What If I Was Married To…?

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Dream 1

My memory of this dream is flawed and so all that I can remember of the dream is that it involved two professional American Football players who were friends, Tom Brady and another man who I can not remember, and their teams were going to play each other; and so they had hung out the night before the game, did interviews the next morning, and now it was game time.

The wife (who had whitish colored skin) and mother (who reminded me of the actress Jessica Lange) of one of the men were at the game, one of the men was not trying very hard and his team was not doing so good, and so his wife kept asking his mom to talk to him because he might listen to her; and I remember the two of them walking off to their house I think, and they sat down in the kitchen probably arguing a bit.

They probably both had talked to the husband/son before leaving but they needed to talk to him again, something happened that I can not remember, and the actor James Franco and another man arrived to help the two women; and both men were detectives, but then two old men (probably retired detectives) arrived who wanted to help as well but both groups of men started fighting over who would help the women.

The men ended up pulling guns on each other but the older men managed to win, they handcuffed Mr. Franco and his partner, and they walked them and the two women to another location.

There was something about a murder and something else serious going on that I can not remember, so the older men were probably going to unhandcuff Mr. Franco and his partner, and join together with them to help the two women and deal with whatever was going on; and this was possible all connected to the American Football game, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream involved me being inside a house during the day and I remember a boy who reminded me of and who was possibly related to the music artist Michael Jackson being there as well, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

This dream involved me walking outside during the day on the street going to C Elementary School from the direction of my neighborhood, there was a fictional house and yard near Mr. C’s house, and something of mine and/or my brothers’ somehow ended up in the yard; and so I stopped to find it.

I remember trying to avoid being seen because I did not want anyone thinking that I was trying to steal something by mistake, I am not sure why I did not just let the people who lived there know what I was doing, and a man with brownish colored skin walked outside; but I do not think that he saw me, at some point I found whatever I was looking for, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 4

All that I can remember of this dream is being outside during the day in my parent’s yard, some of my brothers had some of their clothes drying outside the double gate near where I used to park my automobile on a clothes line, and a group of boys and teenagers with brownish colored skin with short blackish colored hair were walking down the street past our fence when they stopped to look at the clothes.

One of the boys started to steal some of the clothing and so I said something to him, asking him to please put them back and that they belonged to my brothers, they possibly ran away with some of the clothes; but I can not remember.

Dream 5

I had a video game-like dream that was possibly inspired by the video game Fallout: New Vegas, I and/or someone was wondering around outside during the day with weapons getting attacked sometimes maybe, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 6

This was maybe a semi-dream/semi-daydream of some short what-if scenarios involving what if I was married to this woman or that woman involving cuddling and foreplay et cetera in bed when first waking up in the morning while avoiding getting your morning breath on the other person, just simple morning fun, and there were at least three separate scenarios involving three different women.

Each scenario would be me and one of the women waking up in bed together in the morning, each scenario was the same except a different woman each time, and a few difference depending on who the woman was; and maybe the actress Ruth Wilson or her character Alice Morgan was one of the women in a partial scenario but I can not remember the other women except for the actress Emilia Clarke whose scenario was the longest and most fun.

Mrs. Clarke and I were married and the scenario involved us waking up in the morning several times experimenting with various positions, massage techniques, kissing on various parts of the body, et cetera while avoiding getting our morning breath on each other and having fun; and since she is so small and light I remember us goofing around where I would bench press her in bed and lift her in the air sometimes as we did various random crazy positions during our morning foreplay/whatever.

There were scenes of Mrs. Clarke doing interviews and sometimes mentioning me, our foreplay, our marriage, et cetera for fun; but that is all that I can remember of this.

The end,

-John Jr


Spirits / Ghosts / Entities In Several Houses

All that I can barely remember of this interesting and confusing and mostly forgotten dream is that at some point in the dream several people and I were in a field surrounded by a forest in the middle of nowhere, maybe we were there to help a woman who somewhat reminded me of the actress Jessica Lange, and I remember us going into a house.

I think that all the houses in this dream had a hidden basement and/or bunker and second floor/story and/or attic, they were all slightly different but very similar, and they were all connected somehow even though they were not physically connected and they were in different locations; and each house had several ghosts/spirits/entities that haunted them, and there was one powerful probably male entity that would appear when a countdown would end and he could haunt every house instead of being limited to one house like the others I think.

I remember us exploring the first house in the field and we came across one or more ghosts/spirits/entities inside the house, some of them would be hidden until you found them or went in the room that they haunted, and so there was probably running/hiding/fighting/talking/et cetera with these ghosts/spirits/entities; and at some point we figured out something that I can not remember, and I remember talking outside in the field with a male entity with whitish colored skin with long whitish/grayish colored hair and a long whitish/grayish colored beard.

He showed and/or awarded me/us with a grayish/silverish metal sphere-like object that probably floated above his hand and that could separate like you could wear it like armor over your hand and/or other parts of our body, I think that he said that sphere-like object was possibly called God’s *Something that I can not remember* or The God’s *Something that I can not remember* or *Something that I can not remember* Of The Gods or something like that by some people in history, and that it contained knowledge/information about various things that were mostly unknown to most people (maybe supernatural things, paranormal things, unknown natural things, history, et cetera), but unfortunately I can not remember what he told/explained to us or who he was or where he went.

I just remember us exploring more houses and at some point a hidden door to a basement/bunker opened on its own and a spirit/ghost/whatever of a man with dark-brownish colored skin with old torn clothing from an older time period was hanging on it with a rope around his neck like he had been a slave who escaped but who was caught and hung to death back when he was still living, a baseball bat fell at his feet, and somehow (maybe he told us) that we could kill ghosts/spirits/whatever and free them from being trapped to haunt areas by killing them with an object that was connected to them and/or the house that they were haunting; and so I killed him with the baseball bat freeing him from haunting this house, and he disappeared probably.

We went around trying to find ghosts/spirits/entities and kill them with objects in the house that they were haunting to free them, I remember us coming across a small doll of a girl who seemed to have the spirit/ghost/soul/whatever of a little girl trapped inside of it and she had an even smaller toy boy and small toy girl tied to her on some jewelry and both of them had spirits of a boy and a girl trapped in them it seemed, but they seemed like friendly spirits/ghosts/souls/entities (maybe not at first, but later) who would talk to us and try to help us (their mouths/et cetera did not move when they talked and the doll probably floated around instead walking); and I do not think that we killed them to free them because they were helping us and were not ready to be freed yet probably, but maybe after we freed the others and defeated the powerful probably male entity we would possibly kill/free them as well but I am not sure.

We figured out how to teleport from house to house, each house had an area with carpeted floors and stairs and I could put my hand in the stairs and on my hand/wrist a metal thing (maybe the metal sphere that was given to use/me earlier in the dream) would show the letter for each house and the initials for each room of each house, I would turn my arm/wrist/the object to move through the list, and then select where I wanted us to teleport to and we would teleport there.

We used this to help us search the houses more quickly and to avoid threats like the powerful male-like entity who would appear when a countdown would end, when the countdown would end there would be a warning and the powerful entity would start trying to find us and he could move from house to house as well, and so teleporting helped us avoid him better; and after a certain amount of time he would be gone again, and then the countdown would start again.

The spirit/soul/ghost/whatever of the girl trapped in the doll and the other two kids trapped in the two toys connected to her jewelry (one was a small toy boy, and one was a small toy girl attached to the jewelry) were afraid of this powerful entity and maybe so were the other spirits/souls/ghosts/entities, so they stayed out of his/its way and they would hide, and we did not try to fight it because we did not know enough about it or how to defeat it; and so we would run and hide from it as well as we continued trying to free/kill the spirits/ghosts/souls/entities, and do whatever else we were trying to do.

This constant cycle continued for a long time, maybe we even died a few times and had to restart from where we last were but I can not remember, and there was a lot of other interesting details to this dream; but unfortunately this is all that I can remember or can make sense of, even this is probably flawed and incorrect in some parts, and at some point I woke up after a long constant cycle of this.

I wish that I could remember more of that sphere-like device that the male entity told us about and possibly gave us and I wish that I could remember more about him, I know that I asked him questions and that he shared some important hidden/secret/ancient/et cetera knowledge/information with me, but I can not remember any of it unfortunately.

The end,

-John Jr


A Family Reunion At A Buffet? | A Man Finds His Real Mother And Multiple Versions Of Her Keep Getting Murdered?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

All that I can remember of the first dream is riding during the day with most of my family in an automobile to a fictional city for maybe a family reunion for my mom’s side of the family, maybe everyone was going to stay at a hotel, and have the family reunion at a buffet restaurant; and I remember not wanting to go or be seen or talked to really (social anxiety disorder, shyness, et cetera), but I went anyway.

We parked across the street from the buffet at a small parking lot along the sidewalk as other family members slowly arrived, my family went inside while I stayed inside the automobile briefly to do something that I can not remember (maybe I changed clothes and/or I stalled to try to prepare myself because I did not want to be there and/or to be bothered), and then I went inside the buffet; and some of my family and family members were already inside eating/drinking/talking/having a good time, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

The second last dream was interesting and confusing and my memory of it is messed up badly and my memory of it probably has errors so it will not make much sense, and the errors will probably ruin what really happened in the dream.

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day and I possibly/probably was not myself and maybe I was an unknown man with whitish colored skin with short dark-colored hair but I am not sure, and this man/I would sometimes go to a metal storage building-like business in a field that was like a larger version of the storage buildings in my parent’s yard.

This business was like a combination of a thrift store and arcade and drink/food stand where people could buy random objects, food, drink, and play video games and games; and there was a somewhat older woman who worked there with whitish colored skin who wore a colorful bandana, and she looked like the stereotype of a gypsy (this word was possibly mentioned in the dream, but I can not remember).

*The dream gets too unclear, confusing, and probably error filled at this point; and so some of what I typed below is possibly incorrect because of my flawed memory of this dream, and will probably ruin trying to make sense of it.*

One day the man/I found somehow found out that his/my parent’s (who were a man and a woman who I have not seen before who had whitish colored skin, but that is all that I can remember about them) were not his real/biological parent’s, and that he was adopted; and this shocked/surprised him because he did not know this, and no one had told him this all these years.

At some point I remember him being at the business in the field and he found out that the woman working there was his mother, she told him a bit about her life and I think that she was from Romania (Romanian) maybe, and maybe another woman was there who was the owner who had whitish colored skin with medium-length yellowish-colored hair wearing a light-colored suit; and the man was happy to learn the truth and finally meet his real mother, the owner saw this, and she decided to tell him the real truth.

The owner told the man that she was his real mother and that she had told her worker to lie to him, she told him that she decided to tell him the truth once she saw how happy he was because she had expected him to be angry, and so that is why she had told her worker to lie and pretend to be his real mother; she probably apologized to her worker and thanked her and maybe sent her home for the day, it was close to closing time so all the customers were probably gone, but I can not remember.

The owner/his real mother reminded me of several characters that the actress Jessica Lange has played on the different seasons of the television series American Horror Story, and she told the man how she had given him away as a child because she did not want a child interfering with her life; and she was the type of person who was after fame, fortune, fun, et cetera and she was selfish/et cetera.

They had a very emotional conversation with crying, hugs, et cetera and the man forgave her and he was happy to finally meet her and to hear the truth; and he wanted to meet/spend time with her later after she finished closing her business for the day and got ready for their meeting, and so they were going to meet later and so he left until then.

His mother did not contact him or meet up with him so he returned to her business to see if she was there, the door was unlocked oddly so he went inside to find blood and that his mother had been murdered, and so he probably called the police; and he was possibly the last person to have seen her alive, and somehow the same thing continued to happen possibly without the dream repeating like he somehow had many versions of the same mother and her business.

I remember a constant cycle/loop/pattern of him going to his mothers business and she would be there and alive and maybe the same thing would happen, he would find her dead before their meeting, and this kept happening to each version/copy of his mother and her business that he would go to; and he started to wonder if he was the murderer and just could not remember, and he wondered how were there so many versions/copies of his mother and her business but that is all that I can remember and I woke up.

This is all too confusing and error filled and missing too many important parts of the dream to make much sense of it, and I was probably this man which made it even more confusing.

The end,

-John Jr