My Fictional Uncle Gets Dropkicked

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

This dream possibly involved another country and another language, and I possibly used this other language.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream took place during a gray and somewhat dark day in a field near a street that looked like the clearing next to the field by the C Elementary School in the city of D, and I was there with some other people including my uncle JE and an old fictional uncle (possibly a great-uncle) who was think with dark-color skin and some of my brothers who were possibly all fictional but I can not remember but I do know that one of my fictional brothers had light-color skin with medium-length brown hair.

My fictional brother ended up getting in a fight that was possibly started by one or more people, and I broke up the fight.

Our fictional uncle started walking over to the person or people who started the fight to deal with them, I did not want anymore fighting and I was busy making sure that my fictional brother did not try to fight again, and so I said: “Stop him.” out-loud so that someone could hold my fictional uncle back.

A skinny young man with light-color skin ran over to stop our fictional uncle, but instead of holding him back he ran and dropkicked our uncle in the back which hurt our fictional uncle who was a thin old man.

This angered us and my family members wanted to attack the young man but I stopped them, I was so angry that I ran over to the young man and I picked him up and possibly dragged him around and swung him in the air a bit to scare him and rough him up a bit, and then I put him down once I calmed down and I talked to him about why we were angry and I possibly apologized for roughing him up a bit.

Then I went to help our fictional uncle, but I woke up.

Dream 3

This dream involved me riding a bicycle during a gray day up the street that leads to the D High School in the city of D, I remember passing some of my former female classmates, and I made left turn on the street that leads to the KRH Elementary School and the D High School.

In the parking lot and in part of the field was a fictional indoor / outdoor building, and I saw my former male classmate BH doing something at the back of it (maybe playing a sport alone) so I went to talk to him and explore parts of the building and school.

Before I could reach him I reached an area where there was a male janitor with dark-color skin working, and there were other people in this area like a small gathering was going on.

The janitor asked me what I was doing, and I told him that I was about to talk to my former classmate BH (whose mom is a teacher).

The janitor then told me that my former classmate BH had possibly recently returned from Afghanistan as a soldier, he asked me if I had been there because he assumed that I was a soldier too, and then he told me that he had went to Afghanistan when he was a soldier.

He told me that some of the civilians there would drag around metal things that would make a certain noise, he tried to describe the sound, and I tried to visualize what the metal objects looked like because he assumed that I knew what he was talking about.

I visualized metal sled-like or canoe-like objects connected to a rope that were used to hold things, especially things for sale in markets et cetera, but that was my wild guess.

I woke up as the janitor continued to tell me about his military experiences in Afghanistan.

The end,

-John Jr

President Emmanuel Macron Goes Missing

Dream 1

This dream was probably partly inspired by the film Saban’s Power Rangers (Power Ranger), which I started last night, and I will probably finish watching today.

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day, and I was outside near a swimming pool with maybe some people I knew and some people I did not know.

Time Traveling To The Future In A School

Dream 1

I spent most of the night dreaming about the video game Fallout 4 and managing settlements and settlers and their clothing and outfits and armor and weapons in that video game during the day, but that is all that I can remember of these dreams.

Dream 2

Fortunately I finally remembered part of a dream that was not related to the video game Fallout 4, it was my last dream from last night, but it is a bit confusing and unclear and missing many details because I forgot a lot of this dream.

Singing The Dragonborn Comes

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I had more dreams last night but I forgot them maybe except for maybe part of a dream that took place during the day that possibly involved a college, maybe fictional roommates/suite-mates/classmates/friends, maybe some of my family, a fictional city, my former male classmate BH, et cetera; and now I can only barely remember part of the end of my last dream.

The end of my last dream took place probably during the day in a windowless one-story building that seemed to be a multi-purpose city building that was probably used by the city, police department, a college, et cetera; and it had hallways with many rooms, some bathrooms, and in the middle of the building between two hallways was a small quiet (other than the female police officers arguing) police station which was just a counter/office-like area.

I went inside this building many times during the dream near the police station to go to the bathroom, most of the police officers were women who argued a lot so there was always some drama between them, and all the janitors in the building were women who I would sometimes hear talking about the latest drama between the female police officers; and the bathroom that I used most of the time was actually a women’s bathroom.

There are several reasons that I can not remember for why I ended up using the women’s bathroom most of the time, I do know that I forgot that it was a women’s bathroom or I did not find out until later in the dream that it was a women’s bathroom, and sometimes the female janitors would be cleaning and gossiping in the bathroom and/or some of the female police officers would be arguing inside or outside the bathroom in their open police station.

Interestingly people in the dream also would have some fun when they were not arguing or gossiping, they would often talk about the video game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and sing songs from the video game like The Dragonborn Comes, and I even joined in some of the singing sometimes because I know some of the lyrics to some of those songs; and it was fun singing with the others, it was like a bunch of people at a tavern in Skyrim having a good time, and surprisingly I did not really feel nervous.

At some point in the dream I finally figured out/remembered that I had been using the women’s bathroom all this time and I found out where the men’s bathroom was so I went to use it, there were some college students taking a break from a class and singing and having fun in the hallway outside the men’s bathroom, and inside the bathroom was a female college student with whitish colored skin with long medium-colored hair wearing glasses and sitting in a sitting area while some female janitors cleaned part of the bathroom while gossiping.

This bathroom was surprisingly clean and had pretty good privacy compared to the average bathroom in my dreams, the janitors were cleaning in one of the corners and so most of the stalls and semi-private urinals were open, and so I asked the janitors if it was okay for me to use the bathroom and they said yes; and then I said a few things to them, and I greeted the female college student before I went to urinate.

After urinating I washed my hands and then I stopped to talk to the female college student before going to sing with the other college students in the hallway who I heard singing songs from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, we talked briefly and then we started singing The Dragonborn Comes, and then I went into the hallway to join the others in their song but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

A Sex Tape At The Beginning Of A YouTube Video + A Giant Pillow Clam-Like Creature / Device + A Ronan The Accuser / Dr. Claw-Like Alien = ?

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

I had several dreams last night that I did not voice record when I woke up to use the bathroom because they were unclear and I did not feel like voice recording them, so I forgot them when I went back to sleep, and so now I only barely remember part of the end of my last dream which was unclear and confusing and dream-like and it did not make sense at times.

The dream possibly took place on a fictional unknown small water planet where various alien species lived/visited and some were prisoners in a prison that was on the planet, and humans were there as well; and I remember being on water with my brother GC in either a small house boat or a small house platform/whatever that was on the water in the middle of nowhere.

It was probably evening or night and my brother GC was sleeping and I was on a computer watching what probably was a YouTube video/commercial about a maybe fuzzy/hairy pillow/clam-like creäture or device, it was a brownish color with the same pattern as the dark side of the comforter on my bed and it was shaped somewhat like a clam and it could close and open somewhat like a clam, but the video started with a few seconds of a sex tape to my surprise/confusion.

I was surprised and confused as the video started in somewhat low quality in a dimly lit bedroom as a woman with whitish colored skin with long yellowish colored hair who looked like PS W from WW wearing maybe a one-piece or two-piece lingerie outfit that was a purplish color and maybe a few other colors like a blackish color and a man with whitish colored skin lay/laid on the bed sideways having anal sex for the first few seconds of the video (about 3 – 10 seconds maybe), and then the video jumped skipped to a higher quality video of the pillow/clam-like creäture/device commercial/video.

I was not sure if this was an adult/pornographic YouTube advertisement that was accidentally added to the beginning of the video or if the uploader accidentally added this part to the video or if the uploader added this on purpose or if YouTube got hacked or something like that, either way the real video started after the few seconds of the anal sex tape, and the real video took place possibly where my brother GC and I were in the water that our house boat or house platform/whatever was on.

Two women with whitish colored skin wearing one-piece bathing suits were in water testing out the pillow/clam-like creäture/device, the water was very deep and thick and it was a deep/dark blueish color and it felt/looked dream-like, and they went under water with the creäture/device; and I think that they tried to have it close on them, and maybe I went outside on our platform or boat and they were in the water below us.

I got into the water and I probably helped one of the women open the creäture/device off of them, magically they were gone at some point and I was left with the creäture/device, and I let it close on my arm and I could feel the pressure which was strong enough to hold but not hurt you; but then I started trying to pull my arm away and open it, my brother GC walked outside like the noise woke him up and he saw me, and I explained what was going on and he went back to sleep.

After I got my arm unstuck I went back inside, the next thing that I remember is the next morning/day, and there were various scenes/parts of the dream where I kept hearing a male alien with a somewhat deep voice who reminded me of Dr. Claw from the animated television show Inspector Gadget and Ronan The Accuser from the movie Guardians Of The Galaxy who led a group who had plans to take over/attack one or more planets and/or the universe and/or something like that; but I would only hear him, I could not see him, but I could see where he was and who he was talking to.

In each scene he was in a different area/place/job/position/et cetera pretending to be someone else I guess and he always was sitting down talking to someone in each scene, he seemed to do this often to avoid getting caught and so that the authorities/police/whoever could never identify him, but in the last scene I finally got to somewhat see what he looked like.

He was in a prison that was on the water in the middle of nowhere not far from where my brother GC and I were, this prison had various alien species in the prison but I can not remember if any humans were in this prison or not, and he was in a small room in a lower section of the prison sitting in a wheelchair talking to someone about their/his plans.

He was a bald blueish colored alien who was supposed to be old and crippled/physically disabled or pretending to be old and crippled/physically disabled, he would pretend to be different people in each scene, and I am assuming that he was the prisoner/person who was in control of the prison or the person who the other prisoners feared; and after this meeting/talk there was a scene of an angry/mean tall thin but muscular whitish/yellowish colored female The Lord Of The Rings-style elf-like alien prisoner with long golden hair and some of her female followers walking quickly down the hall like maybe she was the one who had a meeting with the main villain of the dream.

I am assuming that the main villain and her formed an alliance and maybe she would run the prison for him whenever he is not there, the current prisoner running the prison or who had this job was a somewhat thick and tall blueish colored female alien prisoner who somewhat looked like the alien species the Asari from the Mass Effect video games, and I guess she rebelled against the main villain or he decided to replace her or she was really the person running the prison but he wanted to take her position.

The elf-like female alien hated the species that the blueish colored female alien was from, she wanted to kill their entire species and she seemed to have a grudge against the blueish colored female alien, and so she was on her way to probably kill the blueish colored female alien it seemed now that she had the support/alliance with the main villain of the dream; and she even said that eventually she wanted to attack their homeworld/home world and/or capital city, and destroy it.

The next scene took place in another part of the prison that had a room with a ledge over some water and the somewhat thick blueish colored female alien prisoner got a message and/or letter from one of her female followers, it probably was a message from the female elf-like alien and/or a warning that she was on her way to kill her and that she had made an alliance with the main villain of the dream, and the blueish colored female alien became afraid; and she warned her followers about the situation, and she probably gave them orders to stand-down/hide/run/survive.

Her followers ran out of the room to follow her orders and warn the others, and not long after this the beheaded and armless body of the somewhat thick female alien fell into the water under the ledge of her room; and the dream jumped back to my brother GC and I driving a boat to meet with some of my former classmates and other fictional people I knew on a mission to learn more about the main villain’s plans so that we could try to stop him and his group.

We met on the water in the middle of nowhere on our boats and/or on a house platform/whatever and my former male classmate JC was one of the people in our group at our meeting, after our meeting we left by boat to a multi-story multi-purpose building on the water in the middle of nowhere not far away from where we were, and the others entered the building on an upper floor before me to search the building for clues while trying to blend in/pretend to be doing something else.

I entered the building shortly after them but I did not see them so I walked around looking for them, this floor had long hallways that went around in a rectangle with curved corners, the middle of this floor was a more neutral area, the left side of this floor had eating/drinking/hangout areas like at a college, and the right side of this floor had one or more stores focused on clothing mostly probably.

On the right side of the floor in the clothing store-like area I saw two women with dark brownish colored skin with blackish colored hair with mops and mop buckets who worked as janitors, I grabbed on of the mops to pretend to be a janitor as I looked for the others and for clues, and so I walked around exploring and sometimes mopping the floors to blend in; and I briefly went on the floor above the floor that I was on, it was a hospital-like area, but I still could not find the others so I returned to the other floor.

I explored the left side of the floor where food/drinks/et cetera were served and I saw some of my former classmates in this area like my former male classmate EK, I probably talked to some of them briefly and this area felt like a college food court/whatever, and eventually I decided to stop my janitor act because I could not find the others and I did not really need to pretend anymore; and so I walked to the right side of the building to put the mop back in its mop bucket.

This part of the floor was dimly lit because the clothing-like store was closed but I saw the two female janitors still mopping, I asked them which mop bucket did the mop belong in and they showed me and I thanked them, but then they started trying to train me/inform me about their job/routine because they thought that I was their new co-worker/janitor; but I told them that I was not, and that I was only cleaning up something with the mop earlier.

I asked them if there really was a job opening for a janitor because I needed a job and this seemed like it would be a nice place to work, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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