The First Lady Of The United States Helping Me Get A Computer / IT Job At The White House?

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I barely remember part of one of my dreams, which I think took place in The White House, but I could be wrong.

I can not remember the beginning of the dream but somehow a man who somewhat reminded me of my former coworker JF and I got a chance to work / volunteer / whatever for a day in the computer / IT department at / for The White House / wherever.

My wild guess is that The First Lady Of The United States, who was the actress Jenna Elfman playing her character First Lady Emily Nash-Gilchrist from the TV show 1600 Penn (instead of Michelle Obama & Barack Obama was not The President oddly), probably met us somewhere & she briefly talked with us &  during the conversation we probably mentioned that we were looking for jobs & that we were good with computers; and so she probably talked with the computer / IT department of The White House/wherever asking them to let us come help them/visit them/tour their department/work/whatever for a day, and they agreed/let us come.

I remember meeting the computer team or at least some of them, we were on the first floor, and I remember them looking like they did not know what to do with us/have us do; and like they were only going to give us a tour, and then have us do something simple to waste time so that they would not have to bother with us since this was only a temporary thing that would last a day probably.

In the dream we/I did not really learn anything, learn what jobs the computer team had or did, et cetera; which was a bit annoying/disappointing, but I tried to figure out what I could do to best enjoy the opportunity & learn.

While we were trying to find something to do or whatever, The First Lady (Emily Nash Gilchrist / Mrs. Elfman), kept checking up on us to see how we were doing & to encourage us (she was really nice); and she would have me come with her to talk & go around The White House/wherever with her, but the other man with me would get left behind each time.

I was bit concerned/worried about this since I spent most of my time with Mrs. Elfman than at the computer department, and I wondered if other people thought we seemed a bit too close or not; and Mrs. Elfman even invited me to lunch with her, she brought the other man who was working with me food, but Mrs. Elfman & I walked off to eat lunch together in the cafeteria area.

I was having a good time but I was still a bit worried that we seemed too close and I wondered who The President Of The United States (her husband) was, and what he thought about this; and I probably wondered where most of The United States Secret Service agents were, I can not remember if I saw any of them or not.

I probably told Mrs. Elfman about my worries about jobs / the computer department, and she recommended that I/we apply for full-time jobs in the computer department, and she would talk to the head computer person herself to recommend me/us; but I was not sure if I was qualified enough for the job or what jobs were available or what the job duties were et cetera, and so I told her that I was hesitant to apply for a job under those conditions & the pressure of having The First Lady recommending me/us made me afraid of failing/disappointing her/them.

She told me not to worry and she encouraged me/us to apply for a job anyway, and so I told her thank you & that I would consider it/think about it; we were finished eating at this point & talking outside of the cafeteria area, and so I walked back to the computer department to tell the other man about what Mrs. Elfman told me about applying for jobs at the computer department.

I forgot to mention that throughout the dream I got to see various areas of the first floor as I walked with Mrs. Elfman, being The First Lady allowed her to walk wherever she wanted pretty much, and so no one bothered me because I was with her; and I remember seeing various offices with people, et cetera.

The other man and I got job applications for the computer department, he started filling his out, and I probably started filling mine out as well; and we probably turned them in before the day was over, but I can not remember what happened exactly but my guess is that Mrs. Elfman talked with the head computer person & when we turned in our applications he probably told us that we would start tomorrow & that he was sure that he would find something for us to do.

I guess he did not want to refuse The First Lady 😀 , but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


12th Grade Again Or 13th Grade And Jenna Elfman?

Last night I remembered part of my last dream fragment, I do not know how it began exactly, but I remember being in either 12th grade again or some new 13th grade; somehow I had a small pistol, I am not sure where it came from, but I think it may have come from a gang or mafia or something at the school.

I just remember walking with my bookbag on in a building that looks like an unknown college that is in my dreams sometimes, and I was trying to find my locker and lock combination and trying to find a quiet place so I could hide the pistol in my bookbag; I think I had taken the pistol from someone to avoid them using it or something, I am not sure.