Getting Ready For Work As A Power Ranger?

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This dream was possibly partly inspired by Chris Stuckmann’s Power Rangers – Movie Review that I watched on YouTube before going to sleep:

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that during the dream I woke up in my parent’s house, and I got out of bed to get ready for work because I did not have much time.

My mom, my dad, and my brother GC were awake and eating some breakfast that my mom had made which included full links of maybe boiled Richard’s Mild Krazy Kajun Smoked Sausage.

I grabbed a plate of breakfast trying to eat the sausage quickly as I tried to get ready for work and maybe talk with my family, but then I heard the dogs barking at something outside so I looked out of the kitchen windows to see what they were barking at.

It seemed that the dogs were barking at the cats outside in the yard, there was a disturbance among the cats, and I assumed that maybe a stray cat was attacking one of the cats as usual or something like that.

As I was rushing to finish eating my sausage while standing in the kitchen I noticed one or more of the cats looking at something on the ground outside of the kitchen window by the trash can.

On the ground was a brown leather or fake leather purse, the cats wanted to get closer to it but they were being cautious, and I asked my mom if it was her purse and if she wanted me to go get it.

My mom looked out of the window and she said that she did not recognize the purse and that it was not hers, but she probably did not say whether she wanted me to go outside and get it or not.

I did not think that leaving the purse outside on the ground was a good idea, and so I was probably going to bring it inside before leaving for work if no one else was going to.

I hoped to find out who the purse belonged to, and if not we would probably give it to someone.

While I was dealing with this and trying to finish my sausage, I was also checking maybe my mobile phone looking at a probably live video showing some Power Rangers (probably in the style of the rangers from the television series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) outside during the day doing very long intros (introductions) for each ranger before their fight starts, and I seemed to be checking this to see how much time I had like maybe I was working as a Power Ranger and needed to show up there before they finish their intros.

Their long intros included lots of flips, I remember almost being done with eating my sausage and I was trying to estimate if I would make it to work on time, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

Oversleeping For Work | Getting Blamed At Work And Trying To Contact Great-Grandparents | Flying A Millionaire’s Airplane(s)

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Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that in the dream I woke up in the morning to see that I was late for work, late enough that there was no reason going to work for the day, and so I was going to have to call The BP Library to apologize and let them know.

I was not sure how I had overslept like this which confused and bothered me, I probably said something to my brother GC, and either I went back to sleep in the dream and I was going to call my job later or I called my job and then I went back to sleep.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was at work at The BP Library where I work as a shelver, I was working, and my coworkers Mrs. CR and Mrs. DT were working too.

The BP Library looked different, it was bigger, it was more modern, and it looked better.

At some point I remember my coworker Mrs. CR complaining to our coworker Mrs. DT and I complaining that my brother GC had snitched on her about something to do with some sauce that she had made days or a week ago that was meant to go on mashed potatoes.

I assumed that my brother GC was cleaning up, he works as the janitor at The BP Library, and that he probably found the sauce and was not sure who it was for or if he should throw it away or not so he probably asked his supervisor and others about it trying to figure out who it was for and what to do about it.

And so maybe for some unknown reason(s) Mrs. CR was angry about this, which made no sense to me even in the dream, but I am not sure what happened to her sauce.

Whatever happened there was no proof that my brother GC was involved, that was just the assumption of my coworker Mrs. CR who automatically blamed my brother GC for some unknown reason(s), and even if he was involved he was just doing his job and I saw nothing wrong with this and I said so.

The next thing that I remember is my coworkers Mrs. CR and Mrs. DT blaming me for something involving an item, but I can not remember the details of this now.

Once again they had no proof, and they were automatically blaming me on just their assumptions.

I probably did not know what they were talking about and I said so, but they still seemed convinced that I was the one to blame for this issue with an item.

The next thing that I remember is something involving me remembering some great-grandparent’s, one was maybe a man with light-medium color skin with very short hair, who were possibly the great-grandparent’s of someone I knew.

For some reason I started to think that maybe these were my great-grandparent’s too, and so I wanted to call them to see if they were my great-grandparent’s so that I could learn more about my family and my ancestors and learn things about them and from them that I could use for myself and to share with current and future generations.

All of my grandparents and great-grandparents were supposed to be dead so it they were really my great-grandparent’s too and if they were still alive, that would be my chance to talk to my oldest family members who are still alive, and so I did not want to waste any time because who knows how much more time they have before they die and there is so much I do not know about my family and ancestors that I want to learn.

I probably went to call them, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

I am not sure if I was myself or not in this dream, I was possibly a boy or girl who was a teenager or I was with one or both of them at some point, but I can not remember.

This dream seemed to take place out in the countryside of the city of D in an area on the way to GB that my former male classmate JC showed me and told me about as his father drove us to their old house in GB once years ago back when we were in either junior high school or high school.

I either thought of my former classmate JC in this dream and / or I actually got to talk to him during one part of the dream.

Those many years ago during our drive to their old house in GB, my former classmate JC told me about a male millionaire who lived out in the countryside of the city of D off the road that we were driving on, and he said that this millionaire had one or more airplanes that he would fly out here.

He told me that you could not even tell that the man was a millionaire because he lived a simply life, other than the airplane(s), and I was also surprised because I did not know that we had any millionaires in the city of D.

Anyway, in this dream I or me as a teenage(d) possible grandchild of the millionaire and / or the both of us was / were in the countryside during a nice sunny day on the property that belonged to the millionaire, and I and / or the assumed grandchild flew around in one or more of his airplanes.

I was told that this was okay, I can not remember the details, but I remember having a lot of fun and I remember feeling the sensations of what I imagine flying would be like (I have never flown or even rode on an airplane or helicopter before in real life yet).

The airplane or airplanes that we flew over the millionaires countryside property in were simple two-seater propeller airplanes, nothing fancy, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

A Toilet By A Food Stand?

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I forgot most of my remembered dreams from last night except for part of the very end of my last dream.

All that I can remember of the end of this dream from last night is that I was standing outside during maybe the day waiting in a long line at a food stand / outdoor store (that sold food, drinks, and maybe other types of items) where there was one male employee with light-color skin working behind the stand.

In the dream I possibly had a job where I worked at an office (maybe a government job), but I can not remember.

While waiting in line I was talking to several people including my former male classmate PW, and at least two men with light-color skin.

As we got closer to the front of the line I noticed a toilet in front of the stand almost perfectly lined up with the middle of the stand, and as we got even closer to the front of the line I noticed that there was water and feces in the toilet so maybe it was a working flush toilet.

To make things worse and even nastier there was also feces on the side of the toilet outside of the toilet, and both sets of feces appeared to be human feces.

This seriously disgusted me so much that I wanted someone else to flush the toilet, and to clean up the feces outside of the toilet because I was so disgusted that I did not want to even get near the toilet and feces.

I wondered why was there a toilet in front of an outdoor stand, why was there unflushed and uncleaned up feces, why did the employee at the stand not clean this up, why would a business have or let a nasty feces filled toilet sit in front of their business where customers wait in line, and other questions like that?

This greatly confused and disgusted me, I can not remember if I flushed the toilet or if someone else flushed the toilet or if no one flushed the toilet before I woke up, I just remember trying to decide what to do.

Some of my thoughts included: that the toilet needed to be flushed and someone needed to do it so I was considering flushing the toilet with my foot but I was not going to scoop up the feces outside the toilet and I was so disgusted that I did not feel like doing any of this, I wanted to complain about it to the employee but I also wanted to leave because I was so disgusted that I did not want to buy anything from a business that would allow this, and more.

And that is all that I can remember of the end of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

Using A Handheld Device For Work And To Investigate A Murder

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Last night I had several dreams that I remembered, I woke up several times during the night thinking about some dreams, but each time I accidentally went back to sleep without voice recording them which led to me forgetting most of my dreams except for some random dream fragments.

So now I will just type some of these random dream fragments that I remember from last night, and all of these random dream fragments probably took place during the day.

I remember a dream fragment that possibly took place at a fictional version of The BP Library, but that is all that I can remember of this dream fragment.

I remember a dream fragment that involved some women with dark-brownish color skin with black hair, but that is all that I can remember of this dream fragment.

I remember a dream fragment that was possibly connected to the previous dream fragment, in the dream fragment a woman was found dead who was probably my coworker and / or the coworker / family member of the women in the previous dream fragment, and she was probably murdered so there was an investigation and the two women and I probably started investigating her murder on our own as well but that is all that I can remember of this dream fragment.

There were one or more dream fragments that took place inside and / or outside and near my parent’s house and The E House, but I can only remember part of one dream fragment where my former male classmate DH and I probably played laser tag or had a friendly shootout of some kind in the yard of The E House but that is all that I can remember of this dream fragment.

In one dream fragment I had a multi-purpose handheld electronic device that I used for work and it could help me perform a variety of job related tasks that I can not remember, I think that I was working at a fictional store, and I used this handheld electronic device in other ways as well to help me during my investigation into the murder of the woman in one of the other dream fragments so I used the handheld device to scan for and identify fingerprints and other clues like that but that is all that I can remember of this dream fragment.

The end,

-John Jr

Getting Stopped By The Police While Naked And A Three-Way Split Screen

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Dream 1

I am not sure if my brother CC was in the second dream or not, and so I will separate this dream from the other dreams from last night.

All that I can remember of this dream is that my brother CC was in it, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of the end of this dream is that it was maybe late afternoon or early evening and I was sitting/riding in the back seat of a car, and my dad and my brother GC were in the front seat but I can not remember which of them was driving the car.

I assume that we had just left somewhere but I can not remember, and I remember taking off my clothes so that I could maybe change clothes or something but I can not remember.

I was naked with my underwear sitting on top of my lap when suddenly I noticed some police cars moving suspiciously ahead of us, from the sides of us, and from behind us like they were about to box us in and stop us.

I was naked so I tried to carefully and slowly put my clothes back on before they arrest us or something, the police cars turned on their lights and sirens, and then they took defensive positions behind their cars with their weapons ready.

I heard them tell us to stop over a loudspeaker so we stopped the car and they yelled some other commands, at this point I had my underwear on, and I was trying to slowly and carefully put my other clothes before they could notice.

I had to be careful to avoid appearing suspicious and to avoid appearing to be a threat, but I also needed to hurry before they realized that I was not fully dressed so I was in a difficult situation.

I had no idea why the police were stopping us like this, it seemed very serious and the police were on edge, and so I assumed that it was something serious and that they stopped us by mistake.

I also hoped that it was not a misunderstanding involving some people we possibly met earlier in the dream during the parts of the dream that I can not remember, but I woke up.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream is that it was in a three-way split screen view at first showing what three different people were doing at the same time and these three people were: my brother GC, my male coworker Mr. J who works in the IT Department at The BP Library, and myself/me.

We each were doing something different in three different locations, but we were all connected by a mobile phone call so we were all talking to each other.

My brother GC was working alone at a fictional job in a small room sitting at a desk, I can not remember what I was doing or where I was, and Mr. J was probably working on some computers while at a different job (maybe the LA business that he owns).

I was able to see what each of us were doing as we talked on our mobile phones and worked/whatever, and at some point we ended up in the same location so the split screen probably disappeared at this point because it was no longer needed.

We obviously no longer needed our mobile phones to communicate at this point, and we started talking to each other in person as I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr