A Jason Stackhouse-Like Man Trying To Change

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Dream 1

I barely remember part of two or three dreams that all took place during the day in probably the same fictional city and probably in the same apartment complex, and the first dream involved me being inside an apartment with several people I knew like maybe my former classmate SS and several other people who(m) I can not remember except for a fictional actor I knew who had whitish colored skin with short blond colored hair (he looked a bit like an actor who(m) I can not remember his name).

We were all hanging out and at some point most of us started to leave, I went to the parking lot to my automobile but I was having automobile problems, and so I asked the fictional actor I knew for help because he was good with automobiles; and he helped me fix my automobile, I thanked him and I asked him how much money I owed him, and to my surprise he said about $375 or more.

I thought that he was joking at first and I jokingly asked him for a discount because we were friends and because fixing my automobile was quick/easy and because he made enough money as an actor, but it seemed that maybe he was being serious about the price; but maybe he gave me a discount and only charged me $175 or more, but I can not remember.

I just remember paying him and he walked off, I was a bit annoyed by how much he charged me, and I drove off; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

The second dream seemed to be a continuation of the first dream, I parked my automobile at what seemed to be the same apartment complex, and I went into a different building than in the first dream; and I entered a large room with several semi-floors over-looking the main room, and there were a lot of people there hanging out.

At this point another dream character became the main character of the dream it seemed, he was a man who somewhat looked and somewhat acted like Jason Stackhouse from the TV show True Blood, and he was a ladies man who went around having sex with a lot of women; but he met a woman who looked like or was Crystal Norris from the TV show True Blood, they started dating, and he started trying to change from being a ladies man who had sex with a lot of women into a faithful boyfriend to his new girlfriend.

He even started following an unknown religion and/or religious-like group to help him change, Crystal probably was a member and helped him join, and they started going to church / meetings together; and one of these church services/meetings took place in the same apartment complex, maybe in the same large room from earlier, and the man spoke publicly about how he was changing his life and trying to stay faithful to his girlfriend Crystal.

Crystal kept the man close to her when possible and she worked hard to make sure that he stayed faithful to her, and so when they were in public she often made sure he was not staring at other women; and she often annoyed him a lot about various things as she continued trying to control him, but that is all that I can remember of this dream or this part of the dream.

Dream 3

The next dream or the next part of the dream was a continuation of the man’s struggle to change and his relationship struggles with his girlfriend Crystal, something strange and unclear happened involving the religious-like group that they were part of, and they did a ritual on the man after he had a near-death experience.

The man had almost died either in the distance past or in the recent past, the religious-like group did a ritual on him that probably had nothing to do with his near-death experience, and this ritual was supposed to change him somehow; but since he had almost died, the effects/affects of the ritual were different than expected, because the religious-like group did not know about his near-death experience before they did the ritual.

After the ritual the man now had the power to heal people without killing them or something like that, I guess the ritual normally had a negative effect/affect where if you tried to heal someone and/or do certain things to someone they would die, but a person who has the ritual done on the them after a near-death experience does not have this disadvantage/negative effect/affect or something crazy like that.

The ritual itself was explained and the change/powers related to it but I can not remember the details unfortunately, it was a bit confusing and unbelievable, because the ritual really gave people certain special powers; and I remember the man going around healing people or something like that, and he tried to use his powers for good but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


John Jr Gets A Ticket

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Last night I remember part of one dream, which took place mostly in a fictional city during the day, and I was not in the dream during some parts; I am not sure what order that these fragments are supposed to be in, and so I will start with the fragments that did not have me in them.

Police officer Andy Bellefleur from the TV show True Blood, was the main character in the first fragments, and he was still having serious problems with his V (Vampire Blood) addiction; and he drove to this fictional city for work.

When he arrived, his boss told him that he was fired, because he needed to deal with his V addiction.

Mr. Bellefleur walked off angrily back to his car, and then Jason Stackhouse came to offer help to Mr. Bellefleur; Mr. Stackhouse wanted to help Mr. Bellefleur with his V addiction, and he even offered him a place to stay.

Next, I remember being in the dream, and I was driving to this same fictional city; and when I arrived in the city, I got pulled over by a police officer on a motorcycle.

The officer said that I did not use my blinker/turning signal when I turned, which was not true, and so I told the officer that I did use my turning signal & that I heard that my turning signal was on & that I saw it blinking; but the officer said that he did not care.

I got a bit angry/frustrated and I asked the officer to check my turning signal himself, to prove whether it was working properly or not, and I asked him to look at his video camera footage to see if I had used my turning signal or not; but the officer refused angrily with a simple No, but I was not ready to give up.

Suddenly it seemed that the officer had called two Huge country-type men, they were even taller & bigger than the ones from my dream not long ago, and the two huge men walked over to me in a threatening way; they were so huge, that I my head was to about their waists, but I was not afraid of them, probably because I was a bit angry.

Instead of arguing I asked the two huge men to take me to the place where I could pay for the ticket that the officer gave to me, and then they walked me through this shopping-like district of the city to the City Hall or something like that.

Everything had an old stone look to it, the road, the sidewalks, the buildings, et cetera; it was a nice area, with shops, a Catholic-like church, restaurants, and various types of buildings.

This area of the city was mostly for walking and there were not many automobiles around, which was nice, and the two huge men walked me through a building that appeared to be a Local Government building; and they led me to the place where you pay for tickets, and then they walked off.

A woman behind a desk looked my information up on a computer and she told me how much the ticket cost, and I paid for it; and then she gave me a receipt, and I walked off still a bit angry.

I then decided to relax and I walked around exploring, which was nice, and at some point I stopped at the Catholic-like church to see a choir of mostly young men wearing robe-like outfits, practicing; and I noticed a former classmate of mine named WT and his dad, and so I stopped to ask them some information about the city & about my ticket situation.

Then I left to find my automobile and I started to drive away from the city, and then I drove on the highway to return home; but then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


John Gets Bit Again + A Vampire? + Jason Stackhouse + John’s Leg Rotting Away = ?

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Last night I remember the end of one dream and then some of another dream I had after that.

Dream 1

The first dream took place outside my parent’s yard in the alley where all of my brother’s pets are, and I was looking at the ground because I saw a snake.

There was this small snake with a head that was thicker than the rest of its body and it was a yellowish-tan color with odd-shaped dark-colored designs on it, and it was sticking part of its head & body above the dirt; snakes usually do not bite me in dreams, so I used my usual response & tried to avoid it.

But like almost every dream I have with snakes, more start appearing as the dream goes on, and I kept noticing more snakes here & there, coming out of holes in the ground. (Snakes in my dreams usually just leave me alone, it is just that more usually keep appearing, so it gets hard to avoid them)

I kept trying to avoid them, but I kept seeing more & more, after a while I decided to try to kill one for some reason (I think because that snake reminded me of the first snake to ever chase & try to attack me in a dream); so I grabbed a stick & tried to hit one.

I then grabbed the snake by the tail, pulled it out of the hole, and tried to throw it against the fence to really kill it but I accidentally missed & the snake hit my arm.

The snake then bit me, and I stopped in shock & tried to stay calm to see if I felt the effects of any poison or not, but I woke myself up in the shock of getting bit.

In the real world I woke up with part of me thinking I really had been bitten and part of me knowing it was a dream, so I sat in bed for a moment to feel if I had been really bitten or not, I did not feel anything so I knew it had been a dream. (This is the second or third time I ever got bitten by a snake in a dream, but it was my fault again this time.)

Dream 2

After going back to sleep I remember walking to a very small RV park and to a RV, which was mine, and I went inside to watch some TV.

The inside of the RV looked nice but the outside looked pretty old and there was mostly dirt instead of grass around this tiny RV park, and the RV park was near the woods in some unknown area.

There may have been more that took place at the beginning of the dream because it appeared that I was just returning from work or school or something, and I am not sure how I knew that was my RV.

On TV a fake episode of True Blood was playing so I stopped to start watching it, and then suddenly something weird happen that I am not exactly sure how to explain.

I think I had a vision or something, but it appeared on the TV instead of just in my mind, it showed two young women riding in an RV at night-time on a road surrounded by woods.

They were in the back of the RV having fun talking, when they noticed a dirt road going through the forest, and they wondered if a vampire lived up there.

As they were passing by I saw someone running super fast like a vampire past the RV and suddenly something grabbed one of the young women out of the RV, but it was so fast I only saw a blur of a whitish colored hand and the person appeared to be a man.

Then someone knocked on my door, so the TV went back to the fake True Blood episode and I then turned the TV off to answer the door.

At the door was the young woman from my vision that did not get taken, I told her that I saw what had happened to her friend, she was shocked & wondered how that was possible.

I told her that I would help her find her friend, but then a woman walked up, who I knew was the co-owner of this RV park along with her husband. (I have no idea how I knew that)

Also I think she was the one that was driving the RV the day that the young woman got taken, that young woman was the daughter of the owners and the friend of the other young woman.

I told the mother that I believed that we could find her daughter if we worked together, the mother started to cry a little, and then her husband walked up to tell us that he was about to cook some food & invited us to eat & play some board games.

The wife stopped crying, smiled, and asked me if I would come & I said yes; then the three of them went inside an RV that was somehow connected with my RV to prepare the meal.

Somehow they had a basement connected to my RV and the top floor of their RV was connected to mine through my kitchen.

As I was about to go back inside my RV someone else came to my door, it was Jason Stackhouse from True Blood.

I guess he lived in the RV park too, I invited him in even though I did not want to really, and then he noticed I had an Xbox 360.

He was surprised and asked if he could play it, so I said yes, and then he started talking about some of his favorite games.

I then told him about my plans on finding the daughter of the owners, and he said that he wanted to help; he also said that we should leave now to get supplies for the trip.

So we walked over to the basement of the owners to tell them and the daughter’s friend, and we stopped to have a meal with them.

Then Jason, the daughter’s friend, and I left to the store in my automobile.

The three of us split up and went to different stores in this small shopping center to get supplies, and I went into a grocery store.

Inside I kept seeing people who I went to high school with like my former classmates: AM, HT, BH, PL, PF, and more.

I did not want them to see me for some reason, so I kept sneaking around to avoid them, I even crawled on the floor a few times.

HT passed right by me once, but he was not paying attention & did not notice me; after a while I left the store with no supplies, but fortunately Jason had gone into the same store & had gotten supplies.

Once we got outside it started to get darker outside and we saw the daughter’s friend talking with two of her other friends; so we put the supplies in my automobile as they talked.

On the way back to talk to the daughter’s friend & her friends, something happened but I can not remember what exactly.

I think a group of men that appeared to be a gang, came up to the young women and started bothering them, so Jason & I had to face them.

I think a gun or guns were shown in the confrontation and somehow I managed to scare the men off, I think I may have pretended to be a vampire or to have powers, and maybe I really did or was.

I remember feeling different in the dream and wondered if I was human or did I just have some special ability.

The three young women wanted to go on the search for the owner’s daughter too, but first they wanted to stop at this small club that was in the shopping center & Jason went with them too, so I told them that I would be back to pick them up later.

I then drove to my parent’s house to tell them that I would be leaving for a few days, and my mom was home so I started to tell her about the situation.

As I was doing that my legs felt itchy so I raised my pant’s legs up and noticed what appeared to be spider bites on my legs mostly on my thighs.

They looked pretty bad and one of them looked like it was making a small hole, I thought nothing at first until my mom went to touch one of the bites and then a large chunk of my skin peeled off.

Underneath you could see that the muscles in my thigh were being ate away like acid or something was on them, we were shocked and we left to rush to the hospital, but I woke up.

That was nasty, you should have seen that chunk of skin peel off, that was disturbing; my guess was that a spider bit me several times while I was crawling at the grocery store to avoid being seen by my former classmates that seemed to be all over the store; but that was only my first guess in the dream before I woke up wondering how that had happened to my leg, it could have had something to do with that part of the dream in the parking lot but I can not remember exactly.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂