Mom | It’sAGundam Hypotheticals

Lake Street Dive – “Hypotheticals” [Official Music Video]

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that my mom was in it.

Dream 2

I was not in this dream, and all that I can remember of this dream is that it involved a music video with It’sAGundam and two male friends of his.


Working On Websites & Being Ignored

Dream 1

This dream took place during the day at and / or near where S’s Motel in the city of D should be, and I was there with some of my family and It’sAGundam.

I remember us being at a business, I was at a computer working on a website for the business probably using some HTML, and maybe It’sAGundam was helping me somewhat with suggestions and testing my changes.


It’sAGundam’s White House Job | An Outdoor TV

Dream 1

This dream involved It’sAGundam (Gundam) somehow getting a government job working for The President Of The United States in an office inside The White House.

I called Gundam using my mobile phone as I ate a fried boudin ball as I walked during the day to a small wooden restaurant with screened windows to get some food, and I talked to Gundam as I waited outside the restaurant sitting in a chair.


It’sAGundam’s Sister Goes Missing

All that I can remember of this dream is that it involved It’sAGundam (Gundam) talking about his sister who worked outside at an outdoor market on and / or near a pier or boardwalk; and I was probably not in this dream.

Gundam talked about some of the various ways that he helps his sister, and how he tries to watch out for her.


Professor Scott Steiner Typography

Professor Scott Steiner Typography
Source: YouTube

What is it?

The 2011 YouTube video Professor Scott Steiner Typography by the YouTube channel AJ Minotti.

What is it about?

Here is the YouTube description for this video:

Scott Steiner gives us a math lesson.

The numbers don’t lie, and he WILL beat Samoa Joe!



My Thoughts

My reaction to this video was basically this followed by some laughing:


I found out about this funny video thanks to a YouTube video called Amouranth Loses 300,000 Followers Overnight by the YouTube channel It’sAGundam; thank you Gundam but you do need to start citing your sources, fortunately it was easy for me to find.

I think that the math visuals et cetera, go great with this audio, and so well done.

The end,

-John Jr