If I Ruled The World

Daily Prompt

The Daily Post had a Daily Prompt today called If I Ruled The World, and the question was:

“You’ve been given the superpower to change one law of nature.

How do you use it?”.


A Class & Jimmy Swaggart & Gary Coleman | A Class & My Family Is Related To The Kennedy Family?

Dream 1

My first dream took place inside of a cafeteria that was inside a nice somewhat narrow mall and I was in an elementary school/junior high school-like class that was talking place inside this cafeteria in the morning before it was open to the public, and there were only five of us students in the class sitting at a small table near the bathroom(s) with maybe a female teacher.

One of the students was my former classmate CC, the other student was my former classmate TS, and the last student was a young man/boy with whitish colored skin with short light-to-medium colored hair who looked younger than the rest of us; and at some point during our class I had to use the bathroom, but my former classmate TS suddenly wanted to use the bathroom as well and so I let her go first.


The Rescue Missions

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I feel like I got drugged & kidnapped by the CIA (usually when I use CIA/FBI/Et Cetera I do not know who or what they are, I just use them as an example/guess/stereotype/whatever) again or something, oje, last night I had a headache & I had the urge to go to sleep & so I went to bed early; and this morning I was in & out of it as I dreamed.

I woke up a few times once or twice thinking someone had called my name in the real world, and I woke up a few other times thinking that I heard a strange sound (I can not quite describe it due to forgetfulness, but it was in several of my dreams, the sound might have been a marker/separator of the dreams and/or the sound would make me feel sleepy & too out of it to get out of bed or wake up.

I felt too out of it to get out of bed & so I went to sleep again several times, it felt like something was trying to keep me asleep even though I had slept long enough & my dreams felt neatly contained, like each dream was organized into separate containers that I could easily separate & remember or something strange like that. (If that made any sense 😀 )

The night before last I barely remember the end of one dream where I and maybe someone else were walking up stairs to some ancient ruins, I think that things were a bit like an The Elder Scrolls game or something, because I had magic/powers & a mêlée weapon; and we had cleared the area except for one last being.

Inside of the ruins a floating thing, like a spirit in the form of a bee or group of bees, attacked us; and we expected an easy victory.

I think that I hit it with some magic and someone might have hit it with a torch, but it did not die to our surprise, and so we ran around fighting it while trying to dodge its attacks.

It would not die and all of our attacks seemed useless and so we used our torches to try to keep it back, but it managed to get too close to us, and I remember accidentally hitting myself with my hands several times trying to get it off of me; like when bees are trying to sting you.

I was so shocked that I accidentally woke up from the dream thinking that something was on me, oddly the back of my head/neck itched & hurt a bit, and I had a swollen bump (like an insect bite) on the back of my head/neck about in the area where the characters on the film The Matrix would use to enter the Matrix.

I put something on it to help with the itching & swelling, and I went back to sleep.

Last night I had several dreams that had at least three parts, with me going back into some of these parts a few times, and I think that the first part took place in a slightly fictional version of D that is sometimes in my dreams near W Park.

Where the PL grocery store used to be there was another grocery store that is sometimes in my dreams, which is a bigger, and I went shopping in there or I went inside there for some reason; and I remember seeing a female worker greeting people who entered the store, but that is all that I can remember.

When I was outside walking away from the store near W Park, something happened that I can not remember, I just remember a husband, wife, and their young son who was in serious condition.

I remember trying to help the husband and wife with their son, who might have died or was just seriously injured or something, and the wife was very emotional & she yelled at me a few times.

I might have known the kid and/or them from a facility or something, maybe a military/CIA/whatever secret facility where we were test subjects or something, but I can not remember; I just remember telling them that I would go somewhere, probably one of the facilities or to call 911, and I left trying to get help for the son and/or to help the son.

The second part took place during the day again, but in an unknown area that seemed to be a secret facility hidden within a school complex or the school complex was a secret facility where they were experimenting on the students and/or teachers without most of them knowing it; I think that I had once been a test subject at this facility, and so I knew the area a bit.

This entire part is very unclear, I remember being with several other people who might have also once been test subjects at the facility, and they were helping me; and we sneaked into the courtyard, trying to avoid some female workers who seemed like cafeteria workers & some other types of workers.

Most or all the workers of the secret facility (not the school) who we seen, were women who wore white uniforms/clothing for some reason, and they all seemed to be looking for any suspicious activity all the time like they were also guards disguised as various workers at the school or something.

This sounds crazy but I think that the other people and I somehow became/turned into/were roaches at some point, and we tried to sneak across the courtyard to avoid the female workers who seemed to almost sense that we were there; even as roaches we had to be cautious for obvious reasons, but also because the women still were somehow able to sense us.

At some point one or more of the women saw some of us and we scattered trying to confuse them, and a few of the others and I escaped to the playground where a lot of the students were; and I guess that we went back into human form at this point.

While the women were busy trying to find the others, we were hiding among the students continuing our mission, which was blurry; at this point I remember that our/my mission was to find my former classmate AK who was now a kid again for some odd reason.

I guess that we/I wanted to rescue him from the facility, we sneaked into the area where the school buildings were, blending in with teachers, students, and office workers; and eventually we found a housing area where there were small housing buildings with various people who seemed to live there almost like prisoners; some seemed to be prisoners, some seemed to be drugged or had drug problems, some seemed to have mental health issues, some just seemed poor/homeless, et cetera.

One of the people with me had a brother who was in one of the housing areas, and so we were going to try to rescue him too, oddly the security was not high; it was like they must have used drug, mental, emotional, and other kinds of techniques to help keep the people from trying to escape or something.

Each building had less than ten people who seemed to be watched by a female worker wearing white, the female workers in white seemed to all be disguised workers of the facility, and each building had a desk at the entrance with a woman wearing white; none of the women seemed to have weapons, but they could have had hidden weapons.

I think that the main facility was really underground, under the school, were the real secret stuff was going on & where most of the surveillance took place; the housing buildings must have been a very minor project that they did not need to do underground, since they were using people who were easily taken advantage of.

Somehow we found out which building his brother was in and somehow we got passed the woman wearing white, we either tricked her & she let us pass and/or we distracted her somehow, and we found his brother; I think that most of the people in the building seemed drugged and/or controlled somehow.

We managed to get his brother out, and I am not sure if this happened or not, but I think that we found a control button which opened up some areas where some of the test subjects were being held; and this caused some chaos which gave us a distraction to try to escape.

I am not sure if we found AK, we might have, but I am not sure (if we did, I think that he did not want to go, and so I just said goodbye & the rest of us continued our escape); I just remember escaping toward the courtyard, but the women in white were after us and the others.

We had to decide to run with the others or go another way, we paused as the others ran away, and I was not sure what to do & I had a hard time trying to decide where to run or hide; but then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


A Jimmy Swaggart Center In My Parent’s Yard?

Last night I barely remember part of my last dream, which took place in my parent’s yard during the day & night & the next morning, and my parent’s yard was bigger than in real life & it was about the size of a small airport.

Unfortunately I can not remember most of the details of the dream, but I know that the Christian preacher Jimmy Swaggart was in the dream, and he had a center in my parent’s yard; and my family & some followers of his ministry were helping him expand the center.

I think that he had a radio tower in my parent’s yard, a small worship building, a small radio / TV / internet station, a small housing building, a small cafeteria, a small area where a small helicopter and/or small airplane could land, et cetera; but I could be wrong, that is a guess.

My family and some other people were providing mostly physical support through laboring & volunteering, but we also probably provided a bit of financial support, probably.

Mr. Swaggart seemed to make all the decisions and the focus seemed to be on what he wanted, I think but I could be mistaken, and I probably found that to be a bit annoying; and I probably felt that he was trying to expand too fast, and that his ministry was not very democratic, as in the followers not having much of a say about what direction the ministry goes, et cetera, but I could be wrong.

It is hard to guess, since I have forgotten almost all the details of the dream.

I remember patrolling in the yard during the night in the dream, like I was checking out the security & doing guard duty, and I was looking for ways to improve the security of the center for some reason, I think but I could be wrong.

It seemed that Mr. Swaggart had a lot of things that he wanted to do with the center and expanding his ministry, and so us volunteers seemed to be working over-time trying to meet his demands/wants/suggestions.

I was just helping out to help my parent’s mostly and since I had nothing else to do; but I can not remember anything else in the dream except vague memories of some meetings led by Mr. Swaggart, various things that we were working on to improve the center, parts where I was outside thinking to myself & doing security duty, et cetera.

I remember seeing something flying in the sky at night during my security duty, probably a helicopter and/or airplane, but I can not remember if it landed in my parent’s yard or not.

That is all that I can remember really.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂