6-20-2013 | Dream Fragment | Pope Francis/Whoever Is/Was The Black Pope/The Backup Pope/The Secondary Or Vice Pope/The Shadow Or Secret Or Hidden Pope/Et Cetera?

Image Credit: Wikipedia
Image Credit: Wikipedia

I was so busy wasting time doing a job application/job profile/trying to post my résumé/et cetera over & over because of a bug/glitch on the job website, after wasting a few hours I still could not get my information to save due to the bug/glitch, and I also was busy cleaning/washing/dealing with mobile phone problems/jogging/et cetera that I forgot that I did not type what I dreamed about last night & I had not even thought about what I dreamed about last night; and so I forgot some of what I dreamed about, but amazingly I still remember a bit of one dream but it is very unclear & confusing.

I feel a lot better than yesterday but my body is still fighting the food poisoning/whatever so this could have caused the strange/interesting dream that I had last night, the battle should be won in another day or two probably, and I experimented with only sleeping on my sides last night to see if that would help me stop snoring; and so my dreams last night were probably effected/affected by this, and I forgot almost all of my dreams because of this except for part of one dream.

*This was only a dream and is not meant to offend anyone or their religion, I have no idea why I dreamed of what I did, especially since I do not know that much about the current pope or Catholicism or The Society Of Jesus (The Jesuits, who probably were one of the inspirations for the Bene Gesserit in the Dune Chronicle(s) books by Frank Herbert); and so I am probably as confused as those who read this dream, so blame the food poisoning/whatever 😀 *

I can not remember the beginning of the dream and this dream is very unclear, so it will be confusing, and I just remember being at my grandfather’s house or a slightly fictional version of it that seemed to be a college dorm; and I came across a man who(m) I supposedly/maybe went to college with and who maybe had been my roommate, and he was packing up his stuff in the middle bedroom & so I started talking to him.