate AK was acting a bit strange during our conversation, and sometimes he would make facial expressions like he did in his high school yearbook photograph where he looked like a stereotype of a serial killer.

After our conversation we went our separate ways, and I walked further into the college campus and I went inside maybe a college library-like building.

At this point it was afternoon or late afternoon, at some point I remember being in a separate room inside the library that had carpet and bookshelves and it that looked mostly like a normal room in the library, but oddly it was also a shower / maybe bathroom even though it did not look like it.

I remember being in this room taking a shower, the actress Ruth Wilson or Ruth Wilson as her character Alice Morgan from the BBC television show Luther was also in his room taking a shower directly next to me, and we were talking to each other as we took a shower but we possibly were not even naked to make things even more odd but I can not remember if we still had clothes (clothing) on or not.

Mrs. Wilson or Alice had orange and / or red hair and based on her behavior in the dream I will assume that she was basically her character Alice Morgan, and so I will call her Alice.

Our shower and conversation got interrupted by another college student who was a man with light-color skin with dark-hair who maybe had his own band (music group) where he maybe played lead guitar (electric guitar in this case), Alice and this man both had a music class together, and the man was trying to start a romantic relationship with Alice even though Alice had a boyfriend.

The man knocked on the door to the room looking for Alice, Alice was not interested in this man at all, but she was teasing him for some unknown reason(s) which is why he felt that he had a chance.

Alice did not want to be bothered by him so she probably had me tell him that he could not enter the room and that she was busy showering et cetera, which stopped him from entering, but he continued trying to talk to her from outside the door briefly.

Then somehow I started seeing that the situation between Alice and the man was being made into a documentary by a maybe British man with light-color skin, and I was seeing this in my mind and in a way where at times I could no longer see myself because the dream would jump to scenes from the documentary.

While this was going on my body was still in the shower room with Alice, but I was able to see the documentary parts of the dream instead of what my body was seeing.

I remember seeing scenes from the documentary that showed Alice and the man when they did not realize that they were being filmed, and scenes of them being interviewed at various times individually so that each of them could explain their point of view during each part of the documentary.

In Alice’s interviews she always made it clear that she had no interest in the man, and in all the interviews of the man he always made it clear that he was interested in Alice and was trying to start a romantic relationship with her even if she had a boyfriend already.

There was scenes showing them in their music class at the college and they both played guitar, showing the man playing music with his band, showing the two of them hanging out, et cetera.

The man was determined to start a relationship with Alice, and at some point the dream returned back to where my body was in the shower room.

I remember telling Alice that I had seen some of the documentary that was being made about her and the man, I told her about how the man was interested in her, and she was somewhat surprised that I knew about the documentary and she said that she knew about the man’s intentions.

I told her that her teasing the man like this was making him think that he had a chance, and I asked why was she teasing him like this when she had a boyfriend.

She seemed to like teasing men like that, she probably had teased me as well as we showered and talked, but I can not remember her response other than that she was doing it for fun but that she was done with him now that she was no longer having fun.

It seemed that she likes to find different things to amuse herself temporarily but she quickly becomes bored, and she moves on to the next thing or the next person.

I recommended that she let the man know so that he will stop bothering her, and so that he can stop getting his hopes up that they will have a relationship one day but I can not remember her response before I got awakened by the alarm on my mobile phone.

The end,

-John Jr


The Summer Olympic Games

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place in another country, and athletes from around the world were arriving for the Summer Olympic Games I assume.

I arrived in this country for some unknown reason(s), and at some point during the dream I was inside a large cinema/store that was possibly inside a shopping mall-like building.

A film was about to be shown so many people were sitting down, some were getting food and drinks, and some were shopping in the store parts like I was.

There was an argument and fight that started as I waited in line at the cash register, an old woman who was the mother of Mrs. R who lives on the street behind my parent’s house was acting mentally unstable like she had a mental disorder and her daughter Mrs. R was with her, and she was yelling at and arguing with people in line.

This argument/fight between her and other people in line was a loud annoyance so I tried to calm the situation, but then her daughter Mrs. R started acting mentally unstable and she started trying to fight me and argue with me.

Eventually I managed to calm both of them down and stop the arguments/fights, they both seemed to clearly be suffering from one or more mental disorders, and at some point I left the store to another part inside and/or outside the building.

There was a news report about a viral video that someone had filmed in this area, a male athlete with white skin with short brown hair from The United States had been filmed exercising inside a store in this area without a shirt on showing his toned muscular upper body, and this video went viral and attracted the attention of many women.

The journalists were now outside and inside the store interviewing people, including the athlete himself, and I remember the athlete explaining how he went inside the store shortly after arriving in the country and he was lost and he needed somewhere to exercise so he asked the employees at the store if he could exercise in their store and they said yes so he stared exercising near the windows not far from the cash registers and eventually he took off his shirt while he exercised.

They also interviewed a male fashion designer with white skin who had designed the uniforms for The United State’s Olympic teams, and he explained that part of his inspiration on the new uniforms was from the Universal Soldier concept.

I was not sure if he meant the Universal Soldier films or a Universal Soldier-like program by The United States military, but I woke up as the interviews continued.

The end,

-John Jr


The Making Of A Pornographic Film With Azlea Antistia?

I can not remember most of my dreams from last night after going to bed very late and having a painful sleep on my old mattress that has me feeling like someone has been torturing my back like someone put me in the Boston crab or some other type of submission hold or like someone has been hitting me in my back with steel chairs or slamming me through tables in a tables match, but I do remember part of my last dream.

This dream was probably inspired by a sex dream that I read last night by fellow blogger Ingidisa/Jiuhl called Demon Sex, hopefully this does not increase the number of creep-os and spam toward that post, I am just crediting the assumed inspiration for this dream. 😉