A Woman Trying To Force Me To Stay

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*Lazy Overview*

Dream 1

There was a lot more to this dream that I can not remember.

This dream took place at an interesting and strange building and campus that was like a resort, college, shopping mall, my parent’s yard and house, office building, and more; and some areas were from and / or inspired by past dreams.

This building and campus had multiple floors and many halls and rooms and was very multi-purpose with indoor and outdoor areas, and I possibly had a backpack and one thing inside of it was a list on white paper of various activities that were going to take place at different times inside and outside this building and campus.

I wanted to attend some of these events so I would take out the list sometimes to see which activity was starting next and I would go to it, unfortunately I can not remember most of my interesting and strange journey to and from and at these activities, but I do remember a few things.

One activity that I remember going to took place outside during maybe late in the afternoon or early evening in an area that looked like the left side of the field of The D Junior High School that is almost never used, and this activity was possibly hosted by Rooster Teeth and Burnie Burns and other YouTubers were there like Angry Joe (Joe Vargas) who was doing a live skit or show or something like that.

After that I went back inside the building and at some point I ended up in the area that was like my parent’s yard and house, and we had a fictional area of our yard where a part of the building had a big opening that was supposed to be our storage building but it looked like a large area inside the building.

My brother GC and my dad were in the yard and I stopped to help them move some things from the fictional huge storage building that was really part of the building, and when I was moving something there was a strange creature on it that looked a bit like maybe a combination of a crawfish and scorpion and praying mantis and lobster.

It had an exoskeleton that was black and shaped more like a scorpion, its head was possibly insect like and it stood up like maybe a praying mantis, its arms were probably like crawfish claws, and its tail was probably like a lobster and maybe even a scorpion.

I was holding an object that it was on so I could only hold it back with one hand to stop it from moving or attacking me, I told my brother GC about it and he probably took care of it as I held it while moving the object that it was on, and after my brother GC left our dad and me were talking near the entrance to the storage building when I heard a noise inside of it.

At first I thought it was a rat or something but then it sounded it bigger so I grabbed a crowbar and I sneaked inside, I heard a baby crying, and then around a corner I saw a woman with light-color skin with yellow hair in a ponytail who was possibly a former schoolmate of mine who possibly was in the same grade as my male cousin DE back in high school who used to have friends on Eastside and she used to give them rides in her car sometimes and in this dream she had a baby and a baby stroller.

It seemed that she was taking a shortcut through the building by crossing our huge storage building which seemed to be maybe in the middle of the building, I have no idea how my parent’s yard was inside this building and still seemed to be outside which makes no sense, but it was pretty cool and the storage building was so large that it was a bit scary.

I did not let her see me and I walked back to let my dad know that it was just someone crossing through the storage building, and then I continued my journey to the next activity which was one of the last activities possibly.

I got lost in some parts of the building that were resort-like and office-like and from or were inspired by some past dreams, and the resort areas possibly reminded me of the resort from the movie The Shining.

These areas had many halls and rooms and looked similar, and I started to see more people in offices and some who seemed to be applying for jobs and I saw some businesses.

As I walked through one small mall-like area on a hall that had bathrooms and where you could set up small shops I saw a woman who possibly had medium-color skin at first with short medium-color / dark-color hair setting up something for maybe an activity or shop or something art related or something, and so I said something to her as I walked by just being friendly.

The woman stopped me to talk a bit, she commented on my clothing style, and maybe started talking about style and art or something and how she was setting up for one of the activities on my list.

I told her that I was trying to find the next and possibly last activity and that I was on my way there now, and she told me that it was her activity but I did not think that was correct so I was going to take my list out of my bookbag to check but she kept stopping me verbally and physically.

The woman’s appearance changed without me noticing it to light-color skin and she now looked and spoke a bit like a larger and less attractive American version of a Leah Hather-like woman who was either desperate to have someone at her activity and / or was interested in me and / or was a bit unstable and / or was very needy et cetera, and I tried to handle the situation politely.

The woman kept talking to me and trying to stop me from leaving her and she wanted me to stay for her activity, so far I was the only person there, and she kept stopping me from checking the list to see where and when the activity that I wanted to attend would start.

She physically grabbed me several times and she became loud and a bit crazy, and she moved me to an outdoor area with people around who were staring sometimes as she got loud and crazy with me.

I tried to keep her calm and I tried to let her know that I needed to check my list and make sure that this was the correct activity because I did not think that it was, but she kept making up lies and excuses and trying to stop me.

I did not want to cause a scene so I tried to think of a compromise to where she would let me leave peacefully with the chance that I might return to her activity, and I mentioned this to her but she probably was rejecting it.

I was getting annoyed at this point and I was about to take out the list and look at it and leave because I could easily defend myself from her, I was tired of her trying to hold me hostage here, and I was tired of trying to be nice to avoid causing a bigger scene.

I decided to try a few more times to handle this situation before leaving.

I wondered why was this woman so desperate to keep me here, I was actually interested in talking with her a bit at first, but I wanted to go to the other activity first; but seeing how crazy and needy she was acting made me want to keep my distance and escape and avoid her now.

I woke up before I made my last attempts before leaving.

Dream 2

This dream involved my brother GC and me being in another city at maybe a hotel, it was possibly evening or night but I can not remember, and I remember us leaving the hotel by foot to go somewhere.

As we were crossing the parking lot I realized that I was carrying my glass bottle that I keep on the floor under my computer to roll under my feet sometimes to help prevent plantar fasciitis, and so I was going to hide it in the parking lot until I got back but then I decided to throw it away instead.

There was possibly a time jump to the next morning and I was inside a building like the one in the first dream or the same one, and something happened that I can not remember.

I remember walking toward an area in the building that was The BP Library even though it did not look like it and I saw my female coworkers Mrs. LF and T, I stopped to talk to them, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


Zombies And My Former Classmate JC’s MMA Fight

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it involved a zombie apocalypse I assume, and I remember being outside in an area where there was a parking lot and a field between several multi-story buildings.

I remember seeing two women with light-color skin arguing about which building to go inside, they both wanted to go into different buildings, and one of the women was a YouTuber who reminded me of Meg Turney except her hair was dyed red.

I walked over to them to try to help them resolve their argument, but they both left angrily toward separate buildings so I joined the woman who reminded me of Meg who was walking toward a multi-story building on the right side while the other woman was walking to a building on the left side.

Meg and I entered the building, and shortly after the other woman joined us as we cautiously tried to make our way to the top of the building trying to find a safe place to stay and defend I assume.

Sometimes we saw dead bodies, zombies and humans I assume, and sometimes we saw zombies so we had to avoid or fight them depending on the situation.

This building and situation was possibly familiar to me so I was probably leading the group and giving them advice, and showing them things to help us survive.

At some point we found another survivor who was a man with light-color skin and he joined us, at some point I remember us reaching a railed stairway that probably had two sides to it that led into a church-like room (it was probably not a church, but the style was similar), and I remember us fighting zombies and pushing them over the rails as we made our way to the top.

I used this fight as an opportunity to test and train my group, it was good practice, and we did pretty good and I helped them correct some of their mistakes.

There were dead bodies on the stairway, some were already there and some were zombies that we killed, and so we had to make sure that they were dead and avoid tripping on them as we fought our way to the top.

Eventually we reached the top and we entered a hall on another floor, we found an elevator and one or more survivors, and we took the elevator up.

While on the elevator we relaxed, Meg and the rest of us checked our mobile phones, and Meg showed us a YouTube video that she uploaded that was a video of her reviewing stuff.

Things were normal in this video, and so it was film before the zombie apocalypse and I assume that she either had it set to automatically upload at a certain time or she uploaded it from her mobile phone while we were in the elevator.

I remember us joking about how Meg uploaded a review during a zombie apocalypse like everything was normal or something.

After that I either started watching another video on my mobile phone which is possibly the video in the next dream or I woke up, but I am not sure which so I will type the next dream separately.

Dream 2

This dream was possibly part of the previous dream, but I am not sure.

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was watching a video of my former male classmate JC fighting in a professional mixed martial arts (MMA) fight, possibly his first but I am not sure, and he was fighting against a hardened MMA veteran with years of experience who was an older man (by fighting standards) with light-color skin with yellow hair in a military-style haircut (maybe some kind of fade).

Joe Vargas (Angry Joe) and Joe Lopez (Other Joe) were commentating on the fight but I could not see them.

My former classmate JC was winning most of the fight to my surprise, and at some point my former classmate JC had his opponent on the ground and he was about to finish him with some strikes and win the fight but his opponent locked him up before my former classmate JC could finish him.

His opponent countered with a vicious elbow combination including some illegal elbow strikes, the referee started warning him and he probably moved in to stop them and to stand them up, but his opponent kept elbowing (including at least two more illegal elbows) my former classmate JC instead of stopping and he continued even after my former classmate JC was knocked unconscious (knocked-out).

The referee called the fight and my former classmate JC lost, the wife of my former classmate JC ran over to his unconscious body and held him in her arms while crying, it was a terrible scene and I was worried about my former classmate JC and I hoped that he was okay and I was angry at the referee and at his opponent.

I wanted to walk into the video and fight his opponent, the referee should have disqualified his opponent or stopped him to warn him and stand them up after the illegal elbows, and he was too slow to stop the fight when my former classmate JC was clearly unconscious while still getting elbowed with a vicious elbow combination.

I remember Angry Joe saying that my former classmate JC did well (especially if this was his first MMA fight, and he fought a MMA veteran) and that he seemed like a nice guy, but he felt that he would probably not fight again after taking a brutal beating like that.

I felt that my former classmate JC did a good job.

I was so angry though that I wanted to get into MMA just so that I could fight his opponent one day, but I woke up.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of the end of this dream is that I was outside during the evening or night walking, I am not sure what happened before this but there is a possibility that I talked with my former male classmate JC, but I am not sure.

I just remember walking along a sidewalk, there was road to my left, and up ahead was a parking lot with trees to the right of that with a small hidden trail that led to a newly remodeled indoor / outdoor part of a maybe fictional W Park.

In the parking lot I saw my former male classmate JC and another man I knew walked over to him, they both said something to each other, and then they started fighting immediately.

I started making my way toward them to stop the fight, a car driving on the street to my left pulled over and a man got out to run over to stop the fight as well, and I remember the fight moving around the parking lot.

We stopped the fight and then maybe we heard police sirens and either a boat that also could drive on land drove up or an automobile pulling a boat drove up to my former classmate JC, there was a man with light-color skin driving it, and my former classmate JC jumped inside the vehicle and they drove off fast up the street.

My former classmate DH, my male cousin DE, and my brothers TD and KD walked over to me from behind watching the vehicle drive away quickly.

They had seen some of the fight from a distance, as we were talking we noticed police lights in the distance like the police had pulled someone over, and it was the vehicle that my former classmate JC had jumped inside of.

As we were watching this my former classmate JC walked up to us from behind, he said that a male friend of his was driving that vehicle that the police had stopped (because he was driving too fast), but that he had jumped out before the police stopped him because he did not want to deal with the police.

After dealing with the police his friend was supposed to drive back to the parking lot to pick up my former classmate JC so that they could leave the city as quickly as possible, I remember my cousin DE saying something to my former classmate JC, and my former classmate JC started threatening to fight my cousin DE.

In this dream my former classmate JC was acting different, he was acting more aggressive than usual and he was talking a bit different like maybe a Cajun English and rap (hip hop) music inspired dialect, and I remember him repeatedly using the phrase: “You wanna pop off or something then, let’s go?!” or something like that.

I calmed down the situation to avoid another fight and I asked my former classmate JC to join us as we explore the newly remodeled indoor / outdoor areas of the park that we could reach through the hidden trail while he waits for his friend to return, but I can not remember if he joined us or not.

Then we walked through the trail into a wooden indoor / outdoor structure, there were some lights, and I remember moving cautiously as I looked around for snakes or other wild animals because it was probably night now.

This was a nice area to walk through and explore at night, it was nice seeing it now that it was remodeled, and I woke up as I was telling the others this.

The end,

-John Jr


My Former Classmate JC Temporarily Becomes President Of A Hotel / W-Like Store

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

I barely remember part of several dreams from last night with the first dream taking place at a school / college that might have looked a bit like the upper floor of D High School, and I was there as a student starting school on the first day of school probably; and I probably walked around the hallways trying to find my classes, and I might have went to several classes but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

I had another dream where my family and I went out-of-town on vacation or something like that, and we went to a hotel that was also a W-like store (Walmart?); and my former classmate JC was living there, and he let me spend the night in his hotel / apartment room I think for free probably to help us save some money.

JC and the other workers / people living at the hotel / store were starting their own government to run the hotel/store, and JC had been chosen to temporarily be the president until they could vote for another president; and they planned on voting for a president, and voting for a congress to run the hotel/store along with the voters having more say/power than the average republic/whatever (basically they were going to be more democratic).

I remember walking around listening to various workers/people who lived there talking about how the voting/government should work, and I even explored parts of the W-like store; and I think that they voted in a new president before the dream was over but I could be wrong, but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 3

The next dream took place during the night and I think that I was riding in a car with my former classmate JC, and as we were passing by an apartment complex we saw a lot of people outside & some police automobiles there; and so we stopped to see what was going on.

People were saying that a man tried to shoot a woman and her brother fought the man, and the woman was my female cousin TE (who I did not see in the dream because she was still in the building talking with the police probably) and the brother was my cousin ME (TE’s brother); and so this worried me a bit, and made me more curious.

I remember standing outside with the crowd waiting to see if my cousins were okay, I saw Angry Joe from YouTube in the crowd with slicked back hair, and he had someone filming him & the situation; and I remember him joking about how there were not many people with whitish colored skin around, this areas seemed like project housing and/or Eastside, and someone in the crowd recognized Angry Joe.

The person who recognized him was a tall/large somewhat obese man with medium-to-dark brownish colored skin with short black colored hair wearing a long t-shirt or polo shirt with a horizontal line pattern with the colors white & maybe red, and he interrupted Angry Joe & said: “Hey! You are that guy from YouTube.”; and Angry Joe looked a bit annoyed & like he was used to people saying things like that to him, and so he somewhat responded with a yes but neither one of them said anything else after that, and then they both went back to what they had done.

After this my cousin ME, the man who tried to shoot my cousin TE, and my cousin ME came walking out of the building handcuffed together; and they were supposed to walk to a police vehicle.

I was surprised to see my other cousin ME with them, so I guess he had joined the fight after it happened or something like that, and some of the people in the crowd started showing their support to ME; and so ME seemed like he wanted to show off to the crowd, and so he started trying to fight the man who had tried to shoot my cousin/his sister TE but first he verbally attacked him.

They were handcuffed and so they could not fight really, but my other cousin ME told ME to stop before they get/got into more trouble, and so he stopped; and they got into the police vehicle that looked like a SWAT transport vehicle or something like that.

I waited a bit longer but the police and my cousin TE did not come out of the building, so I decided to leave, and I would try to contact them later; and so I left with my former classmate JC, and we started driving up the road.

Up the road we saw a sports car in the road with two suspicious thin men with whitish colored skin dropping something into the road that could have been a dog or something like that, they saw us, and then they drove past us very fast while looking at us like they might try to kill us if they felt that we might call the police; and we drove slowly by the area in the road where they dropped something, but I can not remember what we saw or did not see.

I think that the two men started driving back toward us once they saw us slow down, and I felt that they were going to try to kill us; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr