Trying Zinus Mattresses | A Bad Motel & Hotel

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it involved me trying different Zinus memory foam mattresses, I wanted to see what a 6 inch tall (thick or high) memory foam looked and felt like, but as I looked at and tried different Zinus memory foam mattresses I could not find a 6 inch one.

I found 7 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch, and 12 inch mattresses but no 6 inch mattresses which annoyed me so I kept looking but that is all that I can remember of this dream.


My Brother GC Accidentally Kills His Family

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

I got caught in what I like to call a quicksand sleep and wake and dream cycle where sometimes I keep waking up and going back to sleep and dreaming without being able to get out of bed (I can move but I just can not get up, you just do not feel like it even if you try, and even if you want to; it is like something is trying to stop you from getting out of bed), and so I get trapped in this cycle; and so I was not able to voice record any of my dreams from last night, and so I can not remember most of them.

I do know that I had some weird dreams where different scenarios would repeat with different outcomes each time, which would probably become increasingly worse/more negative after each repeat, and so it was not a fun experience being trapped in this; I would wake up sometimes thinking about these dreams and trying to get out of bed but you just do not feel like getting up or you can not get up even though I can move, and so I would keep falling back to sleep and continuing the cycle.

Dream 1

I had at least one other dream before this dream that I remembered part of but I forgot it shortly after waking up even though I had remembered part of it, and if I remember part of the dream later then I will type it before this dream.

All that I can remember of this repeating dream is that it was possibly partly inspired by something that happened last night on an episode of the Japanese anime Parasyte -The Maxim- and that the repeating dream took place inside a nice maybe windowless one-story house with light-colored carpet and some of my family and I seemed to live there maybe, and this repeating dream involved various scenarios where my brother GC would accidentally or somehow end up shooting and killing some of our family with a gun.

I can only remember part of two repeats of this dream, the first repeat that I remember involved my brother GC accidentally or somehow shooting and killing our brothers TD and KD, and he seemed numb like he did not really care; but that is all that I can remember of the first repeat of the dream.

The second repeat of the dream involved my brother GC possibly having a wife and two children, who went to maybe play a prank on my brother GC where his children were hiding inside a costume to look like the character Ivan Drago from the film Rocky IV, and they were pretending to be attacking/killing their mother/his wife.

They burst into the living room or whatever room my brother GC was in, I was possibly in this room or near this room as well, and it looked like Ivan Drago was trying to kill the wife of my brother GC; and somehow my brother GC had a gun, and he started shooting him thinking that Ivan Drago was trying to kill his wife, and somehow my brother GC accidentally or somehow shot and killed his wife during the shooting as well.

I ran over to check his wife and Ivan Drago, his wife was dead, and then I saw that Ivan Drago was really my brother GC’s children in a costume and they were dead too; and I remember being in shock and getting blood on my hands, I told my brother GC what I saw, and he seemed numb like he lacked emotion and he probably said something like: “Oh well.” or “That is unfortunate.” like he did not really care very much or at all about his family dying.

This disturbed me and I probably said something about this, I did not want to contaminate the now crime scene and I was not sure if we should wash any bloods off of our hands or not, and I told my brother GC to call the police; and I probably went to wash my hands after I took a moment to try to recover from the shock, and later the police had not arrived so I asked my brother GC if he had called them earlier like I had told him.

My brother GC said that he did not call the police, this disturbed and annoyed and angered me and I said so, and I told him that this was going to make him seem guilty and make it harder for the police to investigate the longer it takes until they can secure the crime scene; and so the bodies of his family were just laying there rotting while I thought the police were on their way.

My brother GC did not seem to care, he probably wanted to just throw their bodies in a trash can instead of notifying the police and letting them do their investigation, and legally and properly disposing the bodies of his family; and this disturbed me even more, and I wondered what was wrong with him.

I can not remember how many times this dream repeated and with how many different outcomes, I just know that it bothered me even when I woke up and I did not enjoy being trapped in this quicksand sleep/dream/wake cycle, and having to keep repeating this terrible dream with different outcomes.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream (I can not remember if it was a repeating dream or not) is that it involved Jessica Jones from the television series Jessica Jones sneaking into a building to steal and/or find and/or erase some videos/evidence/whatever for a female client of hers, and there was security and security guards in the building but Jessica sneaked past them until she reached a security-like room with video surveillance monitors and computers and records and things like that.

Jessica started looking through videos/files/et cetera until she found what she was looking for (she called her client several times to make sure that she found the correct videos/files/whatever, and she looked around for anything else that she thought was worth dealing with), I can not remember what she did with it but I think that she erased it and made a copy of it as proof, and then she started looking through the computers at probably a pornographic website that the security guards had left open.

The website was organized where there were the names and pictures of various pornographic actors and actresses that you could click on, when you clicked on a name/picture it would take you to their page where you could click to see information or pictures or videos of them, and you could download them one-at-a-time; and so Jessica went through some of them and downloaded some of them instead of just leaving after finishing her mission, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this repeating dream is that the first repeat of the dream involved a somewhat thick woman with whitish colored skin with short yellowish (possibly hair dye) colored hair, unfortunately I forgot most of the important details of this dream because I took too long until I started typing this, and so now this dream will not make as much sense and all that I can remember is that she was at a music concert during the day later in the dream.

There was a stage where a music group/band was performing under a covered area but part of the crowd was outside the covered area because this was a semi-outdoor concert, the lead singer of the band was a thin woman with whitish colored skin with yellowish colored hair with maybe some parts of her hair being dyed different colors in a somewhat wild hairstyle and the rest of the band were thin men with whitish colored skin with medium-to-dark colored hair, and there was security there among the large crowd.

I can not remember most of this dream now but at some point in the dream the woman somehow ended up on stage, maybe she was called up there or maybe she accidentally walked on stage but I can not remember, and the lead singer of the band and the crowd asked her to show her breasts; and she did not want to do this really, but she did so for several reasons (one reason being that it was somehow possibly for a good cause).

She lifted up her shirt showing her large breasts briefly and the crowd and the lead singer cheered as she stood there topless, the lead singer brought her to the front of the stage with her to continue cheering up/pumping up the crowd, and the woman seemed to be enjoying this as she made contact with some of the crowd; and then the lead singer thanked her, and the crowd cheered for her as she walked off the stage to the back of the stage to leave and then the dream repeated.

In the second repeat of the dream things quickly became negative this time as the woman was brought to the front of the stage with the lead singer as she made physical contact with the crowd, the crowd started to grab and grope and pull the woman trying to pull her into the crowd and take off her clothes, and the woman yelled for them to let her go while fighting against being pulled off the stage; and she had to grab the lead singer to try to stop herself from being pulled into the crowd.

She accidentally grabbed the lead singer by the neck as she tried to hold on for her life, oddly the lead singer started to choke the woman with her hands around the front of her throat while trying to push her into the crowd who were grabbing and groping and pulling her, and strangely the security were not trying to stop this at first and the lead singer was now helping the crowd.

When the security saw the woman accidentally grab the lead singer by her throat they ran to help the lead singer, they pulled the woman from the lead singer and instead of pulling the woman from the crowd to save her, they angrily picked her up and threw/slammed her into the crowd; but I think that the woman somehow managed to escape the crowd, she was angry and sad and felt violated and she yelled at the security and the band and the crowd, and she ran to leave the concert crying and considering calling the police and suing but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


Some Young Men Steal Something From My Parent’s House

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

I barely remember part of two dreams from last night with the first dream being like a movie/film, and it was about a young man who looked a bit like the actor Zac Efron.

The young man was a big fan of a famous young woman who was probably a pop music star and/or actress or something like that, he was such a fan that he signed up for a special bodyguard/security guard training program to become one of her bodyguards/security guards, and this special bodyguard/security guard training program was ran by the manager of the young woman & some of the bodyguard/security guards of the young woman.

The young man probably had to pay for the training program, and he left to the training center which was like military boot camp where you had to stay/live there until you pass the training; and the training center was located in the wilderness near a quiet country road.

All of the trainees probably had to sign confidentiality agreements and other restrictive agreements, and they had to follow orders like soldiers/et cetera; and so the young man began his training, but I can not remember how many days/weeks/months were shown in the dream or passed in the dream.

The famous young woman’s manager could be seen at the training center sometimes, and he was a very mean/untrustworthy/unlikable/et cetera person (scumbag is a word that could be used to describe him); and he was a somewhat overweight & ugly man with whitish colored skin with brownish colored hair who usually wore a whitish colored/light-colored suit with dress shoes, and he always had bodyguards with him.

His main bodyguard was played by the actor Bruce Willis, who had blondish colored hair in a hair style similar to Ivan Drago from the film Rocky IV, Mr. Willis’s character probably also helped oversee the training at the training center, and he seemed like he was a former military special forces soldier & his character seemed like a good guy compared to a lot of the people at the training center.

The manager was very mean to the famous young woman, he treated her badly, and he was probably taking advantage of her; and in the dream sometimes you saw or heard evidence of this and/or the manager himself would brag about it.

At some point the young man got tired of seeing & hearing about how the manager treated the famous young woman, and so he confronted the manager about it; and an argument started, and the manager ordered his bodyguards to probably beat up the young man or worse but Mr. Willis’s character tried to talk him out of it.

I am not sure what happened exactly, I just know that the manager went to his helicopter, and I remember Mr. Willis’s character looking unhappy; but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 2

The second dream started with me arriving in my parent’s yard & my parent’s arrived shortly after me during the day, and I walked toward the back door noticing several fictional young men with dark brownish colored skin with short black colored hair who lived in the neighborhood leaving out of my parent’s house with one or more metal baseball bats & something else; and they looked & acted like they had just stolen something out of my parent’s house and/or attacked someone, and they even were talking about it as they ran off.

I ran into the house and I found my brother CC, he said that the young men had stolen something & maybe attacked something/someone and/or him, and then my parent’s walked into the house with a woman with whitish colored skin with brownish colored hair in a ponytail wearing a bluish colored tennis shirt with tan-colored pants; and we told them what had happened & the woman said that she was a police officer, and then we went to see which direction the young men ran.

We saw them run in front of a house on the street where MZ Church is and so we ran after them, and it seemed that they went into one of the houses; and so the woman/police officer went inside the house alone, which I did not think was a good idea but she told us to wait, and so we waited outside.

We waited a while but no one came outside and so I started to get worried, I told my parent’s to call for more police to come, and then my brother CC & I were about to go inside the house to see if the woman was okay; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr