A Post-Apocalyptic Dream With A Warlord?

I had more dreams that I had remembered and there was more to this dream but I kept going back to sleep without recording my dreams, and so now I barely remember part of the end of this dream.

The end of this dream possibly took place in a post-apocalyptic dream world that seemed to be flooded et cetera, and the survivors were trying to survive using boats and islands et cetera it seemed.

I assume that I was there but I can not remember, I just know that a man with light-color skin seemed to be a sort of warlord who was forcing people with superpowers to serve him, and so his army / whatever had a lot of people with superpowers.

He found out that someone with superpowers in his group was doing something behind his back that he saw as a betrayal, he assumed that it was one of the people he forced to join him, and so he started trying to figure out who that person was so that they could be punished or killed.

It was possibly a woman with light-color skin with long black hair who had a certain superpower that I can not remember, and the warlord was trying to figure out which superpower was used and who had that superpower.

Whoever was doing this wanted to be free, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

An Alicia Vikander / Scientist / Lara Croft-Like Woman Trying To Protect Nuclear Weapon Research

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I had more dreams but I forgot them after not recording them, but I did make some quick lazy text notes on my mobile phone of barely part of one dream.

The dream took place during the day at The E House, most of the dream seemed to take place in the breakfast room, and outside the breakfast room window in the yard.

There was a woman who looked like the actress Alicia Vikander as a scientist who was also somewhat Lara Croft-like, I am not sure if she worked for a company or a government or who she worked for exactly, either way she was involved in some research that also involved nuclear weapons for the government / military.

She was probably doing some research when a man who worked for a company arrived trying to copy and / or steal and / or get the nuclear weapon research and / or nuclear weapons from her for his company so that his company could sell the nuclear weapons and / or research to other governments and probably whoever paid his company enough.

What he wanted was dangerous because it would lead to more countries and people and organizations and companies et cetera having nuclear weapons and the nuclear weapon plans to make their own nuclear weapons, and so the Ms. Vikander-like woman refused.

The man was not going to take no for an answer so a battle started, my memory is too unclear and this makes no sense, but the battle involved the video game Empire Earth being played out in the dream world outside the window of the breakfast room in the yard.

There was an island map from that video game in the yard, it was small enough to fit in that area so it was like a miniature dream world within this dream world, and there were two islands on a body of water with one island belonging to the Ms. Vikander-like woman and her company / whoever and another belonging to the man and his company.

No fighting happened yet, they both retreated to their islands to build their armies and defenses et cetera, and the man seemed to be waiting and hoping that the Ms. Vikander-like woman would use her research to build some nuclear weapons and / or bring out the already made nuclear weapons so that he could steal them and / or the research.

I could be wrong but I assume that the island map had already been outside, and that both of them already had some structures set up so maybe that is where the woman was doing her research before and maybe the man’s company or one of their locations happened to be on the other island but I have no idea.

I am not sure how long I had been in the dream or what I was doing, but I do remember standing in the breakfast room looking out the window after they retreated to the island map outside.

I watched from a distance trying to predict what they might do and trying to think up a strategy to help the Ms. Vikander-like woman so that I could enter the island map and tell her and maybe even help her directly.

The Ms. Vikander-like woman’s faction was one-to-three epochs ahead of the man, she was either in the World War I epoch or the World War II epoch at first so her faction was more advanced than his, and she started trying to move into either the World War II epoch or the Modern epoch (which is one of my favorite epochs in that game).

She did not have any military forces or defenses yet since her faction was just focused on research, so she was vulnerable to attack, and she was in desperate need of defenses and military forces.

She seemed to be trying to focus on upgrading first before working on her defenses and offense, I felt that this was too risky, and I would probably recommend doing a bit of both so I tried to figure out what epoch she was in so that I could think up a strategy.

In my opinion she needed to build some anti-aircraft and anti-land / anti-sea defenses first while doing some upgrading, then build an airport and barracks et cetera, and start building an air force quickly for defense and offense.

If she could advance to the Modern epoch and research nuclear weapons and build an airport and some aircraft, she could possibly use nuclear weapons and conventional weapons to defeat his faction early, but the man seemed to want her to build nuclear weapons so I did not think that was a good idea.

I decided to try to focus on conventional weapons and plan a strategy around that.

I either daydreamed my plans and / or I really entered the island map to help the woman, and I started focusing on the defenses and offense while she focused on the upgrading.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

Talking To Boyd Crowder

File:Walton Goggins March 19, 2014.jpg
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place during the day, I was with some of my family (like my mom) at a store, and at some point I remember being outside in an automobile waiting for the rest of my family.

Something was going on in the parking lot that I can not remember and I remember talking to a man who was parked in his automobile next to me, we probably started talking with our windows down, and then we walked outside our automobile to talk.

This man was probably the character Boyd Crowder from the television series Justified and not the actor who plays him which is Walton Goggins, but I could be wrong.

Boyd probably talked about what was going on in the parking lot, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream took place during the day and I remember a one-story station-like building where many people were sitting down with luggage waiting, and maybe a van drove into the parking lot and parked with a man and woman with white skin inside it and the woman possibly had yellow hair.

They carried at least two large bags of luggage into the station-like building, I think that they had an illegal plant (drug) inside the bags which was probably marijuana, and then they realized that the police were on their way because there was a security situation going on in this building somewhere.

They heard the police sirens getting closer so they were afraid that the police and/or their police dogs would figure out that they had an illegal plant (drug) in their bags, and so they started trying to leave and/or hide their bags and/or they tried to figure out what to do before it was too late; but I woke up.

Dream 3

This dream took place during the day, maybe a gray day, and I remember walking across a large parking lot toward some deep maybe dark blue water and tiny islands (just big enough for a few people to stand on) in one part of the parking lot which makes no sense but that is what was there.

There were people near this area, on my way to the water and tiny islands I probably saw Boyd Crowder again in his automobile and/or about to get into his automobile and he probably said something to me because he probably recognized me from the first dream, and we probably briefly talked again before I continued walking and he probably drove away and/or he walked toward the people near the water and islands.

I possibly briefly talked with the people before walking on the islands by the water, there were some kittens on one of these islands but I can not remember if there were any adult cats or not, and as I was moving to another island I turned to see some of the kittens fall in the water and they immediately started sinking to my surprise like they would probably drown.

The water was deep and probably dark blue so you probably could not see them once they sank past a certain point so I would not be able to see them to save them, one or more of them possibly resurfaced and safely got back on the island but I am not sure, and maybe not all of them resurfaced safely but I am not sure.

There was more to this dream involving the islands, water, kittens, the people, and more but I can not remember these details.

The end,

-John Jr

The Police Try To Kill Me

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place in another country, I remember being inside a windowless one-story classroom in a class of people including my former male classmate LT, and the actor Rider Strong or his Boy Meets World character Shawn Hunter were in the classroom as well as either the teacher/professor or a student or he was just there for some reason that I can not remember; and Mr. Strong had a larger role in the dream than I can remember, possibly of him trying to deal with the situations in the classroom and with the country that we were in, but I can not remember the details except that he seemed a bit stressed and quiet like he needed to make some major/serious decisions that would effect/affect many people.

Some parts of the dream possibly involved a fight or a near fight, a competition, possibly non-human sport fighting like maybe dog or chicken/rooster/cock-fighting or something else but I could be wrong, maybe a few other things, and the rest of the dream involved having class in the classroom; and at some point we went outside, and it was during the day and we were on a small island that was probably one of many islands that were part of or near this country.

I remember thinking or hearing the name Victoria, I am not sure if we were in Australia or in another country, but I do remember thinking that name; and the weather was gray and nice outside as we enjoyed spending some time on the beach, I remember there being people with dark-brownish and blackish colored skin outside who lived on the island, and I remember wanting to explore other islands and beaches and the water but it seemed that we were possibly restricted from doing so for some unknown reason(s); and maybe swimming was risky because of sharks, and so I do not remember swimming.

I was disappointed about not being able to explore so my mood decreased even though it was nice outside, but I woke up.

Dream 2

At least two parts of this dream involved Donald Trump and maybe his wife, they were mentioned and shown on the news, and Mr. Trump was being his usual self and talking about various things; but I can not remember the details, and at the end of the dream I went driving down a highway in a fictional city in my automobile during a gray day.

As I was driving down the highway with a few other automobiles I saw police cars with their lights on blocking the road ahead, we started to slow down and at first I wondered if there was an automobile accident, but I saw no other automobiles so I started to wonder if they were transporting Mr. Trump and his wife/whoever through the area or something like that; and then I thought that maybe they were looking for someone.

As we got closer the police cars moved to the side of the road and some police officer got out of their automobiles, they did not direct us or look at us, and so we slowly drove up waiting for directions from them as some of them started looking through a field on the side of the road and moving toward the road ahead of us; but they ignored us so I slowly started to drive up past a strange area that slightly separated the road like you were crossing into a new area, and so did the automobile next to me (there was one more area like this that we had crossed earlier that I forgot to mention).

The tip of my automobile crossed this area first but the other automobile and I stopped one last time to see if the police would stop us or not, then I started hearing gunshots but I did not see anyone for the police to shoot at, and then I heard some bullets hitting the crossing area by my automobile; and I realized that the police were shooting at me, and so I backed up my automobile and I started slowly driving away to avoid getting shot while hoping that a police officer would tell me what was going on or would try to arrest me instead of shooting me.

A police officer with whitish colored skin on side of the road blocked my path so I stopped hoping that he would tell me what was going on, he walked to my door pointing his pistol at me as I asked him what was going on, and he threw me out of my automobile without responding; and then he tried to shoot me so I pushed him to the ground asking him what was going on and explaining to him that I did nothing wrong and that he could arrest me but I asked him to not shoot me, but he did not respond and he started shooting at me so I ran to two motorcycles along the road to try to use one of them to escape.

Before I could reach the motorcycles another police officer with whitish colored skin pushed the motorcycles over, poured a liquid on them, and set them on fire to prevent me from escaping on them; and then he tried to shoot me, and so I probably disarmed him and threw his gun away and pushed him to the ground and ran as the other police officers shot at me and chased me for no reason.

I had a pretty good lead on them so I passed the other crossing area hoping that they would stop chasing me, the police were acting like this was a Grand Theft Auto video game, and so I hoped that by getting far enough away and crossing the other crossing area would lead to my wanted level going down to zero; and so I tried this, and to my surprise it seemed to work.

I was out of their sight now and so I tried to find somewhere to hide to be safe so I started walking away from the road back to maybe the place I had come from earlier, I was confused but glad to be alive and hopefully not being shot at and chased by the police anymore, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

Far Cry 3 Inspired Dreams With Reenactments Of The John F. Kennedy Assassination & Experimental Autonomous Robots

Dream 1

I did not voice record my dreams each time that I woke up during the night to use the bathroom, and so I forgot all of my dreams except for barely part of my last three dreams which were all inspired by the video game Far Cry 3 again (which I played last night before going to sleep again).

The first dream was basically me once again playing the video game Far Cry 3 and probably being inside the video game during the day, this time there was more of a focus on doing missions (especially main missions/the main quest), and some characters like Citra Talugmai / Montenegro were in the dream; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

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