An Israeli (Jewish) Ritual Versus An Indian (Hindu) Ritual?

This dream started inside a one-story house where an Israeli (possibly Jewish) family (grandmother, mother, young daughter, and maybe a few others) with light-color skin lived, I am not sure if I was in the dream or not, either way no one was acknowledging my existence at this point if I was in the dream at this point.

The family seemed to be preparing something and were walking to a room, they had at least two Indian (India) servants (a grandmother or elderly mother and maybe her adult granddaughter or daughter) with medium-color skin, and the servants were in a room on a break it seemed so maybe the older servant was sleeping while the younger one seemed to be sitting on the floor in a cross-legged position like she was meditating or praying or something.


Trying To Arrest Dom Cobb

All that I can remember of this dream is that throughout the dream I met and sometimes joined up with various dream characters, and I think that the dream took place mostly inside a multi-purpose college-like / school-like building that had different types of areas (restaurants (cafeterias, diners, et cetera), halls, gym, stores, and more).

I can not remember the beginning until after the middle of the dream now (some of these parts of the dream probably took place outside), I just know that at some point I was in a large cafeteria-like place sitting down where there were other people, and my dad was there too.


3 In 1: The Changing Building And A Man Tortures His Parents

Source: Wikimedia Commons

This dream or dreams I had last night was/were weird.

They evolved around a building that changed in each dream or parts of the dream.

The dream or dreams had three parts.

The first part of the building was a dorm, the second part of the building was an apartment, and the third part of the building was a house.

I will start with the first dream or dream part.

The first part took place at the building in its dorm form, and I was walking around looking at the building.

I walked into an empty dorm room with a lot of windows, and I could see the outside area near the entrance of the dorm.

On the glass I saw racist writings and posters, and I think they were against members of the Jewish ethnic group.

As I was looking at that, a group of students that were probably members of the religion of Islam and some international students from Asia (Asian), came outside of the window pointing at the window.

They were yelling, they threw some stuff at the window, they put some more racist posters up, and they ran like they were going to come inside & attack whoever was in the room.

They probably thought I was the person that used to live there, because they could not see what I looked like exactly from where they were standing, and so I decided to run outside to tell them to stop; and to find out what was going on.

But when I went outside, they had already left, and so I went back inside.

As I was walking up a hallway, the building looked more like an apartment now, and a door opened up next to me.

A man with glasses who looked like the stereotype of a nerd, pointed a revolver at me, and he told me to get inside the room; and so I did.

He locked the door and he told me to stand in the corner of the room, to be quiet, and to not move.

I tried to ask him questions, but he just pointed another revolver at me, and so he now had two revolvers.

In the middle of the room there were two older people, who appeared to be his mom and dad.

They looked scared and the man with the guns, who was probably their son, looked crazy in that calm serial killer way.

The man with the guns started to say bad things about his parents, and he made them do weird things.

It seemed that he was going to emotionally, mentally, and indirectly physically torture them before he killed them; and he was going to make me watch it all. (This guy had problems)

I tried to talk him out of it, but he threaten to shoot me again, and so I thought about attacking him; but I was too far away and he had one gun pointed at me,  and the other gun pointed at his parents.

He made them do a lot of weird things, one of the worse was probably when he made them take some of their clothes off, and he had them get into strange sexual positions. (Thank goodness they still had some clothes on and no real sex happened, either way it was sick & disturbing)

I wanted to look away, but he threaten to kill me again, and so I watched in disgust.

Something else happened that I can not remember, but it had something to do with my DNA; and I think some of my body fluid was in the room somehow, but I am not sure and I am glad that I can not remember.

The man with the guns continued to make his parents say weird things & do strange things like jumping jacks/making strange noises/say bad things about each other/he also had them fight each other/and a few more things which I can not remember; and he would start saying bad things about his parents every so often.

After awhile he killed them or indirectly killed them, I can not remember exactly how he killed them, but I think he made them drink poison; and then he told me to not leave the room for 10 minutes, and then he left the room.

I wanted to get the police, but I was not sure what to do; and I was worried about my DNA being in the room, and that the police would think that I killed them.

I wanted to help them, but it was too late, they were both dead.

I stopped to wait 10 minutes to think about what to do, but I woke up or the dream switched.

This time the building was more like a house, and somewhat like my grandfather’s house.

This time there was only my mom, dad, and I in the house.

It was night-time and my parent’s were trying to sleep, and my mom was mad at my dad about something; so she was sleeping on the 2nd floor, and my dad was on the 1st floor.

They kept sending me to tell the other one something, and between those times, I looked around wondering how we had gotten this nice large house; and I wondered did it use(d) to belong to my grandfather.

The house had a lot of rooms and it seemed very nice, and private; but I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂


Enoch & Elijah?

Last night I only remember some of my last dream, it took place at the park in D, I do not remember how it started though.

I know that I was walking around and I saw prisoners from the jail with their kids, and some police officers watching them to make sure they do not escape or anything.


The Trip | The Tour | The Couples

Source: Wikimedia Commons

The Trip

Last night I probably had more than three dreams but I could not remember some of the dreams well enough and I am not sure which dream pieces are part of the same dream, and so I will do my best to separate some of them into three dreams..

My first dream is the one I barely can remember at all, it probably is really two separate dreams, but I only remember a few dream pieces of it.

I think my family and I were in another city on vacation or something, I remember driving and going shopping in an unknown city, and most of what I remember is being at a mall.

The only other thing I remember is being at a big hotel or something, and my mom & some other people were there.

That is all I can remember on this dream or dreams.

The Tour

In this dream I drove to what appeared to be a college campus, to tour their apartments, and I remember someone showing me around an apartment building.

The building was in bad condition, it was like the C dorm at M after the hurricane, so I wanted to see another apartment or dorm; and so I left.

As I was driving around campus I saw some nice looking dorms, for some reason they looked familiar, and I had the feeling that I was in L; and I wanted to look inside the dorms, but I wanted to get permission first, so I went to find the housing office.

As I drove around looking for the office, I saw students taking a tour of the college, and I think that I asked one of them where the office was; and they told me where it was, and so I drove to it.

Inside the building where the office was, there were dorm rooms and classrooms, and some students doing various things.

I noticed a classmate of mine from high school named CW, she was with another woman about our age talking, and I think they got into an argument or something; and CW got pushed into the wall by the other woman.

I ran to help CW but the woman ran off with amazing speed and strength, and CW said that the woman was her android / robot helper / friend or something like that.

She said that something went wrong with the robot, and that it started to act weird.

CW had a hurt leg so I had to help her walk, as I was doing that a woman who worked in the office came, and asked CW what had she done to make the robot go crazy like that.

CW said that she did not know, so the woman said that it was CW’s fault, and she told her that she would not be able to get a replacement robot for now until an investigation is done.

I was worried that the robot would hurt someone else since she was now on the run, so I asked the woman if the robot was a threat to the public’s safety, and the woman said that the robot will probably not hurt anyone else unless it is threatened.

CW told me that she needed to go to class now, and so I helped walk her to her class up the hallway.

In the hallway there were students, some of them were classmates from when I was in high school, and MW was one of them.

Anyway, this time MW did not see me, because she was looking in another direction talking to someone.

After CW and I got to the classroom we sat down, there was a laptop on a desk,  and so CW asked me to go to a robot ordering website to see if she could get another robot.

The website had a detailed form that you had to fill out, and it said that CW could not get a robot at this time, like the woman had said.

On the website a circular shaped metal robot that could talk asked me questions and it answered my questions when I had questions, and so I guess it was in charge of helping people fill out the form & with using the website.

CW then asked me to try to see if I could get a robot, and so I tried, but I think that it said that I needed to register in person since they did not have me in their database.

In the classroom sitting next to me was SC, another former classmate from high school, he was the comedian type; and so he started to talk to me and he made some jokes, like he would do in real life.

Slowly more students started to come into the classroom, but the teacher was not there yet, and MW came into the class; which was not that much of a surprise, because I had already guessed that she probably would come to the class.

I am not sure if she saw me or said anything to me, I can not remember.

Next I remember either the teacher coming into the room or I just left the room, then I woke up, but I am not sure which one happened before I woke up though.

The Couples

In my last dream I was driving in my automobile with my brothers, the laptop from the other dream, and my cell phone.

An unknown woman called me and she told me about a situation with her boyfriend, and she wanted me to download some files for her.

So I agreed, and my brothers & I began to talk about the files and the situation, as I drove & I tried to use the laptop at the same time.

She wanted us to meet her at some place that I never been to before, and I had no idea where we were.

We drove to the place and it appeared to be a recreation center with a big swimming pool, and there was a big swimming event going on.

The event had married and divorced couples competing against each other, and the wife or girlfriend would do the swimming and the husband or boyfriend would help encourage them from the side of the pool.

Each team competed one at a time, and so first the announcer would introduce the team and give an overview about them.

To get into the competition each team had to write a letter about themselves, their relationship, and why they think competing in this competition would help improve their relationship; and then the judges would pick which teams they wanted to compete.

The woman who called me earlier was in the competition with her boyfriend, and so my brothers and I watched some of the competition.

After a while it was the woman who called me and her boyfriend’s turn to go, so the announcer started to talk about them, and as this was happening they both started a private conversation with each other.

Usually the teams would have a positive conversation to inspire each other, but they had an argument that started when the announcer was reading the letter the woman had written.

In the letter she said something about an ethnic group I think, in a negative way, and so her boyfriend got mad & questioned her about it.

I think her boyfriend said that his family considered themselves to be part of the Jewish ethnic group, and that he thought that her comment was bad/offensive.

He said that they had talked about this before and he thought that she had changed, and so he said that maybe they should hold off the wedding for a while until they settle this or maybe they should just cancel it permanently.

They both paused realizing how serious the situation now was, and then the woman asked him how long did he have until he had to return to Russia; he said that he had one year left, and they both got silent again.

So I had the feeling that she felt that their time was limited on settling this issue, and that it may be too late once they do.

It was almost time for them to start the race, but they both were in a bad mood, and so I wondered what they were going to do; but I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂