Isabelle Antena – Le Poisson Des Mers Du Sud

Le Poisson Des Mers Du Sud

What is it?

The song Le Poisson Des Mers Du Sud by Isabelle Antena from the music album Hoping For Love.

Isabelle – Le Poisson Des Mers Du Sud (Late Night Tales: Nouvelle Vague)

Isabelle Antena – Under Your Closed Eyelids (From Boondocks S02)

I still find it interesting that the animated TV show The Boondocks had some of Isabelle Antena’s music in it, and that is how I found out about her music.

COVID-19 & Cloth Face Masks & Isabelle Antena & The BP Library

I had many short dreams that I did not record, I can not remember most of them, but I will type what I remember.

Dream 1

I had a variety of dreams involving things related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), especially cloth face masks, and the conflicting information and statements about them throughout the pandemic so far.

Isabelle Antena & Mariah Carey In The City Of D

Isabelle Antena - Àngel Casas Show (1988)
Source: YouTube

All that I can remember of this dream is that it was maybe late afternoon or early evening in a slightly fictional version of the city of D, and I was at what seemed to be a slightly fictional version of my aunt JE’s house.

Isabelle Antena was there for a small private concert I assume, she had a male assistant who looked somewhat like a younger version of Don Lemon, and she probably had her equipment outside in the front yard which is where she probably had her concert.

Isabelle Antena – Àngel Casas Show (1988)

Isabelle Antena – Dans Le Jardin D’eden

Dans Le Jardin D'eden
Source: YouTube

Today’s song is the song Dans Le Jardin D’eden by Isabelle Antena from her 2006 music album French Riviera.

I like Mrs. Antena’s voice in this song and the laid back instrumentals, they both work together to bring about a sense of remembering the past, and this makes for a good song to just sit back and listen to while daydreaming.


Music Video

The end,

-John Jr