A Lucid Dream Where I Remember Some Other Dreams

I did not really sleep last night at all, I was at a hotel on a trip to the city of BR with my family (I swam in a swimming pool for the first time in years, the water was like salt water instead of chemical filled water, and it was nice), and for some reason my body and/or mind would not sleep really.

I laid in bed but I could not really sleep, I probably did sleep briefly here and there but I can not remember, and in the morning we ate breakfast at the S Hotel; and then I finally went to sleep normally, and so I probably got two hours of sleep last night or less.

I remember dreaming of being in my parents’ yard during a nice sunny day, and I noticed a soldier parachuting from the sky toward the field near my parents’ yard; and other people walked over to see this as well.

Eventually a music class/band of students walked into the field to start setting up something or something like that, and then they moved to a gym-like area inside a school building that was possibly underground; and I followed them.

There was more that happened in this dream that I can not remember, I might remember more after I listen to my voice recording of the dream, but something happened as I watched the music students/teachers/other students/other people inside the gym-like area where I realized that I was dreaming and the dream went lucid.

The dream stayed stable surprisingly and while in the lucid dream I started trying to remember my other dreams, and then I remember part of several other dreams from within the lucid dream.

One of the dreams that I remembered inside the lucid dream was of a dream where I think that I was married to a woman with whitish colored skin and I/we had a daughter with whitish colored skin, but I can not remember the other details of their appearance/how they looked; and I can not remember the rest of this dream.

One or more of the dreams involved me playing sports like tennis, maybe baseball, maybe volleyball, and/or maybe one or more sports; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

After remembering parts of those dreams I was excited and I decided to explore the building and to see if I could fly, and so I ran down a hall(way) that went further underground; and I tried to fly, but I could only jump higher than normal.

As I was walking down another hall(way) I saw three women who seemed to be triplets with short shiny blackish colored hair with yellowish/whitish colored skin, and I decided to try to talk to one of them to probably see if she wanted to have sex with me because it is rare for me to have a lucid dream stay stable enough and I rarely have sex in my dreams.

I remember her acting a bit robotic (the dream characters who are close to me when the dream suddenly goes lucid sometimes start mostly only responding to questions and commands instead of acting normal where they do their own thing, and so they act a bit like robots who only move if you tell them to or if you ask them to move and they can talk but only to respond to questions mostly) which happens sometimes when a dream suddenly goes lucid.

I remember her agreeing to have sex with me probably (and I asked her to act normal instead of robotic because it would be too awkward/strange to try to have sex with someone who is acting like a robot who only follows my commands because I wanted her to only have sex with me if she really wanted to, and not because she felt that she had to because she is only a dream character in my dream) and I remember us moving on the floor under an opening for some privacy, and I remember her butt being in front of me like she was sitting in front of my lap and I think that she was wearing short blue jean shorts.

Some female students with whitish colored skin (one of them had long yellowish hair, but I can not remember the others) saw us kissing, and they went to get their friends to show them that we were kissing; and so I moved the woman and I into another room, and I closed the door to hide.

The young female students and their friends came running up the hallway super fast (they possibly flew like locust that I saw on this movie on the Syfy channel before I went to sleep), and they were trying to find us; and I remember holding the door closed hoping to stop them from knocking the door open.

I tried to be quiet hoping that they would give up and go away because they were ruining my chance to enjoy a lucid dream and have sex, but I think that they found me/us.

I told them that yes we were kissing and I asked them what they wanted and that it was not nice to bother us, and I asked them to please give us some privacy; and then I walked away with the woman hoping to find a private place, but the dream probably started to become unstable and/or I woke up.

So my lucid dream was brought to an early end before I could really enjoy more, and before I could even have sex; but at least I was able to remember some dreams and to do a few things before I woke up.

I just rushed to typed this dream without listening to my voice recording and I am tired from not getting enough sleep and from traveling back home, and so expect errors and missing details.

The end,

-John Jr

A Special Forces Unit Near My Parent’s House?

I slept pretty well last night but I woke up one or more times feeling like I had to use the bathroom and I had remembered part of one or more dreams but I did not get out of bed to go use the bathroom and I did not think about or voice record my dream or dreams, I went back to sleep, and the feeling of still having to use the bathroom probably interrupted my sleep and dreams several times; and so I forgot all of my dreams except for barely part of my last dream that I can barely remember.

I barely remember part of the end of the dream, I remember sitting in my automobile parked in a parking lot of what looked like a grocery store next to a small highway surrounded by woods/a forest during maybe a gray day, and there were other automobiles and a few people going in and out of the grocery store; and something clearly happened before this part of the dream that I can not remember, but I can not remember the beginning or the middle of the dream.

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The School Parking Lot

File:Front Garden & Parking.JPG

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I barely remember part of my last dream from last night, I remember driving my automobile to a school parking lot that was in a sunken area to the left side of a school, and I parked my automobile & I got out.

The parking lot was in a sunken area that was lower than everywhere else, so you had to walk up a hill or walk up stairs to get to the school area, and there was a walkway that led to the school; the school entrances were further from the parking lot, so you had to walk slightly longer than normal to reach them.

I went inside of the school, which was a large one story building with various areas I think, and I did a variety of things that I can not remember exactly.

There were parts with me exploring the school, going in classrooms & being with classes, maybe helping with classes, walking through the hallways with classes, talking with people, maybe eating & drinking, and I met some of my former classmates/friends/teachers/& maybe family members.

At some point I think that I had a device or two devices that I held in my hands that allowed me to shoot fireballs & flames and/or I was able to naturally shoot fireballs & flames from my hands if I tried hard enough, I am not sure which.

I forgot almost all the details of the dream, so a lot is missing, but at some point something happened; and some of the people in the school and I went to the parking lot, and it was getting dark outside at this point.

We started hanging out in the parking lot talking, walking, sitting, maybe playing some sports/games and I showed off my fireball & flames ability and/or device(s); and I used it to light a small fire-pit for some light, as my cousin JE watched.

My cousin JE and I talked a bit, he was wearing a white a-shirt/muscle shirt with some blue jean shorts, and he had his hair long & wildly straight with maybe a bandana; and he was in a very relaxed and fun mood as usual.

I remember shooting a few fireballs, shooting some flames like a flame thrower, but then I remember trying to light/lite a small piece of wood just using one of my fingers; but I was having a hard time concentrating hard enough to light/lite the piece of wood with one finger.

I then focused harder but I stopped trying after a few tries, and I started to wonder what other things might I be able to do if I focused hard enough; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

A Folding Metal Thing

I had several dreams last night, one was short & clear, but I forgot it due to waking up with a sore throat & feeling a bit sick; and I had a repeating daydream or semi-dream involving my sore throat that caused me to forget my dream(s), but I had another dream that I somewhat remember.

I was in D during the morning when the school buses are picking up kids/my brothers for school, I remember walking up the street passed/past my uncle WC’s house to the stop sign, and something happened involving an abandoned school bus or something; but I can not remember what happened exactly, I just remember finding a folding metal thing that would unfold into something, maybe a bus, I am not sure.

I remember thinking that it was for the SB (School Board) or something, and so I took the folding metal thing & I started walking to one of the schools or the Bus Barn to return the folding metal thing to them.

I can not remember what happened at the beginning of my journey but at some point I reached a fictional version of the fields near the B Store that are sometimes in my dreams, and I saw some of my former classmates such as RP; and I remember talking to RP, and I showed him the folding metal thing.

At some point I continued my journey and I remember coming across some of my former female classmates who mentioned that I looked thinner, more toned, stronger, better; I thanked them and I told them that I have been recently adding more strength training to my exercise routine, and at some point I continued my journey feeling better about my appearance.

I can not remember how I got to this point but I remember going in an apartment-like building where I seemed to have an apartment that I was sharing with some of my former male & female classmates, and at some point some members of my mom’s side of the family came by the apartment building and/or it was near my grandfather’s house; and my mom & dad were there too.

I think that my dead grandmother DE (my mom’s mom) was in the dream at some point, I am not sure, but I am not sure if she talked or not (she usually does not talk in my dreams).

It seemed that some family members were there to visit my grandmother or something, and at some point they were going to go somewhere in their automobiles, and I wanted to go too; but I had to go change clothes (put some blue jeans on & a tennis/polo shirt) in my apartment first.

Various former classmates of mine where hanging out in the apartment when I went to change clothes and I ended up taking too long, and so I got left behind; and I missed the trip with my grandmother, indirect family members, and my parent’s.

I was a bit disappointed but I did take too long, but I woke up as I was thinking about what to do next.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

FS And Fake John McCain And Action Charlotte Gainsbourg


The first dream I remember from last night was about a woman who I went to high school with named FS.

I can not remember much of it, but I do remember being somewhere that was similar to the high school building near the spot where FS had given me a letter telling me that she liked me.

In this dream we met near this same spot by accident, just like in one of my last dreams were CW and I met by accident.

Anyway, in this dream FS and I happened to see each other, and we stopped to talk.

Similar to the CW dream, we talked about the past, but in this dream we really considered getting to know each other better this time, since we both were still single.

I remember the two of us preparing to go on a date, and that is about all that I remember.

Fake John McCain

(This was only a dream, I do not really want to murder any of these people, I do not even daydream about things like this, and I have no idea why I had a dream like this; and so I find this disturbing just like anyone reading it.)

I know this was not really my second dream, I had others, but I can not remember them at all.

In this dream I remember following a man into a grocery store, he appeared to maybe be a fake version of John McCain, but I am not sure.

He went to a door that led to some stairs and/or an elevator, and so I followed him.

I went to the second floor and the place looked like the old B dorms almost with brown carpets, small hallways, no windows, and a few areas were like my grandfather’s house.

I went to a room that had another room in it that was almost like a bathroom, there were a few people standing outside the room and the fake McCain or whoever he was, went inside the second room.

This dream was almost like a video game/movie, and it seemed like I was going to kill Mr. McCain (or who ever he was).

I walked into the room with a few bottlecap mines from the Fallout 3 video games, and I saw Mr. McCain, my friend SS, his brother MS, and a few other people; and then they looked surprised and scared.

I told them not to move or the mines would explode and that the mines were motion sensitive, and if you get to close to them, that they would explode in 3 seconds.

I put a few mines in front of the door, blocking their escape from the room, and I left to close the door; but first I decided to throw a frag grenade into the room.

I wanted to use a nuka grenade which is the strongest grenade in Fallout 3, but I only had a frag grenade, and so I threw that in there as I closed the door.

I heard an explosion and the people outside of the door ran screaming, but to my surprise the people in the second room ran out; and somehow none of them were killed, not even Mr. McCain.

Mr. McCain, ran as well, probably to get some security guards and some more help; and so I ran into a room that was located in the middle of the building.

It was like a room at my grandfather’s house, and next to it was a door to the outside.

I stood there hiding and wondering if I should still try to kill Mr. McCain or if I should run.

I decided to run out of the door, and I do not think anyone knew where I was; but I woke up.

Action Charlotte Gainsbourg

This was another interesting dream, that was possibly connected to the second dream or at least similar.

It was more like a movie that I was just watching or something, and Charlotte Gainsbourg was the main character.

I can not remember the beginning, but I think a man had killed and/or stole something from someone who Ms. Gainsbourg knew personally or someone hired her to get the package back and kill the man who stole it.

I just remember a man with some unknown package that he had stolen, and he appeared to probably work for a drug cartel or something.

He seemed to be trying to get the package to someone, to make a trade or deal, and he took the package to a dock that was well guarded.

There were men around with guns patrolling the area, but he still seemed very afraid.

There was a boat waiting to take him somewhere to meet with someone or a group of people, so that they could make the trade or deal.

But he was afraid of Ms. Gainsbourg, and he wanted to be sure that it was safe to get on the boat; and so he hid in a barely guarded area where she would probably not see him.

He wondered why she had not come to kill him yet, and he was afraid that she was waiting to shoot him with a sniper rifle when he started to walk to the boat.

He kept looking around for her and he kept thinking about what to do, and finally he got on the boat and they left after waiting for a while.

I remember one of his guards staying behind to protect the docks, along with two other men who were not guards, they but were probably accountants/businessmen or something.

They were standing on a tall metal thing that was over the docks, and suddenly they saw Ms. Gainsbourg walking across the docks wearing her outfit from The Science Of Sleep which was/were blue jeans and a wool-like sweater.

She looked very serious and deadly, like a female terminator or something.

I am not sure if she somehow killed all the security guards or not, but I do know that there was no one else left guarding the area after she finished with them, except that one guard that stayed behind.

That last guard had something that she needed, I guess it would allow her to find the man she was after or something, and so she was trying to get to the last guard to get it; and it was a small device he was carrying.

The guard and the two businessmen were standing on this tall metal thing, and they could only be reached by a helicopter or someone would have to climb to a fan across from the metal thing that the men were standing on and they would have to jump across toward the metal thing; which was very dangerous and risky.

She decided to climb and she moved like a gymnast almost, and she reached the fan but the fan was moving; which made it even more dangerous.

The guard did not seem worried at all and he was smiling, as Ms. Gainsbourg reached the fan and she hung on to the fan, as it spinned over and over again.

At this point she started to have a hard time, trying to hold on to the fan while trying to find a way to stand up & jump toward the metal thing, and as she was struggling the guard jumped to the fan area.

He started laughing, taunting her, touching on her, and trying to kiss her; to distract and annoy her, as she tried to hold on to the fan.

She could not fight back and hold on to the fan at the same time, so she was very vulnerable at this point, but then somehow I was in the dream at this point, standing next to the two businessmen.

I felt that she would try to jump soon, and so I was going to help catch her so that she would not fall.

I was correct and she found an opening to jump, after she elbowed the guard in the face.

She jumped toward me, and for the first time you could really see fear and weakness in her face.

Before she seemed perfectly confident and strong, but now she seemed like a regular person again.

I caught her and I told her that we would not stop her from completing her mission, and the guard was going to jump back to the metal thing to face us; but first he threw the small device, that Ms. Gainsbourg needed to find the man who she was after, to one of the two businessmen.

I guess the guard wanted him to hold it if he did not make the jump, but instead of holding it for him, the businessman gave it to Ms. Gainsbourg to our surprise.

The guard jumped in anger toward us but he fell toward the dock & water, and Ms. Gainsbourg started to leave to continue her mission; but then I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂