Going To A Brothel By A Hospital In D With My Former Classmate JC

I somewhat remember part of one dream from last night that took place in a slightly fictional version of D except for maybe the beginning of the dream, but I forgot most of the beginning and the middle of the dream; and so the dream is unclear, and so some important parts of the dream are missing.

I think that part of the beginning of the dream might have taken place at a college/hospital where students were training to become doctors/nurses/et cetera but I am not sure, all I remember is some people being chased by security/police/or some group like that and I guess they were being chased for supposedly doing something illegal but I am not sure, and I possibly was either helping chase the people or I was one of the people being chased or I was watching this happen as a bystander but I am not sure which; and at some point the people probably escaped and/or I escaped or I left, and maybe during this part I met a man who might have invited me and/or my former classmate JC (if he was in the dream at this point, but I am not sure) to his business.