Pauline Croze – Je Suis Floue

Pauline Croze – Je Suis Floue

Today’s song, is the song Je Suis Floue by Pauline Croze from her music album Pauline Croze, I like the live performances of this song better than this album version.

The album version is too short, and it is too abrupt at the end in my opinion.

Pauline Croze – Je Suis Floue (Live On En Parlera Demain)

This video has become part of a bit of a tradition where I use it whenever I take a break from or quit blogging et cetera, I came close to using it maybe last month or the month before that when I used it on my social media accounts when I came very close to giving up on them, but I kept blogging so I did not post it here.

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