AH Gets Seriously Injured In A Parking Lot At A College

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I barely remember part of three dreams, all of which involved college, and maybe all three dreams recycled the same dream world with only a few minor changes.

Dream 1

The first dream involved me returning to college unprepared (probably a community and/or technical college), and so I started having some of the same problems that caused me to not finish college years ago; such as problems with social anxiety & depression leading to problems with concentration, inspiration, memory, isolation, fear, confusion, and more.

I remember going to one class that was either an English or Math class taught by a male professor with whitish colored skin with long whitish & grayish colored hair & beard, I could not concentrate or figure things (along with many other problems/issues/things/feelings/thoughts/et cetera) out as the teacher showed something on the wall with a projector, and I was not sure what we were supposed to do/write/et cetera; and for some reason I did not think or want to ask the teacher (probably due to the many negative side effects of my problems), and I felt like canceling the class & maybe canceling several classes or canceling the entire semester before it was too late.

It felt like I had signed up for the semester suddenly without preparing or even testing myself to see if I was mentally/emotionally/socially ready, I wondered why did I do that, and I felt bad about another possible failed return to college; and so I tried to think about what I should do, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

The next dream is even less clear, I remember walking outside during the day when the sun would start setting soon in a fictional lower class college area, and I was probably walking near an area next to an upper class college campus; and on the upper-class side there was a group of upper-class college students walking, and we both found a lower-class woman on the ground who needed help where the upper-class & lower-class area meets/connects.

The woman looked a bit like Naevia on the TV show Spartacus: War Of The Damned combined with Alma Walker from the TV show American Horror Story: Asylum, surprisingly the upper-class college students decided to help her and I helped as well, and we started taking the woman on the upper-class side toward a hospital I think.

We stopped at a nice area with tall buildings with many mirrored windows near the hospital, some of which were a gold color, and the woman stopped with her back facing the nice buildings as the sun reflected nicely off of the mirrored windows & the sky looked nice; and she probably thanked us for helping her & she probably said that she did not need to go to the hospital, and she probably told us what had happened to her.

She then gave a very good speech that surprised/impressed everyone, but she ended the speech with an attack/challenge directed at the upper-class students & those with money/power negatively effecting/affecting & unbalancing our planet/cultures/economies/resources/et cetera; and most of what she said made sense to me, but I was a bit surprised by her saying this also toward the people who had just helped her.

The upper-class students were shocked & probably started to walk off at some point, and then I probably started to talk with the woman; but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 3

The last dream involved me and other college students, many of which were former classmates of mine, leaving to the parking lot during the afternoon to leave the college campus in our automobiles since classes were done; but as I was walking I heard people screaming for help, and so I ran to see what they needed help with.

I saw my former classmate AH on the ground bleeding like he had a serious injury like a gunshot wound or someone stabbed him or possibly cut his arm off or something serious like that, but I am not sure what happened exactly; and some of my former classmates were trying to help him like JU, RM, LB, and a few others.

He was too seriously injured to even sit up, he could only lay on the ground as he continued to bleed, and so we were going to need to pick him up & put him in an automobile & drive him to the hospital before it was too late; and so I told them that I would get my automobile, drive it near AH, we would put him in the back (I had my seats folded down), and I would drive him/them to the hospital.

I started to run to find my automobile panicking a bit since AH was going to die if I did not move quickly enough, not knowing that I was dreaming, I panicked enough to where I accidentally woke myself up from panicking in the dream.

The end,

-John Jr


Repeating Dream Fragments

Source: Wikipedia

Lazy Overview:

I dream of being in a field on a nice day with a film crew filming some United States (USA) soldiers in basic training, my former classmate DH is one of the recruits, and the drill sergeant is trying to impress the camera crew.

At some point we all take a break and Rachael Maddow and I start to play soccer, and the other join in, so Ms. Maddow and I join teams to face the others.

I was the goalie and defense and part offense, and Ms. Maddow was mostly offense and part defense; we were having fun and I remember Ms. Maddow jokingly thanking me for showing my fellow Americans how to play real football or something like 😀 , but I woke up as I was kicking the ball & kicked my bed in real life by accident. 😀

I have an unclear and confusing repeating dream that takes place in a large old style Ivy League College-like dorm or building.

I am with some of my family and other people, my mom is there and a baby that is supposed to be me as a baby, even though I was in the dream; so this made no sense, but in the dream it did. 😀

I was playing with the baby that was supposed to be me, even though I was me. 😀

The baby actually did not look like me and did not even look human exactly, but I did not notice this at first, which is odd; the baby looked somewhat like the dinosaur baby (Baby Sinclair) from a TV show called Dinosaurs or something like that.

I remember meeting two women my age and a middle-aged woman who seemed to be in charge, and a meeting or something was going on; I remember something weird happening with the baby & his eyes turned red or something and/or his voice became scary or something.

I can not remember what happened after that except that I moved away from the baby & I was freaked out, and realized that something was not right; I think the baby could shapeshift, so I wondered if it was a face dancer or something, and then I realized that it was not me.

This part is also unclear, something happened involving a threat, I did not know who to trust; so in defending myself I ended up killing everyone I could in the dream, since they all could have been face dancers for all I knew.

The dream re-starts several times, each time with me remembering more & more from each dream, and realizing that something was not right; the dream characters seemed to be trying to convince me that I was not dreaming.

I started to realize that I had dreamed this several times, and each time I ended up killing people since I was not sure who to trust.

Two of the women my age took me outside to prove that I was not in a dream and that they were not trying to hide anything, since I was suspicious that the dream had only been indoors each time, so we went outside and it was nice; but there were no people in the streets, which I found a bit odd.

The women kept trying to distract me and they walked me toward another building, but they sensed danger and we ran back to the other building.

Inside the threat came again and during the threat, I started to kill people again; I remember feeling a bit bad about it, but I was not sure who to trust, so I killed the leader first.

Then I was about to kill one of the women that had walked me outside, but she ran; I started to wonder what was going on & why did the dream keep starting over & who could I really trust, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂