PUNISHED BERNIE | Aamon Animations

What Is It?

The YouTube video / short film PUNISHED BERNIE | Aamon Animations by the YouTube channel Aamon Animations:

PUNISHED BERNIE | Aamon Animations

Here is the description for this video:

Four years after Bernie Sanders’ 2020 presidential campaign, a man named “Punished Bernie” emerges to build his movement — one last time.

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Bicycles & A Smosh Skit With Krystal Swift

This dream involved my parents wanting my brother GC & I to go get something for them out-of-town, but first my brother GC wanted to get something in town.

We rode bicycles oddly, we went to several stores, at some point I wanted to return to the house to exercise & eat until my brother GC was ready to go, he was still shopping, and as I was leaving I saw my dad who was also riding a bicycle.


JB Gets Angry | A Dog Bite | Mercenaries And Flying | Jeff Bezos

I lost everything, I was typing my dreams here in the new Microsoft Edge web browser that I am testing out when a certain keyboard combination made my screen refresh and I lost everything that I typed of my dreams, everything; and nothing was saved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Talk about frustrating, I lost everything, and now some things are lost permanently; but I will try to type what I can remember in hopefully the correct order and hopefully this will not happen again.